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Updated November 5, 2020

KetoPrime Review

Ketoprime nootropic supplementKetoPrime is a nootropic supplement that strives to help you achieve your full mental potential. Since so many products on the market claim to be able to do this, we try to test and review as many as we can to make sure you are getting the best product available. Take advantage of our hard work by checking out the best brain supplements available here: Best Nootropics.

Benefits of KetoPrime

  • Increase concentration
  • Boost working memory
  • Elevate mood

What Is KetoPrime?

KetoPrime is a brain boosting supplement that attempts to help you achieve the level of daily success you need to reach your goals. These supplements are known as nootropics and are usually made in order to provide people with a healthy and natural alternative to stimulants like caffeine and energy drinks.

These are not even the worst products that people use. The worst things that over caffeinating can cause is a restless night or a painful crash. Energy drinks on the other hand are extremely bad for you and should not be used on a daily basis by any means.

More daring individuals venture into the world of prescription drugs for ADHD. The worst part about this is even if you are prescribed these drugs, they are still not good for you by any means and can cause a wide variety of negative side effects.

How Does KetoPrime Work?

KetoPrime works by incorporating a blend of ingredients that are intended to help boost brain function and increase your cognitive abilities. These ingredients are usually herbs that have long histories in eastern medicine that can provide the mental boost you need to be as productive as possible.

This nootropic specifically uses some interesting ingredients we are not too used to seeing. These ingredients include oxaloacetate, Brain Octane Oil, and Vitamin C.

KetoPrime Ingredients

Oxaloacetate is a crystalline organic compound of the citric acid cycle that is present in many of metabolic reactions within the body. Oxaloacetate has been proven to help reduce aging and aid in brain injuries.

Even though this compound has a very high potential for benefiting the human body, it is heavily understudied. Oxaloacetate is found in a multitude of biochemical functions such as Gluconeogeneis, Urea Cycle, Glyoxylate cycle and Amino acid synthesis. It has been seen to be a key component in caloric restriction to aid in life longevity.

Brain Octane Oil is a relatively new supplement that is an extract of coconut oil. Studies have been found that this oil is 18 times stronger than coconut oil. This makes in a powerful addition to delivering caprylic fatty acids to the brain.

Brain Octane will provide the user with an almost instant rise in energy and focus. The odorless oil boosts cognitive performance and aid in faster digestion.

Vitamin C is essential in the growth and repair of  the tissues within the body. This vitamin is extremely important in forming protein needed for skin, ligaments, tendons and blood vessels.

It is also referred to as ascorbic acid and is found copious amounts of fruits and vegetables (Pineapple, Asparagus, Broccoli, Oranges, Tomatoes). While being a key component in growth and repair of tissues it also has huge benefits to our immune system. If used on a daily basis the body welcomes antioxidants like Vitamin C to boost the immune system.

Pros of KetoPrime

  • Can help prevent brain fog
  • Stimulates production of mitochondria
  • All natural

Cons of KetoPrime

  • Not the best blend of ingredients
  • Some people have experienced side effects
  • Not many people have reviewed this product

KetoPrime Conclusion

Overall, KetoPrime is a unique nootropic supplement that attempts to use different ingredients than the rest of the market. While this is interesting, many different brands share the same ingredients because they have a long history of working well. If you are looking for guaranteed results from the best memory supplements on the market, check out our list of Best Nootropics.

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