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IQ2 ReviewIQ2 Review | Best Brain Supplements

IQ2 is a supplement that is focused on trying to increase your mental stamina as well keep you focused throughout your day. These supplements are called nootropics or “smart drugs” and can help substitute some of the incredibly unhealthy habits you have adopted to stay efficient during work. Read this IQ2 review to learn why it isn’t ranked amongst the Top 10 Brain Supplements.

Benefits Of IQ2

  • Increase your brain’s natural ability
  • Clear focus
  • Boost mental stamina

What Is IQ2?

IQ2 is a supplement that is responsible for giving you a better mental edge. It is supposed to be able to help clear up your mind so you can focus on the things that truly matter like your work, your school, or any other responsibilities that you can remember have required a crutch from time to time.

Many people use some sort of product to help them stay focused, and a lot of the time, it is not a healthy option. These products can include expensive daily cups of coffee, energy drinks loaded with sugar and calories, and cigarettes that literally just take away from your life with every inhale. Instead of using these products that you know are bad for you, wouldn’t you rather have something safe and natural?

Nootropics are the answer to that question. They are natural substitutes that can help accomplish the same tasks as the previously mentioned vices billions of people use around the world. Instead of damaging your body to see a reward, you can now focus all you want without risk of serious health complications in your future.

How Does IQ2 Work?

IQ2 works by utilizing natural ingredients that can help improve your cognitive abilities.

IQ2 Ingredients

Caocao: All natural compound that is one of the best brain foods one can consume.  Highly neuroprotective and improves mental stamina and performance, brain power and concentration. Promotes clarity of thoughts.  Drastically improves circulation by lowering blood pressure, reducing cholesterol and reducing the risk of clots.  Contains more than 300 phytochemicals and is four times more powerful than other popular antioxidants with the same function like red wine and dark chocolate.

Choline: precursor to acetylcholine, a key compound for optimal neural functioning.  Promotes concentration and reduces stress and anxiety.  Supports mental and physical energy levels and facilitates proper metabolic functioning.  Very beneficial for liver functioning as well. 

DMAE: Very potent mental health compound.  Specifically, DMAE is very effective at fighting aging and reduces the incidence of age-related cognitive decline. Its main mechanism for doing so is eliminating free radicals and reducing the buildup of age-related pigments and toxins.  DMAE protects neurons from oxidation by strengthening cell membranes.  Also increases acetylcholine, a compound necessary for proper brain functioning.

Vinpocetine:  Harvested from seeds of the periwinkle plant, Vinpocetine has been used in some form for centuries to treat age related cognitive decline.  Improves memory and mood while boosting mental clarity and alertness.  Fights lethargy and weariness and corrects poor cerebral circulation.  Has treated symptoms of people suffering from Alzheimer’s and other mental ailments.

Huperzine A:  Very potent nootropic that protects neurons from stress and oxidative damage.  Boosts alertness and energy.  Enhances memory and learning while treating symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease.  Additionally, Huperzine A has treated a certain muscle disease called myasthenia gravis and improves mind-muscle connection in healthy individuals as well.

Guarana: Derived from the Brazilian guarana berry, Guarana has been tried and tested for centuries as an effective energy boost.  Increases energy, alertness and mood.   Contains more caffeine than the coffee bean but is reported to have a cleaner, less jittery energy boost due to stabilizing compounds in it.  Improves body’s ability to handle stress.

Other Ingredients:  Acetyl-l-carnitine, B complex

IQ2 Ingredients

Pros of IQ2

  • Supports energy levels
  • Free from stearates and dioxides
  • Improves memory

Cons of IQ2

  • Expensive
  • ALCAR dosage is low
  • Effects stop occurring after a while

IQ2 Conclusion

There are several issues we have with IQ2. Some people will think the most important issue is that it stops working over time, and others will be more concerned about the high price. Either way, it would likely be in your best interest to just avoid the stuff. Check out our Top 10 Brain Supplements article to see how we discovered the best options on the market.

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