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Inteligen is a solid nootropic for boosting intelligence and focus. Because it’s non-GMO, caffeine free, and gluten-free, it makes it an ideal supplement for many consumers. It has proven to be an overall fairly effective supplement, though it has come under some scrutiny for its questionable advertisements. Read this review to learn why we don’t recommend Inteligen, and be sure to explore our Top 10 Brain Supplements for some more highly recommended options.

Benefits of Inteligen

  • Memory booster
  • Increases focus
  • Improves hearing
  • Reduces effects of aging

How Inteligen Works

Inteligen is a nootropic, a natural supplement that is taken orally. People have been using nootropics for centuries in different forms. While some are still used in their natural form today, we have achieved a much better understanding of their effects through science.  We can now, even more efficiently, use these natural supplements even more effectively.

Because modern advancements, nootropics have become somewhat of a taboo in a world that is increasingly synthetic. But really, this presumption could not be more wrong! Nootropics have been used for centuries and their more recent introduction in pill form has some consumers feeling like lab rats. It is, however, safe to say that nootropics are a safe and natural way to improve one’s brain function.

Inteligen stands out among nootropics because of its unique blend of natural supplements. Using a blend of three main ingredients, as well as a few other cursory ingredients, this drug helps the user to stay alert and focused without the need for caffeine, which many consumers find convenient.

It’s three ingredients form a trifecta of brain-boosting power, affecting memory and cognitive function while also naturally stimulating the brain. Because it has no caffeine, its consumers won’t experience the highs and lows that other nootropics might illicit.

Though many nootropics produce similar results, Inteligen is special in that it won’t produce some of the undesirable side-effects which can accompany some nootropics. Its formula ensures that the consumer will feel alert and focused, without a proceeding crash.

Rather than supercharging the brain with caffeine, consumers found that in the time after taking Inteligen, they experienced the same effectiveness of other nootropics, without the drowsiness afterwards. To energize the consumer, Inteligen’s formula relies on the regulation of blood flow to the brain. This increase in blood flow helps keep consumers alert.

The special formula allows the brain to sharpen its memory and improve focus. By enhancing cognitive performance, the brain ability to remember becomes stronger. Consumers will find it most effective when taken before peak hours of brain activity.

Inteligen Ingredients – What Makes It Work?

Bacopa Monnieri: This herb has been used for thousands of years in natural treatments for stress. It is also proven to enhance brain power, which is why it is included in virtually every one of the best brain supplements.

Vinpocetine: Derived from Vinca plants, this supplement increases both short term and long term memory.

Ginkgo Biloba: This natural supplement is especially effective for Alzheimer’s patients because it helps boost memory and speed of cognition.

The Pros

  • Safe and natural ingredients.
  • Non-caffeinated boost.
  • Improved memory, especially effective in severe cases.
  • Reduces stress and increases focus.

The Cons

  • The possibility of side effects such as cramps, nausea, and fatigue.
  • Can make your breath smell.

Inteligen Conclusion

Nootropics like Inteligen are some of a new line of products which are steadily gaining popularity. The idea of using supplements to improve health and boost brain function is just human nature. This supplement is shown to improve your daily functions and reduce stress, allowing you to see better results, faster.

Inteligen is an attractive supplement to many consumers because of its unique properties. Rather than relying on caffeine, the supplements regulate the blood flow through the brain and improve the quality of the consumer’s benefits. With that said, we have seen other brain supplements use much higher dosages of these very same ingredients, which is why we don’t recommend Inteligen and would encourage you to view our Top 10 Brain Supplements.

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