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Cognium Review

Cognium nootropic supplement bottleCognium is one of the latest up and coming nootropics in the supplement space, which appears to be much more a result of their marketing tactics rather than the quality of the product. For those of you who are new to nootropics, these are essentially brain-enhancing supplements designed to increase focus and concentration levels.

With that being said, just because they are “designed” to do so does not mean they are actually capable of it. There are now hundreds if not thousands of nootropics on the market, and the vast majority of them are pretty worthless…

However, there are a select few nootropics that are absolute game-changers. Every once in a while, a company who actually cares about the quality of their products will come out with a killer nootropic. To the companies out there who still care…I salute you.

The question is, is Cognium one of those game-changers or just another useless nootropic? Let me make this simple for you…I would never in a million years recommend Cognium to my readers. If you want to see a few nootropics that blow this one out of the water, click the link below.


Cognium Benefits

Almost every supplement can produce benefits in some regard, right? The supplement doesn’t necessarily have to be elite or top notch to produce benefits for the user. While I’m personally not convinced Cognium has the ability to produce a lot of benefits, here’s a list of Cognium benefits as claimed by the company…

  • Improve memory and recall
  • Makes you sharper
  • Increases focus
  • Safe, natural, and stimulant free

Again, these are the benefits that the company claims…I do not stand by these claims. In the next section, I’ll explain where my skepticism comes from and why I doubt that Cognium would be a very effective nootropic…

Cognium Ingredients

Welcome to the most important part of the review. In fact, the ingredient analysis is the most important part of any review on our entire site. This is where, as a Nutrition & Wellness Consultant and long time supplement analyst, I can pretty efficiently evaluate the formula and draw conclusions…

Did you think I was just making stuff up based on whether or not I like the product? That may be the case with most review sites out there, but not this one. I know “formula analysis” isn’t sexy, but this is the science behind the product, and that’s what all my reviews are based on.

Anyways, lets break down this formula…

CERA-Q Powder (60% silk protein hydrolysate) is the only active ingredient in Cognium. In other words, this single ingredient makes up the entire formula…there are no other ingredients. In my view, that fact alone immediately eliminates it from consideration. I prefer nootropics with several active ingredients working synergistically…not just one.

However, let’s talk about this ingredient for a second because it’s a good one. A study done by the NCBI showed that silk protein hydrolysate actually can improve memory in healthy adults after about 3 weeks of use. The results of this study are pretty promising, but there’s one problem…

In this study, the participants were taking 280 MG per day. With Cognium, you are only getting 100 MG per serving…so a little bit over one third of the dosage the NCBI says has potential. Based on this, it’s my opinion that this ingredient is under-dosed.

Arguably more importantly, it’s not combined with any other effective nootropic ingredients. As you’ll see if you look at my top rated nootropics, the truly elite ones contain about 6-8 clinically studied ingredients. So, now you can see why I’m not a fan of a nootropic that only contains one ingredient, especially when that ingredient is likely under-dosed.

Cognium Reviews From Real Users

While most of my analysis is based on breaking down the formula and focusing on the science, I still like to take into account the opinions of users who have taken the supplement. So, I went over to Amazon to find some verified customer reviews and analyze the data…

Across 517 total Cognium reviews, it received an average rating of 4 stars out of 5. That’s a pretty solid mark actually. On top of that, 57% of the Cognium reviews contain 5-star ratings for the product. I have to admit, that’s kind of impressive.

It appears just over half the people who use Cognium are enjoying the product, so that’s good news. For me personally, I can’t get past the facts and the science I talked about earlier, so this would still never be a supplement I’d purchase or recommend…but this data is encouraging nonetheless.

The Pros

  • Received a lot of positive user feedback
  • Contains a clinically studied, high quality ingredient
  • Pretty inexpensive

The Cons

  • Only contains one ingredient
  • The ingredient is arguably under-dosed
  • 30% of users rated it between 1-3 stars out of 5


Cognium Conclusion

At the end of the day, I’m a very fact-oriented, science-driven guy…and based on the formula and the facts, I can not comfortably recommend Cognium to my readers. There just aren’t enough nutrients present, and I feel the formula lacks potency. 

It’s true that the Cognium reviews I found on Amazon are encouraging, but if you could find nootropics that have both positive reviews AND high quality formulas, wouldn’t you prefer those supplements over this one?

If you want to learn about my favorite nootropics on the market right now (some of which I still am currently using to this day), click the link below to check them out.



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