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Awaken Review Awaken Review | Best Brain Supplements

Awaken is a premium nootropic supplement by Awakened Alchemy that intends to help you get the levels of focus and concentration you need to make it through your workday. Why? Because workdays pretty much suck for most of us. The question is, will Awaken actually stave off the workday’s annoyances? Probably not. But it is possible that it could have redeeming qualities in terms of focus and concentration.

We call this a premium nootropic supplement because it comes at a very high price point and combines a number of powerful ingredients. For the best brain supplements around, at the best prices, review our list of Top 10 Brain Supplements.

Benefits Of Awaken

  • Helps boost your working memory
  • Increase your focus
  • Enhances your mood

What Is Awaken?

Awaken is a very expensive cognitive enhancement supplement that strives to help you boost your brain power to new levels. It utilizes a wide variety of powerful cognitive enhancers in its ingredient list, which might explain and justify the price of this premium supplement.

How Does Awaken Work?

Awaken works by incorporating many different nootropic compounds to help increase your ability to concentrate and work at your fullest potential. These ingredients are meant to help provide adequate fuel to your brain to help it perform much better than normally. Some of them work to increase the amounts of specific neurotransmitters that are related to learning and memory.

Awaken Ingredients

Phenylethylamine: This chemical is produced by the body and is a natural nootropic compound. Also commonly found in chocolate, many people refer to this ingredient as the Love Drug. Nootropic brands have been using this ingredient in order to help elevate mood and enhance your cognition and mental ability. The way it elevates mood is by boosting dopamine in the brain. It is a powerful ingredient for increasing focus and concentration while also being able to counteract signs of depression and anxiety.

PQQ: This coenzyme is also known as pyrroloquinoline quinone and can help boost your energy levels increasing your mental stamina. Working for long periods of time can be draining and finding new ways to boost your cognitive endurance is very important.

L-Theanine: The common active ingredient in green tea, this compound helps create tranquil feelings in the brain, and is often combined with caffeine. 

N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine: Tyrosine is an amino acid and helps produce dopamine and noradrenaline in order to help increase energy levels while also elevating mood. Tyrosine is an anti-stressor and can help elevate your mood.

Shilajit: This natural ingredient used by the Ayurveda can help benefit the brain, heart, and immune system. (study)

Ashwagandha: Often referred to as the Indian Ginseng, this product can help increase your ability to focus, elevate your mood, and also make your body stronger overall. It can relieve symptoms related to stress, fatigue, lack of energy, and difficulty concentrating. It is very similar to Ginseng from other countries and has many healing benefits and provides restorative effects.

Noopept: This nootropic compound is extremely powerful and has been shown to enhance your focus, increase your ability to concentrate, and provide your body with the energy you need to get you through your day.

CDP Choline: Choline helps with your brain’s natural levels of acetylcholine. This neurotransmitter is incredibly important for learning and memory.

Sulbutiamine: This synthetic molecule consists of vitamin B molecules that are incredibly important for brain health.

Phosphatidylserine: This complex is crucial for brain health and can help provide many different neurological and physical benefits.

Methylcobalamin: Another name for Vitamin B12, this nutrient also provides many benefits for brain health.

Bioperine: Also known as black pepper extract, bioperine can help improve your body’s ability to absorb other nutrients and compounds.

Pros of Awaken

  • Made from very powerful ingredients
  • Helps boost your energy levels
  • Natural supplement

Cons of Awaken

  • Hard to find real reviews
  • Not much independent consumer information
  • Noopept is banned in some areas

Awaken Conclusion

The bottom line is Awaken is an extremely expensive product that uses some ingredients which might be powerful, but also may become illegal soon. Some of the side effects to these ingredients are unknown and actually banned in some countries without a prescription. In order to use the safest and strongest memory supplements, check out this list of Top 10 Brain Supplements.

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