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addy-focus-reviewAddys Focus is a pretty unique supplement that honestly should have been invented a long time ago. It is exactly what it sounds like: an alternative to the drug Adderall. Can you really experience the benefits of Adderall without needing a prescription or having to suffer from the side effects? Check out this Addys Focus review to discover how this is possible.

What is Addy Focus? 

Addys Focus was designed to mimic the effects of the ADD/ADHD prescription drug, Adderall. As a former college student, I know firsthand that Adderall abuse is a serious problem. I think it’s a brilliant idea to try to invent a safe alternative to Adderall, and that is what this manufacturer has done.

Addys Focus allows you to concentrate as hard and effectively as you are able to when you take Adderall, but you don’t need a prescription, and you don’t have to worry about side effects.

Addys Focus has volumes of clinical proof available on the website regarding its’ benefits. The manufacturer has invested a lot in clinical research… something that we like to see. If there is no clinical proof, then you don’t know whether or not the supplement has actually been tested. If it hasn’t been tested, then you can’t know for sure whether it works or not. The fact that there is so much clinical evidence for Addys Focus is a huge plus.

The evidence reports that subjects were able to experience about 6-8 hours of sustained energy release. This energy release came with feelings of increased focus and increased ability to concentrate.

The subjects of the studies also did not report any negative side effects or a crash after the increased energy levels went back down to normal. There doesn’t really seem to be much downside to Addy Focus, but lets take a look at the benefits.

Benefits of Addys Focus 

  • Increased focus
  • Improved concentration
  • Elevated energy levels
  • Aids with studying, work, and sports performance
  • Provides the benefits of Adderall without a prescription
  • No side effects and no crash

The Science – What Makes Addys Focus Work and How?

The secret behind Addys Focus is Whole Green Coffee Powder (WGCP). Regular coffee uses roasted coffee beans, which essentially means that all of the beneficial properties were sucked out of the coffee beans. That’s why regular coffee doesn’t really do anything but provide you with a brief, superficial energy boost and essentially has no nutritional content…but what about the original, raw, green coffee beans?

Raw green coffee beans are actually a superfood. They contain 5 essential acids, caffeine, fiber, and various other nutrients. So why not just buy raw green coffee beans? While this will produce some benefits for you, these benefits will be short lived and the nutrients will be released too quickly rather than over an extended period of time.

Addys Focus developed a patent-pending, proprietary way to process the raw coffee beans in order to create the WGCP (Whole Green Coffee Powder). Like I said, you can obtain green coffee beans on your own, but you can’t obtain WGCP on your own.

The raw green coffee beans undergo a complicated process that utilizes 100% of the acids, fiber, and caffeine of every last bean. The end product is then capsulated, and you have WGCP.

Whole Green Coffee Powder – What Makes It So Special? 

The key with WGCP is time release. The nutrients and caffeine are not all ingested and utilized immediately. Rather, the process that the beans undergo allows for the caffeine and other nutrients to be steadily released over a period of about 6 hours. This is the first supplement I have seen that has the ability to naturally release caffeine and essential acids into your system over an extended period of time.

Coffee and energy drinks can give you a solid boost, but it lasts for a very short period of time because of how quickly all of the caffeine is released into your system. Caffeine isn’t meant to be ingested that quickly and is much more beneficial if its release can be controlled and extended. The extended release also helps to eliminate side effects and prevent any sort of crash.

Other Important Addys Focus Ingredients

L-Tyrosine: reduces your chances of experiencing physical or mental fatigue

Bacopa: aids with information retention and your ability to learn

Gingko Biloba: increases the amount of oxygen being sent to the brain

Phenylalanine: aids in the production of various brain chemicals known for their contributions to your ability to focus and concentrate

Rhodiola Rosea: an adaptogen that has been shown to both increase focus levels and reduce mental fatigue

Ginseng: improves your ability to memorize information and also naturally boosts your energy levels

Caffeine: boosts your alertness and ability to perform whether it be at school, work, or in the gym

Piracetam: improves general mental function as well as aids more specifically with learning and information retention

Addy Focus Ingredients and Supplement Facts

The Pros 

  • Increased focus and concentration
  • Improved energy levels
  • Volumes of clinical proof backing the supplement’s claims
  • The supplement is endorsed by several physicians on the website
  • Multiple scientific studies are provided on the website
  • Generally no side effects and no crash
  • Provides the benefits of Adderall without the down sides

The Cons

  • Caffeine can have side effects for those who are particularly sensitive to it
  • I wouldn’t recommend this supplement to anyone with heart problems


The manufacturer of Addys Focus seems to have gotten everything right in their attempt to produce a supplement that mimics the effects of Adderall without producing any of the unwanted side effects. There are very few downsides to this supplement, and it has a ton of potential.

It can improve your performance at school, work, or even at the gym. There are a lot of benefits to taking Addys Focus, and you really don’t have anything to worry about unless you are sensitive to caffeine or have heart issues.

I would recommend this supplement, and should you decide you’re interested, I have pasted the link to their website below. Our overall top-rated choice for nootropics is Mind Ignite which is simply a higher-end, more potent option than Addys Focus.


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