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Updated October 30, 2020

Niacin Max Review 2021 (Does It Really Work?)

NiacinMax ReviewNiacin Max is our favorite nitric oxide supplement on the market because of the fact that is uses fast dissolving Niacin strips rather than pills or liquids. That means results should theoretically be almost instant in terms of the increase in oxygen, nutrient absorption, and blood flow. Read this Niacin Max review to learn how it can work to help you build some serious muscle and find out why it made it to the top of our list of the top nitric oxide boosters.

The Benefits of Niacin Max

  • Could significantly improve blood flow
  • Can potentially provide a significant oxygen boost
  • Could help improve natural HGH utilization
  • Nutrient absorption could become much more efficient
  • You could experience a big increase in strength if oxygen levels are increased
  • Improved nutrient absorption could allow for faster muscle growth

How Does Niacin Max Work?

Niacin Max is a strip you place on your tongue that dissolves instantly. It is basically just a strip of 75 milligrams of Niacin but because of the delivery method, it is significantly more likely to be effective for better blood flow and oxygen level boosting.

There are other Niacin supplements out there that dose at about 100 milligrams per serving, but the problem is that the dosage is usually capsulated. When Niacin is capsulated, that means that by the time it gets to where it can be utilized, you could likely be only getting the benefits of about half of that dosage. Therefore, 75 milligrams delivered via a dissolving strip could be much more beneficial than 100 milligrams delivered via capsule.

Niacin is said to be able to improve oxygen circulation by potentially as high as 50%, which is the end goal of all nitric oxide supplements and makes Niacin Max most likely your best bet. Another reason Niacin could be better than other forms of nitric oxide boosting is the theory that it could additionally increase HGH utilization, which would likely lead to significant muscle growth.

Niacin Max Ingredients – What Makes It Work?

Niacin Max only contains one ingredient, and that’s 75 milligrams of Niacin per serving. Can Niacin by itself really be better than taking all the random stuff most other nitric oxide supplements tend to contain? We think so, and here are the reasons why…

Reason #1: Oxygen Circulation Increase

If Niacin could really improve your oxygen circulation by 50%, then it could be one of the most beneficial supplements anyone can take regardless of what their goal is. Here’s why…Oxygen is believed to be responsible with providing your body with up to 90% of its energy. That means that theoretically speaking, your muscles could be considerably stronger and more powerful if oxygen flow is improved that significantly.

Since oxygen is your main power source, it would be in your best interest to boost your levels of it. That could mean lifting more weight and getting more reps. Basically any action you perform during your workout is ultimately powered by oxygen, so can you imagine how it would effect you if you could have 50% more of it?

Reason #2: Blood Flow Improvement

Your blood is what contains all the nutrients. The whole idea behind getting a good pump at the gym is sending more blood (and so in turn, more nutrients) to your muscles during your workout. Therefore, if you could increase the efficiency with which blood flows into your muscles, you could theoretically optimize nutrient absorption and thereby muscle growth and repair.

Based on that principle, if Niacin truly improves blood flow to your muscles, you could increase the rate at which they are able to recover and grow. This is one of the major reasons why Niacin supplementation could prove to be your best bet in terms of nitric oxide supplements. Not to mention, pure Niacin is way cheaper than most nitric oxide supplements.

Reason #3: Potential HGH Boost

Last but not least, Niacin could potentially boost your HGH levels. One study showed that your body begins to release HGH within 15 minutes after you begin exercise. Now, if that’s true, then Niacin could be even more beneficial than we thought.

If HGH is released during your workout and you take Niacin to improve blood flow and nutrient absorption prior to your workout, that means the HGH that is being released could be much more efficiently absorbed and utilized as a result of the Niacin supplementation.

So it’s not actually the Niacin itself that is causing the release of HGH. Your body can do that on its own. Rather, it is the Niacin’s job to make sure the HGH is effectively delivered to your muscles where it could then be used to help create new muscle tissue. The theory is that without Niacin, the HGH your body already releases is potentially not being fully utilized, which could prevent muscle gains.

The Pros of Niacin Max

  • Niacin supplementation could boost HGH utilization
  • Your oxygen circulation could improve by as much as 50%
  • It could boost the levels your most powerful energy source: oxygen
  • It’s possible that your muscles may absorb nutrients more efficiently
  • Blood flow to your muscles could be considerably improved
  • The fast dissolving strip delivery method is a great idea

The Cons

  • Niacin supplementation often causes what is referred to as the “Niacin Flush,” which is basically just a warm, tingly sensation that you feel in your face a few minutes after ingestion. It goes away pretty quickly though

The Final Verdict On NiacinMax

Our conclusion about this product is that it could very well be your best bet if you’re looking for something that could potentially boost oxygen levels and blood flow. The delivery method is genius and likely to be much better than taking it in pill form. We gave you three big reasons why Niacin could be better than standard nitric oxide supplements and based on those ideas, this is our official #1 recommendation for nitric oxide boosters.

Where To Buy Niacin Max And How Much It Costs

Niacin Max can be bought directly from the manufacturer, which allows you to get the lowest price since there is no “middleman” fee. You always want to buy directly from the manufacturer if you can. We have provided a link to their website below for you.

1 Month Supply: $39.99 – Cheapest option

3 Month Supply: $79.98 (Save $69.99) – Most popular option

5 Month Supply: $119.97 (Save $129.98) – Best deal

Order Niacin Max From Official Website

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