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Zenerect Review

Zenerect Review

Zenerect is a male enhancement supplement with a more peaceful name then most brands. This male enhancement supplement is specifically meant to help men who suffer from erectile dysfunction in order to help them lead healthy and happy sex lives. Check out this review to learn more about Zenerect or check out our list of Top 5 Male Enhancement Pills for the best male enhancers available.

Benefits of Zenerect

  • Helps people who suffer from erectile dysfunction
  • Increases sexual performance
  • Boosts libido

What is Zenerect?

Zenerect is a male enhancement supplement attempts to help those who suffer from erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction is a very serious condition that affects many men over the age of 40. However, just because many people see this only as an old man’s affliction does not mean that the youth are not susceptible. Many young men suffer from erectile dysfunction, yet leave it unreported out of fear of embarrassment.

Not treating erectile dysfunction can lead to an increased amount of stress on your relationship, as well as depression in the future. Taking male enhancement supplements can be the first step to taking back your active sex life.

Male enhancement supplements also try to target other aspects of men’s health. In addition to treating sexual health, they can also help their mental health by giving them the confidence they need to stay positive in the bedroom.

How Does Zenerect Work?

Zenerect works by using specific ingredients that have been known for ages to help increase the sexual health of men. These ingredients have been used to boost libido, increase blood flow, and also improve physical health for longer than we have been alive.

Zenerect Ingredients

Horny Goat Weed – Increases blood pressure on the penis which improves erection quality.  Has been used as an aphrodisiac for millennia and has two main mechanisms by which it improves men’s’ sex lives: treating erectile dysfunction and improving sex drive by lowering stress and altered neurotransmitter activity.

Vinpocetine – Improves circulation and blood flow to the brain as well as genitals.  It’s a synthetic extract from the periwinkle plant and has neuroprotective effects.  Although not classified as a dietary supplement by the FDA, it is used successfully in Eastern Europe to treat age-related memory issues and cerebrovascular disorders.

Korean Ginseng – Reduces stress and inflammation, improves fatigue, lowers blood sugar and bad cholesterol levels, treats diabetes.  All of these effects result in improved libido and fertility and clearer thinking.

White Willow Extract – Improves blood circulation, libido.  Fights inflammation and relieves pain.  Contains salicin, a compound very similar to aspirin with the added benefit that it’s natural and is processed easier by the human body.  Additionally, it has been reported as a highly effective substitute for aspirin or ibuprofen in lowering the effects of alcohol hangover.

Cayenne Extract – Increases circulation and boosts cardiovascular health.  Fights inflammation and lowers pain.  Eliminates acidity and removes toxins and harmful bacteria from the body by lowering blood sugar and opening capillaries.  

Wild Yam Extract – Treats impotence and infertility.  Flushes toxins and free radicals from the body which has been correlated with better skin and a fresher appearance.  

Cnidium – Releases nitric oxide which has same heart-healthy effects as aerobic exercise.  Improves circulation by expanding arteries, removing plaque and decreasing likelihood of clots.

Catuba Bark – Stimulant and aphrodisiac tried and tested by centuries of use in the Amazon, similar to yohimbe and complements it well.

Saw Palmetto Root – Contributes to a healthy urological system, relieving stress on the testes and retaining healthy testosterone levels.  Reduces risk of prostate cancer.  

Maca Root – Increases libido and reduces fatigue.  Noted to increase energy levels and improved memory.  


Pros of Zenerect

  • Made by biochemists
  • Can be taken with alcohol
  • Shipped discreetly

Cons of Zenerect

  • Very few ingredients
  • The ingredients they use are not very unique
  • Does not work for everyone

Zenerect Conclusion

The bottom line about Zenerect is that while it may work for some people, the ingredients do not stand out to be anything special. There are many other supplements with the same ingredients, plus others to help benefit men’s health in other aspect as well. For the best male enhancement supplements check out the Top 5 Best Male Enhancement Supplements.

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