Vitamins For Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction has created a billion-dollar market for companies like Viagra that capitalize on the problem that millions of men experience throughout their life. Since people can find it difficult to afford the medicines like Viagra, and may feel uncomfortable bringing it up to their doctor, many men go untreated and neglect their sexual health.

capsule-1079838_1280However, with modern day research being so involved in improving men’s health in every way shape and form, we have found many different natural links to blood flow and improving one’s ability to maintain an erection. Vitamins C and D have been linked to the treatment and avoidance of erectile dysfunction.

Either these vitamins can be incorporated in your diet by taking pills or increasing the amount of food in your diet that naturally has these vitamins. However, the most effective way to utilize vitamins for erectile dysfunction treatment is through the use of male enhancement supplements. To check out a supplement that contains a combination of vitamins C and D as well as several other beneficial herbs for erectile dysfunction, click here.

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

The most common causes of erectile dysfunction are physical impairments including:

● heart disease
● obesity
● low testosterone
● diabetes
● blood flow problems
● hormonal fluctuations
● nerve damage

Psychological issues have also been tied to issues with erectile dysfunction such as:

● low self-esteem
● history of sexual trauma
● intimacy problems

Physical issues behind erectile dysfunction usually revolves around the body’s inability to maintain proper circulation and blood flow. Without proper blood flow, maintaining an erection is a very difficult and stressful feat on the body, heavily contributing to erectile dysfunction.

Use Vitamins C and D For Erectile Dysfunction

Vitamin C is directly related to increasing blood flow throughout your body. Vitamin C helps regulate your circulation and ensure that proper blood flow is maintained when it matters the most. The majority of men who have erectile dysfunction are also seen to be experiencing Vitamin D deficiency. This has been such a prominent phenomenon in those suffering from ED that it now seen as a risk factor for eventually encountering erectile dysfunction, which is why C and D are the most useful vitamins for erectile dysfunction.

the-pill-1772275_1280While supplements are the most effective way to utilize Vitamins C and D, there are also many naturally occurring sources that carry vitamins C and D. Implementing the following foods in your diet consistently over time can strengthen your physical, as well as sexual health. Some of the many vitamin c and d enriched foods are:

● berries
● citrus fruits
● melons
● papaya
● pineapple
● tomatoes
● broccoli
● spinach
● fatty fish
● beef liver
● egg yolks

Avoiding erectile dysfunction and maintaining a nutritional diet often go hand in hand. You should be finding yourself living a healthier lifestyle to avoid ever having to encounter erectile dysfunction by supplementing your diet with the necessary vitamins, and working out consistently to encourage blood flow.

Vitamin C and D Supplements

While it is true that you can find vitamins C and D in many foods naturally, eating healthy is a difficult habit to get into for maturing men with a busy lifestyle. Luckily, many different supplement blends exist that can be easily incorporated into your everyday routine and can help ensure you are receiving the proper daily dosage required for a healthier diet.

Being consistent with supplementing the proper vitamins is a very helpful step when trying to avoid or reduce your chances of having an experience with ED, and C & D are the most proven vitamins for erectile dysfunction help.


Healthy circulation and blood flow, translates to a healthy erection, which results in an improved sexual health. Vitamin C is known to promote healthy blood flow throughout the body, while vitamin D deficiency has been heavily linked to erectile dysfunction. Supplementing these in your diet and adding them to your workout routine can greatly improve your physical and sexual health, reducing your chances of ever having to deal with erectile dysfunction for the first time, or ever again.

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