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The following VirMax Review will discuss in detail the potential benefits, side effects, ingredients, and functionality of VirMax, which is a highly popular male enhancement supplement that is meant to serve as an alternative to prescription drugs like Viagra. Clearly, Viagra is one of the biggest brands in the pharmaceutical industry, but it does tend to get a bad reputation for side-effects. That’s why so many alternative, natural versions have popped up. But not all of those are great, either. Just saying “natural alternative” doesn’t always mean safer or better. Do your homework! Read our reviews!

Based on our analysis of the formula, we do NOT recommend Virmax. It doesn’t contain enough active ingredients and the overall potency is simply low when compared to our Top 5 Best Male Enhancement Pills.

Benefits of Virmax

  • Improves performance
  • Increases sensation
  • Enhances sexual function

What Is Virmax?

Male enhancement products are important for men looking to find a cure for the many symptoms that come with aging. As men get older they can experience low testosterone and fatigue which can negatively impact their sex life. A proper sex life is good for your confidence, relationship, as well as your health.

VirMax is a natural male enhancement supplement that is manufactured by Natural Products Solutions LLC. VirMax offers clinically tested products to men that promises to improve their sexual function. VirMax promises to do these things by addressing issues with prostate health as well as low testosterone levels.

How Virmax Works

VirMax works by utilizing all natural ingredients in blends that can help sexual dysfunction in a number of ways. First and foremost, understanding what leads to sexual dysfunction due to aging is absolutely necessary in finding out how to fix the problem.

Poor circulation is a common problem that comes with aging and can be fixed with the use of specific herbs or molecules. Poor circulation makes it difficult for your body to allow blood to flow to your penis in times of arousal, making achieving and maintaining an erection very difficult. In addition to that, poor blood flow also leads to fatigue as well as hinders your workout potential.

Low testosterone can be fixed with the use of testosterone boosters or natural aphrodisiacs that stimulate a sexual response. VirMax works by using supplement blends that can help boost your testosterone as well as increase your blood flow.

Ingredients in VirMax

Epimedium: AKA “Horny Goat Weed” is a natural herb that has been used for centuries to cure the side effects of erectile dysfunction as well as increase libido. Horny goat weed contains the active ingredient icariin stimulates blood flow to the penis. Icariin does this by inhibiting the enzyme PDE5. PDE5 blocks blood flow into the penis, which is very bad when you’re trying to achieve an erection. By inhibiting PDE5, blood flows more readily into the chambers of the penis, allowing a fuller, larger erection. (study)

Asian Ginseng Root: Ginseng has been used as a natural aphrodisiac for ages and stimulates cognitive ability as well as healthy circulatory conditions. Ginseng is great for stimulating blood flow and boosting concentration.

Ginkgo Biloba: Ginkgo Biloba comes from the oldest tree species on the planet, “The Maidenhair tree”. Ginkgo biloba has been used to cure many different types of ailments throughout the years by stimulating blood flow. This fix all supplement also stimulates cognitive ability and boosts concentration, while also benefitting your athletic performance.

L-Arginine: Nitric oxide is a molecule in the body produced by the lining within blood vessels. L-Arginine is a precursor to nitric oxide, and is converted into such upon digestion. Nitric oxide acts a vasodilator which stimulates the widening of blood vessels in the body, improving circulation to the genital region.

Virmax Reviews From Real Users

*May 2020 Update: Since we originally wrote this review a couple years ago, Virmax has become available for purchase on Amazon. This means that there are now user reviews for us to draw information from, which was not the case before. Let’s have a look at these Virmax reviews and see what they say…

Unfortunately, only 10 people have submitted reviews…however, about 70% of those people had something positive to say about it and gave it at least a 4-star rating. That would be a pretty impressive statistic if we had more reviews to derive information from. It’s encouraging, but the sample size is simply still too small.

With that being said, only 22% of the user reviews are negative, which gives me a little more hope. I’m still certainly not a proponent of Virmax at all and do not believe it can be effective, but this data slightly brightens my view on it.

The Pros

  • Improves performance
  • Increases sensation
  • Enhances sexual function
  • Received some positive user reviews

The Cons

  • Utilizes proprietary blends
  • They don’t tell you exactly what’s in it
  • The overall potency is pretty low


VirMax Maximum Male Enhancement is a male enhancement supplement that utilizes several natural erectile dysfunction remedies to give you an extra edge in the bedroom. It works by utilizing herbs that have natural circulation and testosterone boosting effects to help where one might be falling short.

While there may be some mixed reviews on the pill, its use of all natural ingredients indicates it is completely safe to use. The use of L-Arginine, Horny Goat Weed, and Ginseng, is a very popular combination among male enhancement supplements, and all help fight against the side effects that come with aging.

However, there is a reason we don’t rank Virmax very highly. Check out the Top 5 Male Enhancement Pills to see some products that we believe are significantly better with much more potent formulas and super impressive nutrition labels overall.

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