Viarexin Review 2022 (Are These Male Enhancement Pills Legit?)

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Updated January 11, 2022

Viarexin Male Enhancement

Viarexin is a male enhancement supplement with a broad range of potential benefits. Any guy who has tried the prescription drugs for erectile dysfunction will tell you that they come with a price (side effects) and that herbs and vitamins are the way to go. Read this Viarexin review to discover why natural remedies are best and learn why Viarexin failed to rank on our list of the Top Male Enhancement Supplements on the market.

Make sure you read through the ingredient list and feel free to click over to the sources we list. Studies and deeper insight are a part of the review process here at The Supplement Reviews. We believe strongly in science. Also, we have a video review at the bottom of this article so make sure you check that out!

Claimed Benefits of Viarexin

  • Improves quality of erections
  • May help optimize blood flow
  • Enhances bedroom performance

How Does Viarexin Work?

Viarexin functions through the use of herbs and vitamins that have been proven to positively affect males with erectile dysfunction. In some instances, vitamins and herbs can be more effective than prescription drugs. These types of ingredients generally serve two purposes.

The first purpose is to increase nitric oxide production. The benefits of nitric oxide go a very long way, especially when it comes to erectile dysfunction. Certain ingredients that affect nitric oxide levels can dilate your blood vessels and help blood flow more easily, which means the user may become better able to achieve an erection.

The second primary component of a good male enhancement supplement is the libido-boosting component. Libido boosters serve to put you in the mood and supercharge your sex drive, which makes them an important part of any formula. The combination of these two components can work wonders when it comes to your sex life.

We highly recommend natural remedies for erectile dysfunction, but we don’t recommend Viarexin as highly as some of the other supplements we reviewed. Check out some of our other male enhancement reviews to see which ones we rank the most highly.

Viarexin Ingredients


Citrulline is one of the most clinically proven nitric oxide boosters in the industry. It makes a great addition to any male enhancement formula because of the way that it can affect your blood vessels. Increased dilation can lead to better erections. A study shows L-Citrulline enhances athletic performance.

Arginine AKG

Arginine is converted directly into nitric oxide upon consumption, making it a vital part of any erectile dysfunction remedy. It’s a natural way to get more blood flowing in the areas you need it to flow. Whereas prescription medications only temporarily fix the problem, ingredients like Arginine can help get you back on track long term.

Tribulus Terrestris

Often used in testosterone boosters, this ingredient has been studied in clinical trials time and time again for its ability to help increase your sex drive. Men who take Tribulus swear by the effects, and sex-related benefits are pretty commonly reported. (study)

Maca Root

You would have a hard time finding a male enhancement supplement that does not include this ingredient, and that is for good reason. Maca is excellent for your libido and can be very beneficial with regard to other aspects of bedroom activity.

Other Viarexin Male Enhancement Reviews

In order to get an idea of what the users of Viarexin are experiencing, we did some research and checked out some actual user reviews of the product. Viarexin has very poor reviews on Amazon.

In fact, at the time this analysis was written, 50% of the Viarexin reviews on Amazon gave it a 1-star rating. There are a minuscule amount of positive user reviews, which is very discouraging and could possibly be a sign that you should look somewhere else for a male enhancement supplement.

The Pros

  • Contains multiple nitric oxide boosters and proven beneficial vitamins for erectile dysfunction
  • The formula uses ten different ingredients
  • Several of the nutrients have been shown to have sex-related benefits

The Cons

  • The website is not transparent, and it’s hard to find the exact formula, which makes it a difficult supplement to evaluate
  • The user reviews on Amazon were generally pretty poor

The Verdict on Viarexin

Viarexin has a lot of promising qualities about it, mostly related to the types of ingredients it includes. At first glance, it looks like it could be a great supplement. However, when we looked a little further, we found some discouragement in the form of negative reviews.

It’s important to take into consideration what type of experiences people who have used the product had with it. Based on the poor reviews, we don’t recommend Viarexin very highly and would encourage you to view our list of the Top 5 Male Enhancement Pills to find a supplement that we rank more highly.

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