The Top 10 Erection Pills 

Natural, Single-Ingredient Solutions For Erectile Dysfunction

Top 10 Erectile Dysfunction Pills

Top 10 Erectile Dysfunction Pills

Everybody wants to take pills that work like Viagra, but nobody wants to take actual Viagra because of all the hassle. You have to deal with doctors, prescriptions, side effects, etc. However, we are lucky enough in today’s day and age to have several natural remedies and alternatives that have been proven to work just as well without the side effects.

Keep in mind that these top 10 erection pills are single-ingredient supplements. That means you take one pill that contains one ingredient and essentially bank on that one nutrient. While this can be a simple and helpful method, we prefer taking a more comprehensive and efficient approach to enhancing your sexual health.

Certain male enhancement supplements contain 5, 6, 7, or sometimes even more of the following 10 ingredients, which makes these supplements a more ideal approach as they can target sex drive, blood flow, erection achievement and sustainability, stamina, and can sometimes even increase erection size.

If these supplements sound more interesting to you, check out our Top 10 Male Enhancers article. The #1 ranked supplement in that article actually contains ALL 10 of the following ingredients. However, keep reading if you want to stick with the single-ingredient approach.

#1: Horny Goat Weed – Exactly What It Sounds Like

The active ingredient in Horny Goat Weed is called Icariin. Icariin works through blocking the release of PDE5, which is an inhibitor that blocks the dilation of the arteries in the penis. Without PDE5 blocking dilation, blood is able to flow easily into the penis, which means you are able to achieve an erection without any issues.

It is the mechanism through which Icariin works that makes Horny Goat Weed one of the most effective natural remedies for erectile dysfunction. There are plenty of effective herbs for erectile dysfunction, but this one has proven itself perhaps more than any other herb in the industry.

#2: Tongkat Ali – Testosterone Emancipation

In some countries, Tongkat Ali is actually known as “homegrown Viagra.” Tongkat earned this nickname due to its high concentration of eurypeptides, which is a class of peptides that has been proven to improve sex drive and elevate levels of sexual desire through boosting free testosterone levels.

It’s testosterone’s job to keep your sex drive high, but testosterone tends to bind to something called SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin), which prevents it from doing its job. Tongkat Ali has the ability to free testosterone from SHBG so that your body is then able to utilize the testosterone the way it was intended to be.

#3: Gingko Biloba – Multi-Faceted Sexual Enhancement

While some ingredients improve your blood flow such as Horny Goat Weed and Arginine HCL, Gingko is a little bit different. It can actually help ensure that blood is able to flow properly specifically to your extremities (AKA your penis).

In other words, it can help make sure that the proper blood vessels are dilated enough in order for blood to flow easily into the penis, which can not only help you achieve an erection but also increase the size of the erection. If more blood is able to flow into your penis than normal, then theoretically, your erection should be larger than normal. It’s ability to potentially impact the size of your erection is a major part of what earned it its spot amongst the top 10 erection pills.

#4: Arginine HCL – Achieve An Erection Any Time, Any place

One study showed that 37% of men diagnosed with ED significantly improved after using Arginine HCL for only one month. Arginine HCL is the most popular nitric oxide boosting supplement in existence…but what does that have to do with erectile dysfunction? Well, it actually has EVERYTHING to do with ED.

An increase in nitric oxide means better blood flow, and erections are all about blood flow. Arginine is able to effectively dilate your blood vessels and thereby optimize blood flow. When you have full control over your blood flow, you have full control over your erections. Arginine HCL is a vital addition to your diet if you suffer from erectile dysfunction. Many men swear that this stuff can serve as one of the best natural remedies for erectile dysfunction.

#5: Maca Root – Supercharge Your Sex Drive

Maca Root is a tried and true testosterone booster that is actually used to correct hormonal imbalances in men. Specifically, low testosterone (Low T). Men with low testosterone tend to experience some rough symptoms, and Maca has been used by many men to provide some relief by increasing your testosterone levels.

Some natural erectile dysfunction remedies are focused on blood flow and the erection itself but not this one. Maca is focused specifically on libido and testosterone. More testosterone leads to a higher sex drive, which ultimately leads to a better sex life.

#6: Saw Palmetto – Erection Sustainability And Stamina

Studies show that Saw Palmetto can help the user sustain his erection for a much longer period of time. Men who supplement with Saw Palmetto often report notable effects in the bedroom as a result. Generally, the results are related to stamina and general performance more than anything else.

Not only does it allow you to maintain an erection for a longer period of time, it actually has also been shown to increase the strength of your orgasms and make sex feel better. Since it feels better for you and you can last longer for her, Saw Palmetto can make sex more pleasurable for both you and your partner.

#7: Tribulus Terrestris – Send Testosterone Levels Into Overdrive

The most important sex hormone men have is testosterone. Without testosterone, guys don’t have sex drive…and without sex drive, there is no sex. A gradual decrease in testosterone levels is actually the primary reason why couples tend to have less and less sex as they get older.

If you have been struggling with sexual desire or not having as much sex as you would like to, Tribulus could be exactly what you need. It also can be tremendously beneficial for your physique. Many studies show that it allows men to more easily build muscle and burn fat, which can improve your physical appearance and make your partner more sexually attracted to you.

#8: Korean Red Ginseng – Healthier, Harder Erections

The area in which Korean Red Ginseng is most beneficial has been shown to be penile rigidity. Men who have been diagnosed with ED find that Korean Ginseng serves as one of the best natural remedies for erectile dysfunction because of the way it improves the quality of the actual erection itself.

While it may not help you achieve an erection like some of these other ingredients do, it can help ensure that your erection is of high quality once you are able to achieve it. Therefore, Ginseng on its own may not be the best solution, but if you combine it with some of the other top 10 erection pills, it can be an absolute game changer.

#9: Muira Puama – The Ultimate Aphrodisiac

Muira Puama is one of the most popular aphrodisiacs in existence. It is able to impact both libido AND blood flow, which are the two most important considerations when it comes to erectile dysfunction. If you can improve blood flow and boost your libido, most of your ED-related problems go away.

However, Muira Puama shouldn’t be used at a very high dose and has actually been shown to be significantly more effective when combined with other sexual enhancement supplements such as Horny Goat Weed.

#10: Zinc – The Oldest Trick In The Book

Zinc is perhaps the oldest of all the natural remedies for erectile dysfunction. Men have been using this stuff for centuries to correct ED problems and low testosterone issues. Zinc has actually been around way longer than Viagra itself, and it’s obviously much safer and completely natural, making it an excellent alternative.

In some cases, Zinc has even helped men with impotency. That’s not to say that it will work for all men with regard to impotency, but the fact that it has helped some with an issue that serious speaks miles about its efficacy.

Conclusion: Why Not Use Them All?

All of these single-ingredient remedies have been clinically proven to do exactly what they’re designed to do, which means they are all more than likely to work with regard to their individual purposes. However, why would you choose between erection achievability, a higher sex drive, better testosterone levels, and more stamina when you can have it all?

Due to that line of logic, we find it hard to recommend any single ingredient as a solution for erectile dysfunction. Instead, we prefer to recommend supplements that contain ideally dosed, synergistic combinations of the aforementioned ingredients to create a sort of “super formula,” if you will.

Therefore, we highly recommend you avoid using single-ingredient supplements and instead check out our list of the Top 10 Male Enhancers and choose your favorite comprehensive male enhancement supplement from that list. Our #1 recommendation is called TEKMale, and it actually contains all 10 of the aforementioned ingredients, which is why we ranked it #1.

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