TenGenix Review 2022 (Is This Supplement Worth It?)

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Updated December 28, 2021

TenGenix male enhancement supplementTenGenix is a natural male enhancement supplement that contains several herbs and vitamins which have been proven to impact erectile dysfunction. The only problem is there are hundreds of other supplements out there that work in the exact same way. Read this TenGenix review to learn why it failed to rank on our list of the Top Male Enhancement Supplements on the market.

Claimed Benefits of TenGenix

  • May enhance sexual performance
  • Can improve libido
  • Increases nitric oxide production and blood flow
  • May help you last longer in bed

How Does TenGenix Work?

TenGenix works through the use of herbs and vitamins that have been shown in clinical trials to help positively impact males with erectile dysfunction.

The first way it works is through increasing nitric oxide production and optimizing blood flow. Often times, when you need to achieve an erection but are unable to, the issue is simply that your blood flow is being interrupted. Correcting your blood flow could lead to tremendous benefits if you’re someone who has trouble getting it up in the bedroom.

Another way in which formulas like this one can help men with erectile dysfunction is through elevating sex drive and libido.

The main issue guys with E.D. tend to report is inability to achieve an erection, but almost just as common is a lack of sexual appetite so to speak. Natural remedies for erectile dysfunction like TenGenix are often able to give men a better sex drive which can lead to more confidence, and not to mention, more sex.

With that said, TenGenix is not our favorite product in the industry. While we don’t have anything bad to say about it we simply have reviewed some products we believe to be better. Our recommendation would be to check out some of our other male enhancement reviews to learn about the products we consider to be top notch.

TenGenix Ingredients

Tongkat Ali

Tongkat is basically famous in the male enhancement industry as well as another industry that goes hand in hand with male enhancement, which is testosterone boosting. Tongkat is believed to help increase testosterone levels in men while also serving as a libido booster in and of itself, making it sort of a multi purpose ingredient.


It would be challenging to try and find a male enhancement supplement that does not contain Maca, and that’s because the amount of evidence for its efficacy is simply overwhelming. Several clinical trials have shown results indicating that men with sexual health issues may be able to benefit from regular Maca supplementation.


Arginine is the most popular nitric oxide booster in all of sports nutrition. It converts directly into nitric oxide upon ingestion, which makes it extremely beneficial for guys who have trouble achieving erections. A nitric oxide boost and some help with your blood flow can go a long way when the time comes where you need to get it up.

Other TenGenix Male Enhancement Reviews

Our primary source of reliable, genuine user reviews is Amazon. Unfortunately, this product only has one user review on Amazon, so we don’t have a whole lot to go off of here.

With that said, that review gave the product a 1-star rating. The user was simply saying that the product didn’t work for them. That doesn’t mean it won’t work for you, but negative user reviews are often a bad sign. It would be in your best interest to keep an eye out as more user reviews start to be submitted on Amazon.

The Pros of TenGenix

  • Contains several proven herbs and vitamins for erectile dysfunction
  • Uses natural herbs and vitamins
  • Has a pretty high overall potency
  • Includes a pretty long list of natural ingredients

The Cons of TenGenix

  • The only user review on Amazon was negative
  • It uses a proprietary blend in the formula, which means we don’t know exactly what it contains

The Verdict on TenGenix

TenGenix is overall a pretty impressive product. It has a great nutrition label with several proven natural herbs and vitamins for erectile dysfunction, and the overall MG per serving is higher than we typically see.

The negative user review we found is a little bit discouraging. We would have liked to see a bunch of positive reviews ideally. We simply don’t feel there is enough evidence for us to be confident enough in TenGenix to recommend it. Therefore, our recommendation is to explore our list of Male Enhancement category page to see some more highly ranked products.

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