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TEKMale Review

Updated March 2019 – We are compensated for this review.

TEKMale is another outstanding supplement from a rising star in the sports nutrition industry.  This TEKMale review is an in-depth examination of their latest release in the male enhancement space and we will break it down for you to determine if this is the right choice.

What is TEKMale?

Maybe you are new to male enhancement supplements. This segment of the supplement industry is enormous and growing rapidly. A quick google search of “male enhancement pills” will yield 1.5 million results. And for most people who are unfamiliar with these products, trying to separate the good from the bad is daunting.

Male enhancement pills are designed to support men with stronger erections, promote a higher sex drive and help promote increased stamina. These are the expectations men have when engaging in a male enhancement regime.

TEKMale is an all-natural blend of quality ingredients that combine to support men’s health.

Claimed Benefits By The Manufacturer of TEKMale

  • Improve your performance**
  • Boost your confidence**
  • Promotes increased stamina**

The Myth of Gaining Size by Taking a Pill

The biggest, fattest lie in the “penis pill” industry (pun intended) is that you can physically increase the size of your penis by taking a pill. The vast majority of penis pill products are guilty of having their pants on fire because they’ll look you right in the eye and lie. Friends, there’s no pill in the world that is going to grow your penis.

HOWEVER, a good, quality male enhancement pill, like TEKMale, is designed to help you maximize what you have. Most men, especially aging men, are not able to grow to their maximum size because of poor blood flow and oxygen. And blood flow and oxygen are the key to everything.**

How Does TEKMale Work?

TEKMale works primarily because of its ability to help promote the natural production of nitric oxide (NO). Nitric Oxide can help open up the capillaries and blood vessels so that oxygen and blood will be able to migrate down south, so that you can achieve a more robust erection. It’s not rocket science.**

The reason why it’s hard to get hard when drinking heavily is because alcohol prevents blood and oxygen from getting to the penis. (Excess alcohol also reduces sensitivity and often times makes you smelly, stupid and unattractive. Bad for sex all around.)

TEKMale not only supports NO production so that the floodgates open and you may be able to experience a better quality erection, but it does other things as well. It uses winners in the libido department like ginseng, yohimbe and muira puama. If you don’t feel like having sex to begin with, why worry about the quality of your erection? First things first.**

TEKMale also focuses on the brain which may not seem important for male enhancement but think about it… When you are having sex your brain is key. It’s responsible for sending key signals and needs to be focused. Too often, men are unfocused and are thinking about a deposition or remodeling the kitchen instead of thinking about their lover’s pleasure. This leads to bad things, including becoming as soft as an egg noodle.

TEKMale also may help naturally boost testosterone, which is pivotal for men. Testosterone affects all aspects of male existence, including quality sex.**

TEKMale may also be the savior of quick finishers. If you struggle with this, don’t beat yourself up; a quality male enhancer like TEKMale can potentially help increase stamina and limit pre-ejaculation.**

So, how does TEKMale attempt to do all this? The ingredients.


TEKMale Ingredients

To determine the quality of a formula, any formula, look at the supplement facts. (Provided you know what you’re looking at.) We’ve reviewed over a hundred male enhancement products so we know what to look for.

The ingredients in TEKMale are superb in both quality and quantity. What really makes this formula special is they didn’t take shortcuts with the standardized extracts.

In other words, they used the highest potent form of each ingredient that includes the “active compounds” that can make the product more effective, instead of just using “whole plant powders” that contain little to no active compounds.

TEKMale Ingredients

Here’s the ingredients in TEKMale:

L-Arginine HCL 650 mg – L-Arginine is by far the most popular ingredient in male enhancement supplements because it’s the most popular ingredient for boosting nitric oxide. Remember, more NO = more blood and oxygen to the penis = a better shot at more good times! TEKMale has 650 mg in every serving. The highest amount we’ve seen is 600 mg.**

Organic Horny Goat Weed 300 mg – This has nothing to do with farm animals so relax. Horny Goat Weed can support achievement of firmer and larger erections by blocking PDE5, which is an inhibitor that prevents the blood vessels of the penis from dilating. By disabling PDE5, you may get better blood flow to the penis.**

Saw Palmetto 300 mg – Studies on Saw Palmetto have suggested it may enhance pleasure during sex and actually intensify orgasms. It is thought to improve sexual performance while additionally enhancing sexual pleasure. TEKMale not only uses 300 mg, but it’s standardized to 45% fatty acid, making it a high quality amount.**

Maca Root Extract 250 mg – Some studies have suggested Maca Root can increase testosterone levels, which thereby could lead to a much higher sex drive. One study estimated that about 90% of men who supplement with Maca Root in a 4:1 ratio report an increased sex drive.**

Tongkat Ali Extract 200 mg – Tongkat Ali has been thought to potentially alleviate premature ejaculation due to the idea that it may increase your sexual stamina. We are not completely sure about this though. Some clinical studies suggested that men who supplemented with Tongkat Ali (especially in 200:1 ratio) were able to last much longer in bed than men who did not supplement with Tongkat Ali.**

Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Extract 100 mg – Ginkgo Biloba can potentially improve your performance between the sheets by increasing blood flow, may boost libido, and may enhance concentration levels. If you had increased sex drive, had firmer erections, and had a more focused performance, you’d probably have a much more satisfied partner. The GB found in TEKMale has a high standardized active ingredient.**

Korean Ginseng Extract 100 mg – Korean Ginseng is one of the most utilized natural substances in the world when it comes to sexual performance enhancement. It’s pretty new too… only been used for this for a thousand years. TEKMale uses 5% standardized Ginsenosides which is a decent amount.**

Tribulus Terrestris 100 mg – Tribulus Terrestris is a well-known natural testosterone booster. Testosterone is thought to be the key to a healthy libido and a robust sex drive, which is why Tribulus is a vital component of any male enhancement product. Here’s the key though… most enhancers just have tribulus terrestris powder. TEKMale has it standardized to 45% Saponins. This is thought to be the active ingredient that makes TT work.**

Muira Puama 20 mg – Muira Puama is one of the most well-known percieved aphrodisiacs in the world. Studies suggest it may be effective for enhancing function in multiple areas of sexual health including, promoting erection quality, sexual stamina, and healthy libido.**

Zinc 5 mg – Studies have suggested that Zinc may be able to prevent the overproduction of prolactin, which is a testosterone inhibitor. Therefore, Zinc could be able to increase testosterone synthesis through the prevention of prolactin production. Also, every time you ejaculate, you lose zinc. Great for recovery.**

Yohimbe Bark Extract  37.5 mg  – Yohimbe Bark actually requires a prescription in many countries because many studies have shown the benefits it could potentially produce as it relates to erection achievability, firmness, and size. It does not require a prescription in the United States, but we believe the fact that it does in other countries says a lot about its efficacy. TEKMale standardized it to 8% yohimbines. Thumbs up!**

TEKMale Ingredients Supplement Facts

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Is TEKMale A Good Value?

One of the key components of our product reviews is establishing value. We do this by looking at the number of ingredients, the potency of each ingredient and then looking at the cost of the product. When you do this long enough it becomes easy to determine if a product is priced appropriately.

TEKMale is a tremendous value and if anything, is underpriced. Here’s why. The formula includes 11 total ingredients. Most male enhancement products use 6-7. But the quantity of ingredients can often be misleading as many products will include an ingredient in such low potencies that it renders it useless. They just want to get the name on the label.

This is not the case with TEKMale. Each ingredient contains substantial potencies but they take it a step further. Not only are the potencies robust but as mentioned earlier, they focus on the active compounds that may have an impact on the body. They use standardized extracts and the active compounds are quite high compared to other enhancers.

Doing this is the expensive route in terms of manufacturing. It’s far cheaper to use whole plant powders rather than standardized extracts.

TEKMale has a total of 11 ingredients and the combined total amount of ingredients per serving is just over 2 grams. This is the highest per-serving-potency we’ve seen and the quality of ingredients is impeccable.

At around $75 for a 30-day supply TEKMale is not the cheapest male enhancement formula but it is in our opinion the most effective and you could spend a lot more on other products.

The Pros

  • Solid ingredients that could naturally boost nitric oxide for promoting better erections
  • Quality ingredients that may promote stamina in bed
  • Excellent potenial libido boosters
  • 11 total ingredients is a lot of ingredients
  • Product uses standardized extracts with high percentage of active compounds
  • Very competitively priced for the quality and quantity of ingredients
  • Free shipping on all US orders

The Cons

  • At $74.99 it is among the more expensive male enhancement products

Where to Buy TEKMale

You can buy TEKMale online at TEKMale.com, they offer free shipping on all US orders.

You can order in the following ways:

1 Bottle – 1 Month Supply – $74.99 ($67.50 with our 10% off discount)

3 Bottles – 3 Month Supply – $204.99 (Save $20)

6 Bottles – 6 Month Supply – $299.96 (Save $149.98 – Get 2 bottles Free)

*If you bought the 6 pack you are essentially getting each bottle for $49 which is a steal.



TEKMale is an excellent male enhancement pill and we’ve reviewed a lot of them.

TEKMale has 11 ingredients so it is not a single-nutrient approach to male support. It contains almost 2 grams of nutrition per serving which is a lot. It contains the highest quality ingredients we’ve seen with their potent standardized extracts.

And finally, though a little on the high side in terms of price, it is certainly competitive with other male enhancers and they could’ve justified an even higher price if you really understand what’s under the hood.

Bottom line, TEKMale is in our #1 spot for the best male enhancement pill.

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**These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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