Staminon Review

Staminon Male Enhancement Review

Staminon Review

It seems like new male enhancement pills are coming out on the market every single day, making the activity of choosing which one is right for you extremely difficult. Read this Staminon review to learn why we don’t recommend this particular product or check out our list of Top 10 Male Enhancers for the best male enhancement supplements.

Benefits of Staminon

  • Fights against premature ejaculation
  • Temporarily alleviates erectile dysfunction
  • Increases fertility and sperm quality
  • Increases penis size and girth
  • Enhances the desire to engage in sexual activity
  • Increases overall energy and stamina levels

How does Staminon Work?

Staminon contains two major ingredients that are very popular for their ability to increase sexual performance and the desire to engage in sexual activity. These ingredients are formally known as aphrodisiacs and have been used for centuries to promote these effects. Staminon also contains ingredients that are known to enhance athletic performance by boosting the user’s energy levels and increasing stamina.

This supplement bases its effectiveness on its ability to give rise to the previously mentioned effects which result in improved sexual performance. With enhanced libido and an uncontrollable urge to engage in sexual activity, one is expected to achieve harder and longer erections at a moment’s notice – without any struggle. In an extremely, sexually stimulated state of mind, you can expect to achieve stiffer than usual erections and temporarily increased penis size due to concentrated blood flow specifically to the penis.

Other ingredients contained in Staminon’s formula are used to protect and maintain reproductive organs in order to ensure proper functioning. Many of these ingredients have clinically shown to treat symptoms of prostate enlargement which often include decreased blood flow to the penis or difficulty urinating.

Staminon Ingredients

Tongkat Ali: An evergreen tree found in Southeast Asia more formally known as Eurycoma Longifolia. This tree is of high regard in Malaysian culture for its ability to improve sexual performance and desire. The bark and root of this tree is frequently used for treating various sexual dysfunction symptoms such as erectile dysfunction, decreased or absent sexual desire and interest, diminished fertility and boosting athletic performance.

Horny Goat Weed: An extremely popular aphrodisiac that is widely used to increase sexual drive and interest. This plant is also believed to increase testosterone production and blood circulation to the penis while acting as a natural remedy for erectile dysfunction. Horny goat weed works well in combination with other herbs for erectile dysfunction, as well as vitamins for erectile dysfunction.

Saw Palmetto Fruit Extract: This plant bears fruit that is commonly used for medicinal purposes. Saw Palmetto fruit’s main medicinal function is treating symptoms of enlarged prostates. Many clinical trials have established the plant’s effectiveness in this area. This plant is used for many other purposes such as increasing sex drive and alleviating migraines.

Orchic Substance: Extract from a plant that is believed to increase testosterone production in males.

Wild Yam Root Extract: A plant that has been regarded as a natural alternative to estrogen therapy. It is known to increase energy and sexual drive in both men and women.

Nettle Root Extract: A plant that is commonly used for treating urination problems resulting from an enlarged prostate. It has also been used to treat urinary tract infections, poor circulation, and other uterine complications.

Sarsaparilla Root Extract: Commonly used by athletes as a steroid for performance enhancement such as increased stamina and energy. This plant also aids in controlling pain, sweating and liver protection.

The Pros of Staminon

  • Allows for longer, harder erections
  • Temporarily increases penis size and girth one an erection is achieved
  • Boosts libido and sexual drive
  • Increases the user’s overall energy and stamina

The Cons of Staminon

  • Allows for longer, harder erections
  • Temporarily increases penis size and girth one an erection is achieved
  • Boosts libido and sexual drive
  • Increases the user’s overall energy and stamina

Staminon Conclusion

Staminon is male enhancement supplement that contains many ingredients that are frequently used for treating the variety of symptoms associated with sexual dysfunction. The all-natural recipe is appealing since these are ingredients have a very low probability of causing allergic reactions or having drug interactions with prescription medications.

With that said, we think it pales in comparison to some of the top notch supplements out there. Check out our list of Top 10 Male Enhancers for products we can more readily vouch for and recommend.

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