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Rexazyte Review: 5 Important Ingredients To Consider (2020 Update)

Rexazyte Review

Rexazyte is a natural male enhancement supplement with a website that makes a long list of strong claims, which is something you should always be skeptical of. Their website claims the supplement can make your penis bigger, which is a claim that almost no supplement can live up to. Read this Rexazyte review to learn why it did NOT earn a ranking spot on our list of the top Male Enhancement supplements.

*May 2020 Update: Rexazyte has been available on Amazon for a while now, so we were able to add some data from the Amazon reviews to our review. Nearly 40% of Amazon users rated it 3 stars or less…yikes. I’d recommend avoiding this stuff, but you can learn about our #1 ranked male enhancement supplement here. 

About RexaZyte Inc.

I’m going to be honest, I can’t find much information on RexaZyte Inc. Additionally, their website is a single product website that feels mostly like a shady late-night infomercial. That’s just how a feel, not necessarily the case.

The Benefits of Rexazyte

The benefits of supplementing with Rexazyte may include the following…

  • Enhanced blood flow
  • Improved sex drive
  • Higher testosterone levels

How Does Rexazyte Work?

Rexazyte is based on the same principle as all natural male enhancement pills…increase blood flow to the penis, boost testosterone, and increase libido. With that being said, based on the formula, we don’t see Rexazyte as able to effectively accomplish those goals for the user. In our opinion, it might be best to avoid this particular supplement.

In general, natural male enhancement pills work by dilating your blood vessels and stimulating increased blood flow. Achieving an erection is all about blood flow, so if you can improve blood flow and enable more of it to flow into your genitals, that’s when you’ll be able to more easily achieve an erection.

Improving blood flow is one of the main goals of any male enhancement supplement, but the best male enhancement pills have a whole lot more to them than just blood flow boosting ingredients…

The second component to a high-quality male enhancement pill is a high concentration of proven testosterone boosting ingredients. Your sex drive is based on your testosterone levels, so if you can boost your testosterone levels, you can boost your sex drive.

One SUPER important component that Rexazyte lacks is Horny Goat Weed. Horny Goat Weed is a PDE5 inhibitor, which means it stimulated increased blood flow to the penis. The top-ranked supplements on our list of the Top 5 Male Enhancement Pills all contain Horny Goat Weed, which is a big part of the reason we ranked these supplements so highly.

Rexazyte Ingredients – What’s In This Stuff?

Tribulus Terrestris: Tribulus is actually an excellent ingredient when it comes to male enhancement. It’s widely believed to be an effective testosterone booster, and studies suggest that it plays a significant role in boosting the libido of the user.

We love seeing Tribulus on the label of any male enhancement or testosterone booster supplement, but the problem is we NEED to see the dosage in order to determine whether or not the ingredient will actually be able to take effect within the body. The dosage is NOT disclosed on the Rexazyte website, which is a big problem for us.

L-Citrulline: Citrulline is one of the sports nutrition industry’s favorite nitric oxide boosters. This stuff gives you tremendous nitric oxide levels, which thereby improves blood flow very dramatically. However, we have the same problem here as we had with Tribulus. (study)

The website doesn’t disclose the dosage, which means we don’t know if there’s enough Citrulline in the product for it to actually work. Usually, we have found that if the website doesn’t disclose the dosage, that means the dosage is probably too small.

Arginine AKG: Arginine is another great nitric oxide booster. It has been shown to be converted directly intro nitric oxide upon consumption. With that said, the dosage is once again extremely important, and there is no information regarding the dosage size on their website.

Tribulus Aquaticus: This is another form of the above-mentioned ingredient, Tribulus Terrestris. They work very similarly and are both primarily designed to increase your testosterone levels. The main benefit you could experience if the dosage is high enough is an increase in testosterone and libido, but again, the dosage amount is not disclosed.

Rexazyte Reviews Submitted By Real Users

As part of our research process when it comes to reviewing supplements, we like to check out what consumers are saying about the product. Consumer feedback is extremely important when it comes to supplements, so let’s take a look at what people are saying.

We examined the Rexazyte reviews that exist on first because Amazon is usually a very reliable place to find legitimate user reviews. On Amazon, Rexazyte single bottles were removed from the site for some reason. You can now only buy 3-packs or 5-packs. Nonetheless, the ratings are pretty bad.

About 40% of users rated it 3 stars or less. A couple users had positive things to say about it though, which is encouraging. Overall the Rexazyte reviews available on Amazon at this point are very mixed and therefore don’t allow us to draw a very strong conclusion, but I still wouldn’t recommend it based on the weak formula.

The Pros of Rexazyte

  • Includes some great testosterone boosters
  • Contains multiple nitric oxide boosters

The Cons of Rexazyte

  • The ingredient dosages are not disclosed
  • It only contains a total of 5 ingredients
  • It doesn’t contain Horny Goat Weed
  • The Rexazyte reviews from users were negative overall
  • The website appears to be scammy

Rexazyte Conclusion – The Final Verdict

As you are probably already aware at this point in the review, we do not recommend this product. It contains some solid ingredients for sure, but the fact that the dosages aren’t disclosed is sketchy and prevents us from being able to properly analyze the label.

It also contains a very small number of ingredients, and the user reviews are very negative overall. We’d recommend steering clear of this product.

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