Evoxa Review

Evoxa is one of the thousands of natural alternatives to prescription erectile dysfunction medications. With so many companies trying to come up with the perfect solution, it’s difficult to know which products are the real deal and which ones are scams. Read this Evoxa review to understand our take on it and learn why it’s not ranked as one of our Top 10 Male Enhancers.

The Benefits of Evoxa

  • May increase testosterone levels
  • Enhances libido
  • Improves energy levels

How Does Evoxa Work?

Evoxa works through the use of herbs that are designed to boost sex drive and increase testosterone levels safely and naturally. While many of these herbs have been clinically proven to work, this does not mean that any product which includes these ingredients will be effective. We still need to consider the level to which the ingredients are standardized and the size of the dosages.

The first important part of any male enhancement supplement is going to be the blood flow optimization component. Erections are all about blood flow, so if you suffer from erectile dysfunction, chances are your blood flow is less than ideal. Making it easier for blood to flow freely throughout your body is very important for erectile dysfunction treatment.

Blood flow improvement is accomplished through the use of nitric oxide boosters such as citrulline or arginine. However, Evoxa does not contain either of these ingredients, which is the main reason why we don’t recommend it. A male enhancement product without any nitric oxide boosters simply cannot be anywhere near as effective as one that DOES contain nitric oxide boosters.

The second major transformation that a really good male enhancement supplement can lead to is in your sex drive. Male enhancements that really work contain testosterone boosters and aphrodisiacs to help get your libido back to where it needs to be. The combination of these ingredients with the nitric oxide boosters then dramatically improves your sexual performance.

Since we don’t see any nitric oxide boosters in this formula, we generally don’t like to recommend this product. we would encourage you to instead look in the direction of our Top 10 Male Enhancers, all of which contain plenty of nitric oxide boosters.

Evoxa Ingredients – What Makes It Work?

Fenugreek: Fenugreek functions as a testosterone booster within the context of this particular supplement. It is most often used for boosting T levels or enhancing athletic performance, so it makes sense that some companies would want to include it in their male enhancement formula. One of the best things you can do for your sexual health is to get your testosterone levels up. Without an increase in testosterone production, it’s unlikely that you’re going to make any significant progress in terms of enhancing your sexual performance.

Maca Root: Maca is one of the best libido enhancing nutrients on the market. Clinical trials have shown that it increases sex drive and testosterone levels in men significantly after a few weeks of use. It can be magical for guys with low sex drive, so if this is one of your biggest issues, you need to get a supplement with some maca in it.

Tongkat Ali: Tongkat is another testosterone booster, which is great, there’s not really such a thing as having too many testosterone boosters. However, we wish they would’ve chosen to diversify the formula a little bit and thrown in a nitric oxide booster instead. There’s a great list of ingredients here for getting your T levels back on track, but the problem is that that’s about all it’s great for.

Evoxa Reviews From Users

Since Evoxa doesn’t contain any nitric oxide boosters and does not include horny goat weed, we decided it wasn’t worth purchasing, and therefore have not tried it. We didn’t think we needed to try it in order to know it wasn’t going to be super effective, and it turns out we were right. We checked out some Evoxa reviews submitted by users, and people don’t seem to be very happy with this stuff

The Pros

  • Includes plenty of testosterone boosters
  • The libido enhancing component is significant

The Cons

  • Does not include nitric oxide boosters
  • Missing horny goat weed
  • More of a testosterone booster than a safe male enhancement product

Evoxa Conclusion

We don’t recommend Evoxa because of the fact that they failed to include what we believe to be the most effective male enhancement ingredient on the market, which is horny goat weed. The product additionally does not include any nitric oxide boosters, which is another big reason we don’t like it. Check out our Top 10 Male Enhancers to view some much better supplements.

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