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Cianix is one of the most popular male enhancement supplements out there. However, popularity doesn’t always equate to efficacy. Often times, a supplement can become very popular through effective marketing but in reality isn’t all that great. Kind of like that 2008 Rambo movie, popular name, but it was super stupid.

Does Cianix deserve the attention it gets or is it all just hype? Read this review to learn why Cianix did NOT rank amongst our Top 5 Male Enhancement Pills.

The Reported Benefits of Cianix

  • Can improve blood flow
  • Higher quality erections
  • Helps elevate sex drive

How Does Cianix Work?

Cianix functions as sort of a natural remedy for erectile dysfunction. A ton of guys suffer from symptoms of erectile dysfunction (ED), but not everyone can get prescribed Viagra. Some guys just don’t want to be taking Viagra because of side effects, inconvenience, and sometimes embarrassment.

Natural remedies for erectile dysfunction like Cianix were invented as a solution to this problem. The goal with these supplements is to function in the same fashion as Viagra without producing any side effects or requiring any prescriptions. Now, they are not always successful in doing so, which is why you need to do your research before spending your money.

We keep an eye out for any herbs or vitamins that have been clinically proven to help erectile dysfunction and help weed out the supplements that do not contain such nutrients. Certain vitamins have actually been shown to be more beneficial than prescription drugs in some instances.

If you ask us, we think there may be better options out there than Cianix. The best male enhancement supplements work through ingredients which are able to stimulate more optimal blood flow and thereby allow the user to easier achieve and maintain erections. Additionally, certain ingredients are included for the purpose of increasing the sex drive of the user. We recommend you explore our other male enhancement reviews to discover which products we rank most highly.

Cianix Ingredients – What Makes It Work?


Here we have the ingredient that is primarily responsible for blood flow optimization. L-Arginine functions as a nitric oxide booster, which means it can help to dilate your blood vessels. The effect L-Arginine can have on blood flow is key for users in search of a natural remedy for erectile dysfunction because it is a completely natural amino acid that can be a huge help for guys who have trouble getting it up.

Tribulus Terrestris

Tribulus is another natural ingredient that can be of some help for men with erectile dysfunction issues. It is often used in testosterone booster supplements due to the fact that many people believe it can increase free testosterone. With that said, its primary purpose in almost any context truly is to increase libido.


Ginseng is valuable in the context of male enhancement for the same reason as Tribulus. The effects it can have on testosterone levels are not necessarily 100% clear, but what is clear is the fact that men who take it swear by it. –  study | study

Other Cianix Male Enhancement Reviews

We have gone through several user reviews in order to get an idea of how people’s personal experiences with the product went. It appears that results are mixed. Some reviews indicated positive results while other users appeared not to enjoy the product as much, so we weren’t able to find anything very definitive.

We recommend you check out some other male enhancement reviews on our site to discover some products we are truly confident in. Since the Cianix website does not make the nutrition label public, we are not as confident in it as we would like to be in order to recommend it.

The Pros

  • Contains clinically proven herbs and vitamins for erectile dysfunction
  • Nitric oxide boosting and libido boosting can both be accomplished
  • Some user reviews were pretty positive

The Cons

  • Doesn’t contain a very large number of ingredients
  • We have seen higher potencies on other male enhancement labels
  • Some user reviews were not very encouraging

Cianix Verdict

Cianix has a pretty promising list of ingredients, and it appears to be fairly comprehensive. However, the dosages are not necessarily the highest we have ever seen and user experiences are not very consistent.

We chose not to rank Cianix on our list of the Top 5 Male Enhancement Pills not because it was a bad product but simply because we feel we have seen better. At the end of the day, there are simply other supplements we would recommend over this one.

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