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Updated December 25, 2020

Caverject male enhancement boxCaverject is a new kind of treatment for erectile dysfunction that differs from others. Whereas many erectile dysfunction treatments are taken orally, Caverject is actually injected into blood stream, which allows it to work with much more effectiveness. While this may deter some consumers, Caverject is shown to be extremely effective, but not as effective as the supplements on our list of the top 10 best Natural Male Enhancement supplements.

Benefits of Caverject

  • Strongest available treatment for erectile dysfunction
  • No need for surgery
  • High rate of success

What is Caverject?

Like most natural male-enhancing supplements, Caverject works on the smooth muscle tissue of the arteries in order to allow more blood to flow through the penis when aroused. What is special about Caverject is that it is the strongest available male-enhancing drug on the market; but, because it is administered by injection, it is usually an undesirable treatment option for many men. Caverject maintains its reputation as the strongest effective treatment, while also being able to treat the most advanced cases of erectile dysfunction.

How Does Caverject Work?

What many men today don’t realize is that erectile dysfunction is not necessarily a mental issue; though it can certainly cause significant embarrassment. Often times, the root cause of erectile dysfunction is the ability for blood to flow freely through the arteries at the base of the penis.

While erectile dysfunction is most common in older men, even younger men experience it. The fact is, the muscle tissue at the base of the penis can become fatigued and congested, which will limit the size and strength of the erection as a result. This is the most common cause of erectile dysfunction.

Caverject contains the active ingredient alprostadil, which belongs to the family of medicines called prostaglandins. These two drugs are essentially the same, and are reported to help relax the smooth muscle tissue around blood vessel walls.

This effect contributes to an increase of blood flow throughout the body, as blood becomes more free to pass through the relaxed muscle tissue. It applies as well to a man’s ability to produce an erection.

As the nervous system supplies a release of prostaglandin within the muscle tissue of the penis, the arteries are opened up, and blood flows through the penis. This effect can also be brought upon by vitamins for erectile dysfunction, as well as herbs for erectile dysfunction.

Supplementing this effect in the body has the dramatic effect that consumers of male-enhancement drugs seek, and increased erection size beyond the average.

As prostaglandins play an important role in the process of achieving an erection, the supplementation of the body with extra prostaglandin will no doubt increase the consumer’s ability to achieve and maintain a satisfying erection.

Caverject is used to supplement, and directly regulate the consumer’s ability to achieve an erection because of prostaglandin. As it increases blood flow to the penis, Caverject guarantees its consumer a full erection every time.

Caverject Ingredients

Prostaglandin E1 (PGE1) is the active ingredient in Caverject. Similar to other male-enhancement drugs, the effect of this ingredient is to reverse erectile dysfunction; but Caverject does this without needing to regulate nitric oxide, which is one reason that other male-enhancement drugs can cause side effects like swelling in other parts of the body.

Instead of regulating nitric oxide levels, Caverject is used to directly administer the naturally occurring prostaglandin directly to the base of the penis. This way, consumers can be sure that they are not taking overall health risks when seeking treatment for their erectile dysfunction.

The overall effect of this increase in prostaglandin has a dramatic effect on patients of severe cases of erectile dysfunction. A treatment method like this one is better than most natural remedies for erectile dysfunction.

Other Ingredients include lactose, alfadex, sodium citrate, hydrochloric acid, sodium hydroxide, water, and benzyl alcohol.


  • Solid treatment for erectile issues
  • High rate of success
  • Very unique approach to male enhancement


  • Costly
  • Uncomfortable to use
  • Very inconvenient

Caverject Conclusion

Caverject is used to treat various sexual dysfunction problems. It may not be the best option for men seeking their first male-enhancement drug since it is pretty costly and intense. However, men with more severe cases can use Caverject instead of having to get surgery. This treatment option has its place in the male enhancement market, but to find more popular and more highly recommended options, check out the reviews in our Male Enhancement category.

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