112 Degrees Male Enhancement

112 Degrees Male Enhancement Review

112 Degrees Male Enhancement112 Degrees is a natural male-enhancement supplement which helps men, mostly from the ages of 30-50, to help boost their sex drive late into their twilight years. Though some see this as an inevitable fact of life, it is becoming more and more popular for men in their middle ages to seek out supplements like 112 Degrees. Check out our list of Top 10 Male Enhancement pills to find out what products we liked even more.

Benefits of 112 Degrees:

  • Increased libido/sexual stamina
  • All natural ingredients
  • Plenty of information provided from its manufacturer

What Is 112 Degrees?

As one of the many supplements available which is marketed towards older men, this male-enhancement drug will help combat age-related decline of sex drive.

This drug is part of a growing trend of natural male-enhancing drugs which are taking the market by storm. For most men, the prospect of being sexually impotent in their old age can be scary. It is no wonder, then, why more and more men are using 112 Degrees to help them stay in control of their sex lives. With a boost in virility and sexual performance, men using 112 Degrees will experience a vast improvement in their sex lives, and may contribute to increased frequency of intercourse.

How Does 112 Degrees Work?

Like other male-enhancement drugs, 112 Degrees uses a blend of natural ingredients to help boost the consumer’s sex life. It works by stimulating, and helping regulate libido in the consumer, and produce a more satisfying sexual experience. Without running the risk of having dangerous side effects, this drug will help improve the quality of the consumer’s sexual intercourse. With its familiar, natural ingredients, men in their middle age will feel safe knowing that they are ingesting only a safe, and effective male-enhancing drug. Because consumers need a safe and reliable supplement, it is no wonder that drugs like 112 Degrees are being used so frequently, and without fear of negative side effects. Men are finding more and more that this drug is helpful to help maintain the sex drive they had as young adults, even as they reach old age.

Because it is becoming so common for men to supplement their sexual health, the need for safe and trustworthy drugs has increased ever-more. Luckily, 112 Degrees is a natural and safe method for men who seek its enticing effects. As men become more and more aware of drugs like it, consumers of 112 Degrees are among an innovative new trend in men’s health. Impotence can now be seen as a thing of the past, as an increasing number of men try male-enhancement drugs.

112 Degrees Ingredients – What Makes It Work?

Tribulus Terrestris is one of the main ingredients in 112 Degrees and a natural remedy for erectile dysfunction. This ingredient helps to aid the formula in producing its famous, male-enhancing effect. This ingredient is an all natural aphrodisiac, and helps to increase libido in consumers young and old. The specific formula for 112 Degrees makes use of this ingredient by helping fight fatigue, and boost the body’s testosterone levels.

Butea Superba is another ingredient of 112 Degrees, as well as an herb for erectile dysfunction, which can help reduce fatigue, and increase stamina. Though not necessarily specific to the reproductive organs, this ingredient helps to produce 112 Degrees’ signature effect. It has shown to help increase libido, which many consumers find a necessity for their sexual health supplements.

Pueraria Mirifica Root is a natural plant derivative. It helps to improve overall circulation in the body. This is especially important for the 112 Degrees formula because increased circulation means an increase in erection size, and overall sexual satisfaction.

Acai Fruit is full of antioxidants, which help protect your general health. The effect of this ingredient in the overall formula of 112 Degrees helps distinguish it as one of the best options for natural male-enhancement. It also carries many vitamins for erectile dysfunciton.

Panax Ginseng  is a natural, and very common, ingredient in men’s health supplements. It has become very widely used because it helps to decrease muscle fatigue. While reducing muscle stress, this ingredient helps the consumer by increasing his stamina for an overall improved sexual experience.

L-Tyrosine this natural, amino acid helps to maintain a healthy balance of hormones in the body and helps to increase the consumer’s overall energy level. This ingredient is used in men’s health supplements across the board, and is widely regarded as safe and reliable.

Pros of 112 Degrees

  • Heightened desire
  • Natural product
  • Plenty of information provided from its manufacturer

Cons of 112 Degrees

  • Lacks independent testimonial from customers
  • Unconventional blend of ingredients, needs more research

112 Degrees Conclusion

Overall, 112 Degrees is a great product with an excellent nutrition panel. We love the use of key ingredients like Tribulus and Ginseng for testosterone boosting and libido. However, sometimes a supplement can be good but just simply not good enough to deserve a high ranking spot.

If you’re interested to see which supplements were able to beat out 112 Degrees in terms of rankings, make sure to check out our carefully constructed Top 10 Male Enhancers list.

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