Vinpocetine Benefits (Are There Side Effects You Should Know About?)

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Updated February 9, 2021

Vinpocetine Benefits And Side EffectsVinpocetine is the most crucial alkaloid found in the periwinkle plant. It is often used in brain supplements called nootropics for its incredible abilities to reduce stress and boost cognitive ability.

Benefits Of Vinpocetine

Here’s a list of some of the most commonly reported Vinpocetine benefits…

  • Boosts blood flow
  • Increases memory
  • Treats symptoms of severe brain conditions
  • Improves information retention
  • Enhances focus levels

Enhance Memory

Researchers believe that supplementing with Vinpocetine can help enhance memory in users. It can produce benefits related to improved ability to memorize information and better performance on memory related tasks such as tests. This is likely due to the effect it has on your brains Acetylcholine levels, although that has not been proven.

Increase Focus

Inability to concentrate is becoming a major issue all over the world due to increased access to cell phones, social media, and distracting apps. However, natural supplements like Vinpocetine have shown promise with regard to increasing focus levels and the ability to pay attention to the task at hand.

Information Retention

If you’ve ever taken an exam, you know how frustrating it can be to memorize a bunch of information and think you have it nailed, but then exam time comes and you suddenly can’t remember half the information. Nootropic supplements like Vinpocetine can potentially benefit users in this way as well.

What Is Vinpocetine?

Vinpocetine is an alkaloid found naturally from the periwinkle plant, synthesized from vincamine. It was popularized for its use in Europe in order to help patients that suffer from cognitive decline, seizures, and those who are recovering from a stroke. Vinpocetine is very often found in the use of many brain supplements called nootropics. These brain supplements are known for helping people with or without cognitive issues boost their productivity and mental ability throughout their day.

Nootropic come in many different shapes and sizes, but a lot of them include blends that will include Vinpocetine. This is because this synthetic alkaloid has many benefits that work even better when put into a blend with other ingredients.

How Does Vinpocetine Work?

Vinpocetine is easily absorbed by the brain and can help provide benefits that include neuroprotection against toxins, reduce inflammation in the brain tissue, and help support memory. It works by helping increase blood flow to the brain which can help provide more oxygen and nutrients. This increase in oxygen and nutrients to the brain can help boost your ability to focus and concentrate. It works very well combined with other ingredients to help enhance your circulatory system and provide neuroprotective qualities.

Vinpocetine Side Effects

Vinpocetine side effects are not common and only occur if too much has been taken. This can usually lead to digestive issues, but nothing more severe than that. Some people report feeling anxious or overly stimulated, but the whole point of the supplement is to make you feel stimulated and focused. So, whether or not these are considered side effects is up to you really.

Pros of Vinpocetine

  • Can help reduce the rate of cognitive decline you experience
  • Increases your ability to focus
  • Reduces stress

Cons of Vinpocetine

  • May cause negative side effects when taken in excess

Vinpocetine Benefits – Summary

Overall, Vinpocetine is definitely a good ingredient to have in your blend of nootropic ingredients. Luckily for you, many different brands of brain supplements include Vinpocetine in order to provide the many benefits it has to offer. For the best memory supplements, check out our list of  Top 10 Best Nootropics.

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