Turmeric Weight Loss | A Medicinal Ayurvedic Solution To Fat Burning

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Updated December 25, 2020

turmeric-943629_1280When most people think of turmeric, they think of eating Indian food. If you’ve ever been to an Indian restaurant, well then, you understand why this connection is prevalent. Turmeric is a popular Indian spice that enhances the flavor of dozens of dishes. From a taste perspective, I love the spice. But as far back as ancient Indian culture, turmeric has long been considered medicinal to Ayurvedic practitioners. And turmeric’s increasing popularity is proof that the modern world is catching on. And some of that is due to turmeric’s weight loss benefits.

If there is one thing that people love more than chicken vindaloo, it’s weight loss. And if turmeric weight loss is the real deal, then we must investigate further.

The modern world simply isn’t conducive to a healthy lifestyle. Our western diets are primarily composed of fast food options, sugary concoctions, and sodas. We relate our television programs to potato chips. We want our comfort food when we feel sad. We want alcohol when we feel happy and excited (or sad and downtrodden). Birthdays mean pizza. And business meetings are donuts. We are so inundated with food that our established habits likely supersede our authentic cravings. And because of this, we are very obese. And the trend is even worse the younger down the age scale we slide.

The point is, any time we can make simple modifications to our diet that exist beyond enormous overhauls and yield significant benefits, we should make them. Turmeric is one of those powerful changes. Curcumin, the main compound that makes up turmeric, is a linked to more than a handful of health benefits. Turmeric is even said to be a pain reliever.

But turmeric’s reported ability to help with fat loss is the essence of why so many people are starting to add it into their diets. And, beyond that, why more and more fat burner supplements are beginning to use turmeric as part of their fat burner supplement ingredients. Being that turmeric is a natural spice, it is a safe ingredient that poses little risks to those who consume it. The only turmeric side effect I’ve ever experienced is deliciousness.

To understand how turmeric as a fat burner came to be, we must first understand a rather odd concept. There are two different types of fat. One fat is good, one fat is bad. Not all fat is bad, who knew? Well, researchers, that is who. And they’ve been trying to explain this for over a decade now. Unfortunately, big food manufacturers have pushed universal fat marketing for so long; we can’t seem to grasp this concept.

Our bodies contain two different types of fat.

Brown fat and White fat.

Brown fat is the good fat. We need it to function and be well. It is called “brown” because it appears darker under scans. This is because it contains iron-containing mitochondria. Brown fat is related to thermogenesis. And that means it can help function as a calorie burner. The bodies heating system is synergistically intertwined with calorie burn. The fat that tends to be the determiner of obesity is white fat. Because brown fat is the good fat and works to counter white fat, there now exists theories that increasing brown fat could help contain obesity. In other words, brown fat could be two our benefit.

And, wouldn’t you know it, turmeric might just be lending us a hand: A recent study showed that curcumin induces brown fat. This study puts on display a rather strong case for turmeric weight loss as a concept.

Turmeric has also been shown to increase thermogenesis. This means that even the sitting or resting body would more efficiently burn fat than what might be the usual case. Any good fat burner supplement should aim to increase the person’s thermogenic gear. This means, over the course of a year, the body will burn more fat. By ingesting turmeric, this thermogenic gear is revved up. Additionally, turmeric has been shown to help with liver detoxification. This helps to protect cells from damage. For example, it can neutralize free radicals which could wreak havoc on the liver. Turmeric has been shown to lower bad cholesterol. High cholesterol is tightly wound in with obesity issues.

This article by no means suggests that simply eating turmeric daily will alleviate an obesity issue. Obesity’s root cause is the SAD diet. Without changing and modifying the western diet, it would be impractical to expect fat loss results. But turmeric offers huge health benefits, some that strongly suggest it can help expedite fat loss.

How To Take Turmeric?

You could take a fat burner supplement such as BurnerTEK which contains 100mg of turmeric root. And at the same time, you’d be getting a lot of other fat burning ingredients. You can buy capsules of turmeric at your local drug store. And hey, you can always find it in the spice aisle and give cooking with it a go. Though, expect your home to smell like a street in the New Dehli restaurant district. If you don’t mind that, it is wonderful to cook with. You can also put a little in your water and take a shot with it. For best results, take it with black pepper.

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