Glucomannan Benefits For Weight Loss

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Updated December 29, 2020

If you are someone interested in losing weight, you’ve likely come across and researched a plethora of fat burner supplement ingredients. Many of them probably have oddball names. Fat burner supplement ingredients is without question, a rabbit hole. But when it comes to your quest to find the perfect fat burning supplement ingredients, the team at The Supplement Review is here to help. We do our best to unravel this big wide land of uncertainty. And as is the case with the fat burner ingredient Glucomannan. Fat burner ingredient Glucomannan is found in lots of supplements. Glucomannan is a natural fiber that’s pitched as an ingredient to help people lose weight. But do Glucomannan fat loss benefits have any real science backing them?

What Is Glucomannan

Glucomannan is a natural, dietary fiber found in what is called an elephant yam. Some refer to the elephant yam as konjac. In either case, it is unlikely you’ve ever heard of it. Glucomannan is essentially the root vegetable’s density. Fiber, of course, is density that is indigestible for humans, causing it to help keep our bowels moving. Elephant yams are found in Southeast Asia.

Here’s a look at what the root (and Glucomannan) looks like.


After looking at Glucomannan, I can pretty much say that if you eat it in this root form you will lose weight because you will totally lose your appetite to eat ever again. See, science is fun! Ok, in all seriousness, you’d clearly not be taking it in the same form.

This is how you’d be ingesting it…


Better, huh? That’s one supplement of many. And as I’ve stated before, Glucomannan is commonly found as one of many ingredients in fat burner supplements. Glucomannan is also used as a food additive. It helps make your food “thicker.” Glucomannan absorbs water in fast order. One capsule can turn a single class of water into a muddy lump. That’s because it is one of the most powerful water-soluble dietary fibers.

Ok, That’s Cool, But How Does This Stuff Help With Weight Loss?

Well for starters, Glucomannan is super low in calories, yet it is incredibly dense. Allow me to explain further: Glucomannan takes up a ton of stomach space which creates a full feeling, causing you to feel less hungry. All the while, the Glucomannan is low calorie, so you aren’t feeling full at the expense of eating MORE food than you need. That clear things up?

Now here’s where things get extra wonderful. Glucomannan is a fiber which feeds the friendly bacteria in your gut. This means your gut is happy, which means your brain is happy. Many people have gut ailments and don’t even realize it. This can be due to having a low friendly bacteria count. Poor diets and taking too many antibiotics can contribute to this issue. There are also studies that show increased (or balanced) friendly gut bacteria contributes to weight loss.

In one study, 176 people were given a Glucomannan supplement regimen. To make things fair, some were given placebos. Here’s what happened after five weeks (hint, its good stuff).


There are many other studies which show similar great results. Here is one monster study that showed some pretty substantial results in concern with overall health.

Fourteen studies (n = 531) met the inclusion criteria. The use of glucomannan significantly lowered total cholesterol [weighted mean difference (WMD): -19.28 mg/dL; 95% CI: -24.30, -14.26], LDL cholesterol (WMD: -15.99 mg/dL; 95% CI: -21.31, -10.67), triglycerides (WMD: -11.08 mg/dL; 95% CI: -22.07, -0.09), body weight (WMD: -0.79 kg; 95% CI: -1.53, -0.05), and FBG (WMD: -7.44 mg/dL; 95% CI: -14.16, -0.72). The use of glucomannan did not appear to significantly alter any other study endpoints. Pediatric patients, patients receiving dietary modification, and patients with impaired glucose metabolism did not benefit from glucomannan to the same degree.

This means Glucomannan can improve your heart health by having beneficial affects on fasting blood sugar, LDL cholesterol and triglycerides.

Most people that show results take three grams spread out throughout the day. The dosing is quite low due to its incredibly powerful ability to absorb your body’s water.

Glucomannan Side Effects

Make sure you take it with plenty of water. There have been cases of the Glucomannan expanding in the throat and choking people. Flatulence, bloating and upset stomach has all been reported. It could interfere with medications, so check with your Doctor.

Should I Take Glucomannan?

Hey, studies show it works. If your Doctor is ok with it, it isn’t necessarily high risk. It’s fiber and fiber is good for you. But as stated, it is commonly found in fat burner supplement ingredients, so you could get a better deal buying one of these top 10 fat burner supplements which we’ve taken the time to review. You can find out if Glucomannan is in the ingredients as we list all fat burner ingredients in our reviews. One supplement we know that has it is BurnerTEK.

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