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Updated October 30, 2020

HCG Ultra Diet Drops Review 2020 {Do They Work?}

HCG Ultra Diet Drops ReviewHCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) is a hormone linked to weight loss in both men and women. In this HCG Ultra Diet Drops review, we will investigate this dietary supplement available in liquid form that owes its success to two basic pillars: the natural tendency of the body to maintain healthy body weight and this tendency to be possible with proper nutrition and the presence of weight controlling hormones that occur naturally within the endocrine system.

Specifically, the hormone produced by the body of a pregnant woman releases stored fat as energy rather than triggering the “hunger response” in the brain which causes overeating have been harnessed in this product. Research alludes to the products’ ease on the human body due to its similarity to organic hormones (hormones that are not administered artificially but rather, occurring naturally) and its suitability to both genders.

HCG Ultra Diet claims that with careful use of the formula, along with exercise and a prescribed diet, it can help people lose the weight they want to lose and maintain appropriate weight levels. Results vary by individual.

The following HCG Ultra Diet Drops review will focus on these claims and determine if it is truly an effective HCG solution.

The Benefits of HCG

HCG Ultra Diet Drops Before and AfterChief among the many benefits touted by HCG Ultra Diet Drops is the “natural” aspect of this product: its’ similarity to naturally occurring hormones produced by the human body. The product comes in a drop formula, which can be taken quite easily in beverages or with food.

A second, but equally important benefit, mentioned prominently in HCG Ultra Diet Drops information is its high potency compared to other HCG products. Good results can be had if one takes the product according to the directions provided, follows a moderate physical fitness routine, and eats balanced and healthy meals as outlined by the instructions without overusing the product.

The success of the product lies with its similarity to naturally occurring hormones and the effect these hormones have to encourage weight loss while following a prescribed, low fat, low caloric diet. The idea is to follow the directions on the packaging, keeping sound nutritional practices outlined in the materials provided, and exercising moderately while doing so.

Doing so will cause daily verifiable results, an increase in natural fat burning, less hunger experienced throughout the day, and an increased metabolism (verifiable by blood analyses). As with any dietary supplement, please consult your physician before beginning a weight loss program.

The Side Effects of HCG Ultra Diet Drops

As with any dietary supplement, results vary by the individual but HCG Ultra Diet Drops have claimed HCG Ultra Diet Drops Before and After Picturethat the product is very safe and effective. However, it does have certain side effects, which in the interest of full disclosure, will be discussed briefly here.

If you are a pregnant woman, or are trying to become pregnant, it is crucial that you consult your doctor before undertaking a weight loss plan using the formula. It has been used successfully in the past to help infertile or hypo-ovulating women to produce fertile eggs during their menstrual cycles. This product can cause hyper-ovulation, resulting in multiple eggs being produced and therefore multiple births. If you have any concerns or questions, consult your physician or specialist before beginning use of the product.

Use of the drug can cause ovarian hyper stimulation syndrome, which is a painful condition caused by the overproduction of eggs during a woman’s menstrual cycle. This can lead to abdominal pain, tenderness, fatigue, darkened urine, and other side effects.

However, negative side effects have been reported to happen more regularly with users of the physician prescribed admixtures administered by injection, rather than the product administered by drop.

Secondly, and worth mentioning, there are reports that more side effects are experienced from the actual food that is prescribed (low fat and calorie, prescribed in order to act in tandem with the hormone and rather extreme in the beginning of the program, ie. 500 calories a day at the beginning) rather than the actual hormonal doses themselves.

Leg cramps, rashes (due to the release of toxins stored in the body during fat loss) constipation and fatigue are possible side effects. These can occur during moderate to rapid weight loss. Again, consult a physician if you have any questions.

The Pros

  • Online research outlines quite satisfactorily the pros of using this product.
  • It is natural, safe, and has been effective when used properly and with the prescribed diet.
  • This product is preferable to injections, which tend to cost more and require a doctor’s visit.
  • This product requires no prescription.

The Cons

  • HCG Ultra Diet Drops can cause hyper ovulation in women
  • Can cause rashes (as a result of built up toxins in the body being released during fat loss) fatigue, and leg cramping.
  • Overusing or abusing the product will not result in better or faster results.
  • Clients who did not follow the prescribed diet have reported few successes. It is designed to work in tandem with the hormone in order to catalyze the weight loss process.
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