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Updated October 31, 2020

HCG Diet Tips | Get the Most Out of the Official HCG Diet Plan

A quick look into the weight loss world reveals that many people are turning to the HCG diet in order to lose weight. While not very well known, this diet seems to be helping many achieve their weight loss goals.

How Does HCG Work?

Human Gonadotropic Hormone (HCG) is produced in the uterus of a pregnant woman. Its function is to ensure that the baby has enough nutrition and it is also vital for the development of sexual organs. In ordinary, overweight people, this hormone stimulates the hypothalamus. The hypothalamus in turn sends a message throughout the body instructing it to release and burn fat cells. This is what leads to weight loss. HCG also suppresses appetite to a certain degree which means that you eat less.

The HCG Diet is a combination of a low-calorie diet combined with either HCG injections or HCG diet drops. It is the combination of the two that makes this such an effective weight loss method.

The official HCG diet plan is quite strict and restricts users to only 500 calories a day and it is very specific on the kinds of foods that can be consumed. You can only eat 100 grams of protein, one vegetable, one fruit and a slice of toast. You can consume up to 2 liters of water every day. You can also drink as much coffee and tea as you want but you can only sweeten it with Stevia. For many, these are hard rules to follow. Although the success rate of this diet is quite high, many people are not able to keep up with these strict calorie restrictions. You should also become aware of the risks and side effects of the hcg diet.

The diet is done in rounds of either 28 days or 40 days depending on the weight loss goals of the individual. After the round is over you take a 3 week break during which you are allowed to eat anything you want except starch and sugar. You can do as many rounds as you need to get to your desired weight.

HCG Diet Tips That Really Work

To help you stick to your diet and meet your weight goals, we have prepared some tips.

Tip #1 – Cleanse: It helps if you can get a body cleanse before you start on the diet. Many people have reported that they felt better if they started a HCG diet round with a cleanse and detox than when they didn’t. This could be because a good cleansing program gets rid of toxins which would additionally tax a body that is on a low calorie diet. Also, it has been thought that it helps deal with cravings.

Tip #2 – Eliminate Chemicals: Splenda, Aspertame and MSG are present in a lot of the food that we eat. They increase cravings for certain foods. This, in fact, is one of the reasons manufactures put them in everything so that you can get cravings and go back for more. Get rid of anything that contains these ingredients and you will have an easier time with your HCG diet.

Tip #3 – Study: Get familiar with the diet before you get started. There is plenty of information online that you can use. The reason why you should study in advance is that during the first days of the diet you dont want to put any extra stress on your body or your mind – it is already dealing with decreased caloric intake and you may not be able to keep up. Many people, in fact, fail in the very first days because they are trying to do too many things.

Tip #4 – Clear Your Schedule: Look to make sure that your schedule is cleared up. Ideally, you should start the HCG diet plan when you don’t have to do much, such as when you are at home and don’t need to work (at least for the first few days until your body adjusts). If you have little kids you may want to get some help for when they are most active.

Tip #5 – Plan Your Meals: Take some time to plan your meals. It is true that they are very limited but this doesnt mean that you shouldnt enjoy them. You are allowed 100 grams of protein, for instance. This means that you can play around with sea food, red meat and poultry. You can look at different recipes to keep meals interesting. As for veggies, if you start your own veggie garden you will be assured of organic produce.

Tip #6 – Be Prepared To Buy New Clothes: Plan for new clothes because you will be losing a lot of weight very rapidly. Some people have reported as much as 2 pounds a week.

Tip #7 – Establish Proper Mindset: Finally, the HCG diet is all about mental preparation so take as much time to prepare yourself as you need. Make sure that you go in knowing full well that there will be challenges but also that you are committed enough to overcome them.


The HCG diet is no doubt a successful way to lose weight but it comes with challenges. If you want it to work for you prepare well in advance and be totally committed.


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