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Athletic Greens | #2 Best Green Drink Powder

Updated March 2019 – We are compensated for this review.

Athletic Greens ReviewAthletic Greens is a superfood drink that beats out nearly every one of its competitors with an excellent formula and high potent ingredients. The benefits of taking a superfood supplement are endless if you are taking the right one. Take a look at this comprehensive Athletic Greens review to see how we determined it to be the second best superfood drink on the market.

What Is Athletic Greens?

Superfood drinks are a great way to make sure you are getting all the benefits of sufficient greens and superfoods on a daily basis without having to worry so much about your diet. With that said, it’s important to be sure that you are taking a high quality superfood supplement, or you may not be getting as many benefits as you think you are. Athletic Greens is one of the best of its kind and meets every requirement for an effective superfood drink.

One of the primary reasons Athletic Greens is ranked so highly is because of the fact that it contains 27 different superfoods. That is an enormous variety and is much larger than what is typically found in the standard superfood supplement.

We’re talking about Bilberry, Papaya, Alfalfa, Wheatgrass, Broccoli, Carrot, Spirulina, Spinach, and basically every other superfood you can think of. I rarely see such a wide spectrum of superfoods, which is why this particular product caught my attention.

Another major reason Athletic Greens managed to rank so high is because, in addition to the superfoods, it contains approximately 3.5 grams of detoxifying, energy boosting ingredients mostly in the form of various multipurpose enzymes, antioxidants and herbs.

Being someone who is particularly aware of these benefits, I’m a huge fan of probiotic supplements. The fact that Athletic Greens contains such potent and high quality probiotics and digestive enzymes is yet another reason it ranked #2 on the market.

We’re not just talking about quality alone. We are talking about both high quality and high quantity. More specifically, it contains 233 milligrams of digestive enzymes and a very well-rounded probiotics panel. All the more reason to consider Athletic Greens as your superfood drink choice.

The Benefits of Athletic Greens 

  • High quality probiotics
  • Solid antioxidant formula
  • Excellent digestive aid
  • Can serve as a meal replacement
  • Will help lead to weight loss over time
  • Increases energy levels and reduces stress
  • You save a lot of money on produce and other supplements that you can eliminate with the use of a good superfood drink


How Athletic Greens Works – What Produces All These Benefits? 


Everyone is aware of the benefits that eating all your fruits and vegetables produces, and yet people don’t seem to care enough to make sure they are getting their fruits and veggies in every day.

The truth is, even if everyone did eat fruits and veggies every day, they still wouldn’t be getting 100% of the benefits. This is because the vast majority of the phytonutrients are contained in the juice of the produce, and there simply isn’t a whole lot of juice in each individual piece of produce.

You would need to consume a TON of produce to get the amount of benefits you would get from the nutrients contained within one serving of a good superfood drink. This is actually the reason that juicing has become so popular as of late.

Everyone is attempting to juice their fruits and veggies now in order to make sure they are getting 100% of the benefits. However, this is just unrealistic to do every day.

Athletic Greens is loaded with quality, mostly organic, superood ingredients.


Taking probiotics on a daily basis has been proven to improve gut health and increase the body’s ability to digest foods and transport hormones that can sometimes be difficult to transport. These benefits have been known for a very long time.

What a lot of people don’t know about probiotics however is the fact that they have several mental health benefits as well. With your gut running as efficiently as it will be on probiotics, hormones are able to travel through your system more effectively and get to where they need to be in order for your body to experience the benefits.

For example, serotonin is responsible for making you feel good when it is released in your brain, and yet it is stored in your gut. Sometimes it may not reach the brain effectively, and this can lead to some symptoms of depression. Probiotics can make sure your gut effectively transports serotonin to improve your mood and relieve your stress.

Digestive Enzymes

Never underestimate the importance of digestion. If you are not properly digesting your food, there is basically no point in paying any attention to what you eat. You can’t get the benefits out of the superfoods unless your body is digesting everything at 100% efficiency. With an effective digestive enzyme formula, there is no doubt you will get the most out of every last nutrient.

Not to mention, heartburn, constipation, and diarrhea are all the results of digestion issues. If you suffer from any of those, chances are you could really benefit from taking some solid digestive enzymes. The probiotics will certainly help with this as well.


Antioxidants are magical. If you are someone who typically doesn’t eat very healthy and you’re just starting to adjust your diet for the better, antioxidants are very important for you because they will help to undo any of the damage you may have done with an unhealthy diet.

Detoxification is important in order for the superfoods to do their job because the benefits don’t come as easily when the system has not been cleansed. The cleansing benefits of the Athletic Greens antioxidants formula play a major role in how effectively the superfoods will be able to deliver the nutrients and work their magic.


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Athletic Greens Value 

You’ve got to be wondering at this point in the review how expensive this product is considering everything that is included and all of the benefits that it produces. It isn’t necessarily cheap, but when you consider the amount of money you save on the things you wont have to buy anymore (fruits & vegetables for juicing, probiotics, digestive enzymes, antioxidants, protein powders, etc.), it is more than worth the money.

Athletic Greens typically goes for $97. They are currently doing a special that if you join their loyalty program the cost is only $92.15 per month. Just be sure to use the link we provide should you decide to buy or you may not receive your discount.

Even at full price, Athletic Greens is a great value.

The Big Question – How Does It Taste?

You’re probably thinking there’s no way this product can taste good considering the ingredients. Most superfood drinks don’t taste great because its not easy to make a concoction of 27 different fruits and vegetables taste like a milkshake.

However, the experts manufacturing this product found a way. Believe it or not, this product tastes shockingly good. Again, it’s not a milkshake…but when you take into consideration what it is that you are consuming, this product really does taste great. It certainly isn’t something you are going to have to choke down. In fact, we think Athletic Greens is the best tasting green drink powder on the market.

The Pros


  • 27 different superfoods
  • 233 milligrams of digestive enzymes
  • Potent probiotic formula
  • 12 grams of overall nutrition in every serving
  • Many Organic Ingredients
  • Tastes surprisingly good


The Cons 


  • Is a little on the expensive side but worth it


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