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Here’s a look at our top trending supplement news of the week…

Liquid neuropathy supplements. Stress-busting supplements. Edible cosmetics. Supplement stories abound, but if you’re anything like us, you found it hard to catch all the news you wanted to. Here’s our weekly roundup of the trending supplement stories you might have missed over the last few days.

Should you drink or swallow your nerve supplements?

When you think of supplements, nerves are probably one of the last things on your mind. Many people typically focus on taking their multivitamins, skin supplements, brain supplements, energy and weight-loss supplements. But it’s time to give your nerves some love, because symptoms of improperly functioning nerves can be debilitating.

But not all supplements are created equal. Questions abound about the efficacy of liquid and pill supplements and how they measure up to each other. Here how liquid and pill nerve supplements compared on four key points. While findings may not always be true across the board, they offer a good starting point for thinking about neuropathy supplements.

Cost: Liquid supplements tend to be more affordable than pills. One supplement under study provided 48 serving sizes for $44, while the pill counterpart offered a 30-day supply for $69. When it comes to cost, liquid seems to be a clear winner.

Effectiveness: Liquid supplement doses can be easily adjusted to achieve your goals. With pills you’ll quickly double or triple a dose by popping another pill.  Liquid enables portion control, and comes out ahead again.

Absorption: Certain liquid nerve supplements have demonstrated 98% absorption, compared to a 39%-53% absorption in pill form.

Taste: Liquids tend to have an obnoxious taste that many people prefer not to stomach. In those cases, pills are much easier to swallow. But some liquid supplements can be mixed into other liquids to make them more palatable. The taste, along with the generally better cost and effectiveness of liquid supplements, makes liquid a winner again.

The stress-busting supplement you might want to add to your routine

Imagine if you could beat stress and improve your mental clarity with a pill that’s actually good for you. The discovery of adaptogenic herbs has made this possible. And GOOP favorite Moon Juice is back in the news again for its latest product release. The question is, after a number of outrageous claims from GOOP, can we trust this GOOP-approved brand?

Moon Juice claims that its proprietary blend can increase focus, eliminate mental burnout and give a happy burst of energy and a mood lift. How does it do it? With a proprietary blend of adaptogenic herbs.

Adaptogens, a natural nootropic, are the herbal and mushroom super foods everyone is talking about. They have an innate (and in many cases, proven) ability to act as a thermostat in the body, regulating hormones that lead to stress and fatigue, and their associated symptoms.

Amanda Chantal Bacon, Moon Juice founder, created her new blend to simplify the company’s other adaptogenic routines and products. The blend of shatavari, amla, rhodiola and ashwagandha provide a variety of benefits that can help you maintain good health and a brighter outlook on life. Taking a comprehensive approach to supplementation, the blend provides energy and reproductive benefits for women, fights off visible signs of stress and fatigue in the body, improves mental focus and clarity and calms nerves.

Eat your way to beautiful

Beauty is more than skin deep, because it begins on the inside. And that’s what the cleaner beauty trend is all about. While many new beauty fads are just meant to gather a following on social media, some serious companies are starting to drive the future of beauty. And that future seems to be edible.

Yep, you guessed it. We’re talking about supplements, but not just any kind of supplement. From edibles like chocolate slimming chews, gummy bears for clear skin or chocolate acne fighters, the new generation of edible cosmetics is taking the beauty industry by storm—and making topical beauty products so passé.

Cosmeceuticals, the blend of vitamins and cosmetics, have bridged the gap between the cosmetic and pharma industry for years, infusing vitamins into topical treatments. The cosmeceutical market is on the rise as more people realize the value of “clean” for their health and beauty routines. In 2017, the industry was valued at $46.93 billion and by 2023 it will reach $80.36 billion.

While many of those companies have largely focused on topical applications, it’s about to take another turn as more people realize that it’s not so much about what you put on your skin as what you put into your body.

But these aren’t your grandmother’s beauty supplements. Far removed from Vitamin B blends alone, these beauty supplements combine Superfoods and other antioxidants for a great anti-aging beauty boost. With nutrients meant to improve the health of the gut (vital to healthy, glowing skin), they’re making us realize that beauty does not equal pain. In today’s world, beauty equals health, and health equals beauty.

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