Last Updated on March 20, 2020

top trending supplement newsTop Trending Supplement News, June 11-15

Here is this week’s top trending supplement news.

Broccoli. Chocolate vitamins. Tech customized supplements. Pre-alcohol recovery vitamin drinks. Supplement stories dominated headlines this week, but if you’re anything like us, you found it hard to catch all the news you wanted to. Here’s our weekly roundup of the trending supplement stories you might have missed over the last few days.

Don’t cut out the broccoli just yet

You’ve heard it before: broccoli is really good for you. The cruciferous veggie is jam-packed with nutrients that have anti-cancer benefits. The important nutrients in broccoli have spawned a number of supplements meant to mimic the vegetable’s nutritional value. But now, one study shows that your mama was right when she told you to eat your greens—because in this case, whole food consumption beats supplementation.

That’s because some of the important phytonutrients in broccoli that are making it such a trending (and vital) vegetable aren’t absorbed by the body as well in supplement form as in whole-food form.

Most broccoli supplements lack or have inactive forms of a vital enzyme called myrosinase, found in the food version, that helps the body absorb the glucosinolates that give broccoli its nutritional edge. While the particular enzyme is present in the human body, the amounts are not high enough to optimize the absorption of broccoli supplements.

And while some supplements have been shown to have higher levels of the vital enzyme, further research is needed. For anyone considering broccoli for its anti-cancer benefits, opt for the whole-food version rather than the supplements, because the bioavailability will be much better.

One study, however, did find positive benefits, and greater absorption, when combining broccoli supplements with the actual food version.

Move over, gummy vitamins

When gummy vitamins hit the market, kids (and many adults, too) rejoiced. Vitamins and supplementation became infinitely better tasting and even fun. But today, there’s another trend hitting the nutrition shelves: chocolate vitamins for kids.

Chocolate vitamin supplements have been available for adults for some time. But the maker, Good Day Chocolate, is taking another step forward in its market by creating a line with dosages specifically adjusted for kids.

The new supplements are available in four types: multivitamins, probiotics, sleep and calm. The advent of the kid-friendly chocolate vitamin line came in light of the fact that many parents were already giving the adult-sized vitamins to their kids, who would more readily eat chocolate than take other forms of supplements.

No surprise there.

A personalized vitamin gadget has finally arrived

Customization is everything in a day when information is at our fingertips and companies everywhere are fighting for your business. Customers want everything from custom backpacks to custom wall colors and custom cuisine. And while custom supplement blends have been around for a while, FitNatic is taking customization to a whole new level—by blending technology, your connected devices and dietary supplements into a mind-blowing new device that looks like the future.

That’s right. The company is launching an Indiegoogo campaign for a nutrition device that sits on your table and spits out customized supplements made specifically for you—all based on your health data from devices like Fitbit and Apple Watch.

We know; that’s really cool. But wait, there’s more! The company is making the device look just as cool as the things it does by making it glow, too.

The company’s goal of streamlining and simplifying personal nutrition based on technology is interesting, to say the least. By connecting the app to your devices, you can gauge how you’re doing on certain nutrients, and when it’s time to supplement (and with what).

How does it work? The large, cube-like device, known as the Nourish, has a 15-inch touchscreen that slides up to reveal your special supplement blend once your data determines what’s right for you on any given day. The device comes stocked with 16 supplements in “seed” containers. Based on your need, specific supplements will be combined in a squeezable device that enables you to simply add the blend right to your favorite beverage.

Can vitamins beat a hangover? These just might.

 This vitamin drink has been causing drinkers to rejoice. And if you haven’t come across it yet, you soon might. Because this supplement blend, soon coming to hundreds of new stores across the nation, might just help wild partiers and casual drinkers alike feel a whole lot better come morning.

The non-caffeinated vitamin drink, made by B4, refuels drinkers with much-needed electrolytes, amino acids, vitamins and minerals after a wild night—and staves off the dreaded hangover. What makes this different from others is partly the fact that it’s considered a “pre-drinking” solution. For best results, it’s recommended to consume one can before you start downing your alcohol.

The B4 vitamin drink is already being sold in nearly 500 stores like BevMo!, Gordon’s Fine Wines & Liquors, Total Wine & More and Big Red Liquors, to name a few. Its upcoming availability in 300 more stores along the West Coast and the South will make it available in 800 stores across the nation.

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