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Top Trending Fitness News April 16-20

Boston Marathon records. Serious moves from a soon-to-be royal. Killer workout videos from an NFL great. The search for the next thing in fitness.

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Health and fitness stories dominated headlines this week, but it’s often difficult to keep up with the constant influx of news. Here’s our weekly roundup of the trending fitness stories you might have missed over the last few days.

This NFL great is retiring, but far from finished

Men’s Health named New England Patriots linebacker James Harrison one of the top fitness accounts to follow in 2017, thanks to his inspiring, larger-than-life workouts. But his just-announced retirement doesn’t appear to be slowing him down.

Throughout his 15-season NFL career, Harrison is remembered fondly for not only his serious game, but also the equally serious workouts he shared with the world on social media. See some of his top videos here.

But just because Harrison is retired doesn’t mean he’s letting his workout go to the dogs. He’s pumping at the gym just as hard as ever, keeping in shape to keep up with his kids and his passion for fitness. Whether “volleying” around a weighted medicine ball, tossing some weight around with weighted plate dips or decline benching 405 pounds, Harrison is still at the top of his game—retirement or not.

Boston Marathon winner makes history

The Boston Marathon is the sparring ground of champions, where runners from all walks of life and all over the world gather to prove themselves on the pavement. And that was exactly what women’s winner—and two-time Olympian—Desiree Linden did.

The 34-year-old Californian accomplished what no American has done since 1985: be the first female finisher, with a time of 2:39:54.

Despite a slow start, a porta potty stop waiting for her friend and last year’s women’s finisher Shalane Flanagan and “the worst weather in the race’s history,” Linden went full-force to take the elite women’s title by just over 4 minutes.

That just goes to show what a little—okay, a lot of—training, good sportsmanship and heart can do. Her mantra for the big race day? “Just show up for one more mile. Show up for one more minute.”

Equinox is searching for the next workout fad

Remember the fun dance workout that took the world by storm and made us all feel just a little sexier as we moved to a Brazilian beat? (it’s okay, guys; you can admit you loved it.) Fitness think tank and incubator Project Equinox is now looking for the next big idea in fitness innovation to get us all moving.

Studies show that 1 in 5 Americans has a gym membership, and that number will continue to grow. Within the $30 billion U.S. health industry, the health club market is growing by 3.2% annually. That’s a prime opportunity for savvy health brands with the innovation and motivation to stay ahead of the pack.

While Equinox, the luxury fitness brand and parent of the think tank, aims to create a wholly new experience for members, its fitness incubator is keeping things fresh. By opening its doors to new ideas and applicants for its yearlong onsite program, the think tank is exploring how major new trends could keep Equator at the forefront.

The think tank workout studio is fully open the public. That means you can take any of its classes and provide feedback to aid the brand in its search for the best new workout class to add to its repertoire.

Meghan Markle’s workout of choice

Repetition can be a killer for even the best fitness plans, leading to the dreaded workout rut where boredom has taken over and progress is at a standstill. But that’s one problem former actress Meghan Markle hasn’t had to face.

Markle’s former trainer of 3 years recently shared her routine, which shows that just because she’s a yoga-practicing vegan doesn’t mean she can’t cross-train like the guys.

Growing up as the daughter of a yoga instructor, Markle was quickly drawn into a fit and healthy lifestyle. But when she decided to kick up her fitness routine a few notches, she enlisted the help of Toronto-based Craig McNamee, founder of Catalyst Health.

Her routine wasn’t for the faint of heart. It incorporated circuit strength training to give her a full-body workout that challenged her fitness and routine. The 45-minute sessions up to 3-4 times per week weren’t aimed at building mass or bulking up. Instead, the pair’s goal was to gradually build strength and improve posture for the Suits actress. They did this through the use of light weights, high reps and plenty of circuit workouts.

Sandwiched between five minutes of cardio warm up and five minutes of stretching was a routine focused on a “full-body approach.” This included dynamic stretches, elevated split squat and presses, single-leg kettlebell deadlifts, plyo work and advanced hanging ab raises. Talk about a serious workout.

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