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celebrity fitness newsTop Celebrity Fitness News, May 7-11

Amal Clooney. Prince Harry. Brie Larson. Celebrity health and fitness stories dominated headlines this week. But if you’re anything like us, you found it hard to catch all the news you wanted to. Here’s our weekly roundup of the celebrity fitness stories you might have missed over the last few days.

How Amal Clooney got her pre-baby fab back

Amal Clooney doesn’t just look fab. She is fab. The 40-year old mom of twins, human rights lawyer and wife of George Clooney hasn’t let work or the post-partum busyness of being a working mom slow her down. Just a few months after giving birth, she looked like she’d never been pregnant. And while she may have really good genes, we’d venture to say her diet and fitness routine had something to do with her remarkable post-pregnancy shape.

How did she do it?

  • Mediterranean fish diet: Clooney eats fish twice a day, every day. She really loves salmon, mackerel and swordfish. While she keeps the fish to lunch and dinner, her breakfast maintains the fishy theme with seaweed soup. If she’s feeling particularly adventurous and in need of some protein, she’ll enjoy a boiled egg. For lunch and dinner, she adds some chickpeas to her fish dishes, along with some hummus spread on a cracker (wholegrain, of course). She makes sure to toss in some veggies at every meal for a well-rounded diet.
  • Workout routine: Whether or not Clooney simply has good genes or not, there’s hope for us all. Because she’s also worked hard to get her body back. Along with daily hour-long walks and occasional tennis sessions, Clooney made sure to have a well-rounded routine that included 20-minutes of weightlifting every other day. On the days that she wasn’t lifting weights, she was doing 30-minute Pilates sessions. She also amplified her workout by heading into the great outdoors, ensuring plentiful doses of Vitamin D and some great hikes.

Prince Harry’s gym is fit for a prince

Prince Harry has been on the world’s fitness radar lately as he works hard to regain and maintain his British military body before his fast-approaching wedding. Not only has he switched to a cleaner way of eating with less meat and alcohol intake, but he’s also joined a gym. But not just any gym.

The KX Gym is truly fit for a prince. The facility is just two miles from Harry’s Kensington Palace home, so the prince enjoys a nice warmup as he jaunts on over to train at the 8,500 square foot fitness center that is home to some of London’s top trainers.

Said one resident trainer, the center is more like a “beautiful private members’ club, spa and restaurant” than an actual gym.

When you walk into KX Gym, you might think you’ve entered an alternate reality much like a Las Vegas casino. With prime services like a nail lounge, restaurant, clubroom with big-screen plasma TVs, laptop and iPads for you to use in the restaurant, business services (in case you can’t leave work behind) and, of course, coat check, dry cleaning and laundry, KX Gym is a fitness world fit for royalty. Feeling like ditching the gym for a day? The onsite chiropractic services, osteopathy and physiotherapy treatments, colonic hydrotherapy, Botox, fat-loss treatments, skin tightening services, manicures, pedicures, brow treatments, facials and organic spray tans might make have you running to the gym after all.

This wonderful world also includes a full gym, spa services, class studio, Pilates studio, yoga studio, spin studio, martial arts studio and a private training studio—plus a gym shop, should you need anything to aid in your workouts. It also boasts a virtual trainer facility and a variety of prime equipment from brands such as Atlantis, Free Motion, Keiser and Hammer strength.

Prince Harry isn’t the only one enjoying this fitness club. Other celebrity members include Gwyneth Paltrow, Hugh Grant, David Beckham and Pippa Middleton. But you don’t have to be a celebrity to join. For a one-time fee of about $2,700, plus a monthly membership fee of around $800, you too can workout like a prince.

Brie Larson’s workout may just be turning her into a real–life superhero

Brie Larson has become quite the superhero, and not just because of her upcoming starring role in Captain Marvel.  The upcoming role may have had something to do with her motivation, but either way, her new fitness routine and strength is wowing us all. As are her 400-pound weighted hip thrusts.

But that’s not all. Between weighted pushups draped in chains and some seemingly easily-executed pull-ups, she’s getting herself in prime comic book superhero shape. But building mass isn’t her goal, so her trainer is keeping her workouts functional. Along with plyometric workouts like box jumps and deadlifts for a killer core, she’s doing squats and overhead presses for a strong, carved physique, without the bulk.

Said Larson in one of her Instagram posts: “Getting stronger is a process I’m committed to showing up for everyday.”

Here diet has also been key to her fitness. She’s done away with all unhealthy foods, and is chowing down on plenty of lean proteins, almond butter, starch-free vegetables and a moderate amount of fruit.

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