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The Explosion of the Beauty Supplement Market

Beauty is more than skin deep. It starts deep inside and has a correlative relationship with your health. Yet the beauty industry has traditionally focused on topical beauty treatments like moisturizers, serums, toners and creams that have undergone more testing and tweaking over the years than anyone cares to keep track of. But different versions of essentially the same thing get old after a while. Enter, beauty supplements.

While not a new concept, beauty supplements have recently gained more attention than ever before thanks to influencers like @glamlifeguru and  @kyliejenner gushing about them to their thousands of followers. And people are more than willing to try out the new trend and join the movement toward a more holistic, beautiful life.

But do beauty supplements really work? Here’s your quick guide to this trending niche in the supplement market.

What are beauty supplements?

Beauty supplements claim to cover your beauty needs from the inside out. Created to target a variety of beauty concerns, they use ingredients that are thought (and some documented) to help specific issues. These beauty supplements usually consist of a combination of vitamins, minerals, herbs or spices to address concerns ranging from general hair, skin and nail health, to super specific problems like speeding up hair growth or rebuilding collagen in the skin to decrease signs of aging. Used in tandem with topical skincare products, beauty supplements have become a staple in many daily routines.

While marketed as a beauty product, beauty supplements consist of many of the same ingredients you would find in the health and vitamin aisles of your local drugstore. This marriage of the health and beauty industries is booming as more people are seeing the connection between inner health and that coveted outward glow. This notion is trending among beauty gurus and fitness enthusiasts alike who want to look their best while leading a more holistic life. And as they do so, they’re helping shift the paradigm of long-held beliefs that vitamins and supplements are just for health.

Types of beauty supplements

There are a number of beauty supplements on the market today. But unlike pharmaceuticals, the FDA doesn’t regulate them. This means that manufacturers don’t have to test or prove that their products actually do what they claim they do. Because of that, finding the right beauty supplements can sometimes feel like a shot in the dark. So before you spend money on something that doesn’t even work, do your research. Talk to people who’ve used it. Read trusted reviews online.

Some of the current trends in beauty supplements include collagen (which can double as a protein powder for added health benefits), omega 3’s, coconut oil, superfoods and a number of vitamin and mineral blends that promote better overall health, which naturally speaking translates to a better complexion and outward appearance overall.

Do beauty supplements work?

While no studies have been done to test or measure the efficacy of beauty supplements themselves, the ingredients are generally carefully chosen based on studies that suggest their effectiveness for beauty-related purposes. Some supplements that promote glowing skin might contain omega-3s and a number of antioxidants—elements that have been studied and shown to be vital for skin health.

For a long time, Biotin has been believed to aid in strengthening brittle hair and nails. The supplement is one of the most commonly found ingredients in beauty supplements today. One Biotin study showed that when the supplement was used by women with thinning hair, their condition improved and their hair grew back. However, those studies were done with respect to health and development rather than to beauty claims.

Are beauty supplements safe?

It’s important to remember that just because these ingredients are vital for skin, hair and nail health, it doesn’t necessarily mean that more is better. Overdosing on certain supplements, such as Vitamin Bs (like B12) or Vitamin As, could prove harmful. For example, large amounts of Vitamin B12 (used for nerve conditions) could lead to nerve toxicity. But using supplements in smaller or prescribed amounts, or under a doctor’s care, may be helpful for achieving your health and beauty goals.

While the industry seems to have a bright future, only time will really tell how beauty supplements will hold up to the hype. Unlike makeup, supplements don’t offer instant results, deeming patience a must for supplement dabblers.

While you wait for them to change your health and beauty from the inside out, stay healthy and nourished by eating nutritious food to get your vitamins and minerals from their original sources. A clean, healthy diet, a well-rounded exercise routine and well-reviewed beauty supplements can get you on the right start to better health. And beauty-related or not, good health always shines through.

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