Last Updated on August 6, 2020

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For Your Fit Mom

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For Your Fit Mom

When we were kids, picture frames made of glued popsicle sticks and hand-drawn stick figure works of art were not only acceptable but treasured, Mother’s Day gifts. However, as we become older, wiser and more capable—we’ve also realized that this number one woman in our lives deserves nothing but the best.

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching, and although our moms are some of the most meaningful women in our lives, it can be hard to find them that perfect something that says ‘I love you.’ But this year, we’ve got you covered with some great ideas. This year, consider giving her the gift that keeps on giving: good health.

A new ‘mom landscape’

As the world changes, so does the typical “mom” life. Many women of the past were dedicated primarily to their home lives—their children, their houses and their husbands. These days, many women are working—balancing a full-time job, raising children and still having to take care of everything else in between.

Last year, 90% of all new moms were millennials—and if there’s one thing that’s obvious about millennials, it’s that they’re constantly on the go. But they are also very focused on prioritizing health and wellness. Why? Having seen the effects of video games and prepackaged foods, they’re opting for a different way for themselves and their kids.

And today’s moms are quickly breaking the old mold. A new study published in Pediatrics, the Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics, suggested that the less physically active a mother is, the more likely it is that her child will be the same way. So, it’s important for mothers to make physical activity positive— and a priority.

But the harried challenges of the on-the-go lifestyle means finding new ways to stay fit and healthy.

So what if your Mother’s Day gift could combine health and wellness with something your mom would love, and that would inspire you to strive for a fitter lifestyle too? After all, living a long and healthy life is all the rage and it should begin at a young age.

These Mother’s Day gifts will help the moms in your life do just that.

  • Juicers

Amazon offers a variety of juicers that are reasonably priced and perfect for your juicing mom. Juicers pull out the fiber from your mom’s favorite fruits and leave behind a wealth of vitamins, juicy goodness and great taste that will leave her feeling healthy and refreshed.

  • YogaGlo

A YogaGlo subscription is perfect for the mom who is always on the go. YogaGlo is an online Yoga and Meditation subscription that she can do anytime, anywhere, for only $18 a month. Help your mom focus on her mental and physical health with yoga and meditation classes that she can plan around her life, not the other way around. 

  • Blue Apron Subscription

Because even if your mom is the greatest cook, she could still use a break sometimes. You may have already heard of Blue Apron—the delivery service that sends pre-measured, fresh and healthy ingredients (along with the recipes) right to your front door. It’s an easy way to have that fresh from the farm meal, without spending all day in the kitchen. You’re able to set everything up online; from how many people you want to cook for, to whether you want meals that include only meat and seafood or veggies only. What mom could resist healthier meal options and a quicker, more stress-free cooking environment?

  • Women’s Nutritional Supplements

You can’t underestimate good health and wellness. If your fit mom has fitness goals or just needs a mental boost, this Mother’s Day gift might be just what she’d love. Supplements are quickly gaining popularity as a way to take control of your wellness and feel your best. But not all supplements are created equal, so be sure to read plenty of trusted reviews before you buy.

  • Massage or Salon Gift Card

The mom life is quite the busy life. With a relaxing spa day, you can help her actually relax and do nothing. After all, she deserves it. A tranquil spa day at the salon or gift card for a massage is the perfect gift for your fit mom who just wants a day of peace. Massages can reduce physical pain, boost mood and fight overall stress. You can book your mom a massage at the salon, or any other relaxation favorites, such as facials, nail & hair care or body wraps (which help exfoliate and detox the body).

  • CloudKnit Sweats

Speaking of winding down, these CloudKnit Sweats from Outdoor Voices are the perfect soft and comfy sweats. Made from organic cotton, they will easily become your mom’s new everything pant. These pants are stretchy enough for physical activities—yet comfy enough to run errands and relax in.

So this Mother’s Day, don’t opt for the typical flower baskets and pre-written Hallmark cards. With the variety of choices for a healthier life, you’ll be able to get your fit Mom something she’ll really enjoy—and you’ll help her live her healthiest, fittest life yet.

Cory is a veteran health industry writer and content creator. His work has been featured in major publications such as MyFitnessPal, Healthy Living, and Low Carb Fanatics. His health industry writing career spans over nearly two decades.

In his free time, Cory enjoys snowboarding, fictional writing, and online chess.