Last Updated on March 25, 2020

fitness celebritiesFitness Celebrities Who Swear by Dietary Supplements

Fitness celebrities may have expert trainers, personal chefs and enough money to buy every health-related item they need to get them in the best shape of their lives. But in some ways, they’re just like us—always striving to be healthier and, of course, taking their daily vitamins.

From Jillian Michaels to Halle Berry, more fitness influencers than ever are turning to supplements to up their game. Gwyneth Paltrow’s nutritionist, for instance, recommends daily doses of D3 for boosting muscle strength, fish oil for cutting inflammation, probiotics for gut health, magnesium for metabolism and glutathione for better energy.

Here’s a quick overview of the supplement regimens of five trainers and celebrities who are serious about their fitness.

Jillian Michaels

When it comes to supplements, superstar trainer Jillian Michaels strives for balance rather than volume. Michaels writes on her website that she takes a combination of probiotics, prebiotics, superfoods and digestive enzymes, plus vitamins, minerals and collagen. The idea, Michaels says, is to use supplements to support her immune system, connective tissue and digestion.

While Michaels squeezes in a lot of daily supplements, she swears it’s not about quantity. Instead, it’s all about giving her body what it needs to stay at its best. She begins her day with a probiotic, organic yogurt and a high-quality fish oil supplement. At lunch, she’ll take a multivitamin. In the afternoon, she’ll have a cold brew with a mushroom adaptogen blend mixed in. Michaels also adds superfoods to her meals for an extra punch of nutrients.

The Rock

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is everywhere these days. And although his millions of Instagram followers already see him sweating it out on a daily basis, people are eternally curious about how the star got his Hercules body. While Johnson has been an athlete his entire life, he really bulked up for the 2014 film—eating more than 4,000 calories per day and taking a long list of supplements.

As per Johnson’s trainer, those looking to gain massive muscle should consider the following dietary supplements:

Still, if you want to look like The Rock, you’ll also need to put in some serious gym time. Men’s Journal has documented a typical workout for the star. Believe us, you definitely need to have some lifting experience under your belt to complete this one.

 Hugh Jackman

Much like The Rock’s Hercules diet, the Wolverine diet is a popular search for those hoping for a close approximation of Hugh Jackman’s X-Men physique. As Jackman prepared for the role, he was eating a high-calorie diet consisting of meat, vegetables, eggs and brown rice.

On top of the clean-eating plan, Jackman took a pre-workout supplement called Animal Pump, creatine and an NO supplement. The star also used the amino acid L-carnitine to better metabolize incoming fatty acids.

The final piece of the puzzle is the actor’s workout routine. Jackman’s trainer says he put together a lifting regimen that increased in difficulty with each passing week.

Dolvett Quince

 Professional trainer Dolvett Quince is a genius at whipping people into shape. After training countless Biggest Loser contestants and pro athletes, it’s safe to say Quince knows a thing or two about keeping his body stocked with all the right nutrients.

Quince eats a very strict diet. Greens are included with every meal—from breakfast through dinner—and he eats lots of protein with very little dairy. Supplement-wise, Quince takes Vitamin D and the amino acid ergothioneine with his egg-white breakfast. He’ll follow that up with a protein shake mid-morning.

The rest of the day is filled with healthy staples: nuts and cranberries for snacks, a sandwich for lunch, and fish and spinach for dinner. What we like about Quince’s regimen is that it’s easy to follow for just about anyone—from workout novice to the most dedicated gym-goer.

Halle Berry

If there ever were a star that were a testament to taking your diet and exercise seriously, it’s Halle Berry. At 51, Berry is in better shape than most millennials—but then again, she does spend a lot of time at the gym. According to E!, Berry works out five times a week, doing a mix of yoga, cardio, weight training and boxing.

On top of that, she follows the keto diet, the popular high-fat low-carb meal plan. Berry says she’s always had to pay close attention to her diet due to her diabetes. In addition to the keto plan, Berry’s diet includes a range of superfood supplements—beets, amino acids and greens—that support her immune health and power her near-daily workouts.

It’s fun to see what fitness influencers take to build muscle or stay energized at the gym. But in the end, a personalized supplement plan is typically the best way to take your fitness to the next level. To get started, check out our recommended pre-workout supplements, protein powders, testo boosters and women’s fat burners.

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