Last Updated on September 30, 2020

The 6 Top Fitness Trackers of 2020

What do Mark Zuckerberg, Haruki Murakami, Kevin Hart and Gordon Ramsay have in common? Besides being popular, their strict fitness regimens keep them in shape.

top fitness trackersJob-related stress takes its toll, and before you know it, you’re out of breath climbing a flight of stairs. Whether you decide to jog or join a gym, snapping on a fitness tracker will push you toward a healthier lifestyle while providing fitness-related information to perfect your sweat sessions. Here’s our list of the six best fitness trackers of 2019.

FitBit Alta HR

This sleek wrist accessory not only records your heart rate and cardio fitness level, but also displays gentle reminders to move around when you’ve been stationary for too long. The FitBit app (iOS/Android/Windows) lets you set hourly and daily goals inspiring you to work out regularly.

The FitBit Alta HR analyzes sleep stages (light/deep/REM), thus helping you determine overall sleep quality. The app also calculates a Cardio Fitness Score, pointing out areas that need improvement.

This good-looking tracker’s battery can last up to 7 days. Its silent alarm, sweat-and-splash resistant clock face, and six color options make it a stylish yet dependable fitness tracker.

Garmin Vivofit 4

The Garmin’s Vivofit 4 is a low-maintenance fitness tracker with an uncomplicated interface that makes it perfect for fitness newbies. Designed to last a year before a battery replacement, the Vivofit 4 is a no-nonsense fitness tracker that monitors distance, sleep and calories burned—and provides a daily step goal.

If you’re walking or jogging, the Vivofit 4 has a Move IQ timer that automatically kicks in and records your activity on the Garmin Connect app (iOS/Android). Garmin states you can shower and swim with the Vivofit 4, making it an ideal tracker for those who need just the essentials stats and a long-lasting battery.

Huawei Band 2 Pro

There’s no need to worry about getting drenched in the rain or jumping into the pool (up to 50 meters) while wearing the Huawei Band 2 Pro. This tracker’s meticulous fitness analytics cater to people who take their workouts seriously.

Fairly competitively priced, the Band 2 Pro is GPS-enabled, keeps track of distance and pace, and boasts a heart rate monitor. An algorithm to analyze motion creates a customized workout chart based on daily exercise routines.

The battery lasts up to 21 hours if you switch off the GPS and heartrate monitor. An accurate pedometer, oxygen consumption reader and breathing instructor makes Band 2 Pro a smart choice for those who need holistic fitness stats.

Samsung GearFit2 Pro

For music lovers, the GearFit2 Pro allows access to Spotify’s offline mode. You can even store 4 GB of music on the device. Users can also choose from more than 3,000 apps and watch faces to customize this fitness regimen tracker.

MapMyRun tracks daily runs that you can compare with users around the globe. UA Record is an all-for-one app that tracks nutrition, activity and sleep. The Speedo On app has a “water lock” feature that allows the GearFit2 Pro to record accurate swimming stats without compromising on functionality.

The Samsung GearFit2 Pro is an easy choice for those who want a fitness tracker that can withstand the elements and still deliver on all fronts.

Polar M430

A retro look with modern functionality sums up the perks of the Polar M430. Start out with the five-minute Polar Fitness Test to evaluate your current athletic condition. The M430 also tracks heartrate, running cadence, speed, distance and calories burned.

Simply select the sport you’re training for and let Polar Flow customize your workouts accordingly, and use its 24/7 activity and sleep tracker to further streamline your fitness regimen. To avoid burnout, the Polar M430 offers regular post-workout advice. And its GPS accuracy control ensures the device won’t burn out, either—allowing the battery to last upwards of 20 hours.

The Polar M430’s rugged chassis is perfect for those who like to flaunt their athleticism and strive toward higher workout goals.

Nokia Steel HR

The Nokia Steel HR walks the line between functionality and style. A round, digital screen within the circumference displays number of steps, heartrate, calories burned and pool-lengths covered. A more in-depth analysis of workout data is provided by the simple-to-read Health Mate app (iOS/Android).

The Nokia Steel HR looks just like an analogue watch and comes with an option of a silicon or a leather strap. The latter really elevates this fitness tracker’s appeal, as does its battery, which can last up to 25 days. If you’re on the lookout for straightforward fitness stats without compromising on aesthetics, the Nokia HR Steel is for you.

Whether you’re just starting out or someone who engages in regular fitness-related activities, a fitness tracker can be an ideal tool for analyzing and optimizing your working. And although studies show that fitness wearables don’t actually help people lose weight, the more you engage with your tracker, the more likely you are to reap its motivational benefits.

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