Elite Mass Gainer Review 2022 (Is This Dymatize Gainer Any Good?)

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Updated January 24, 2022

Elite Mass Gainer Review

Elite Mass is another very impressive product, and is actually rather similar to the number 3 ranked CytoGainer. It was tough to decide which product was better between this one and R1 Gain, but after a lot of research, R1 Gain deserves the top rank. You can learn all about the top options here: Best Mass Gainers.

Company Profile

Dymatize is a company that has mostly failed to impress me up until the introduction of this product. Everything they have released has been mediocre as far as nutrition goes. They even had one product (which is reviewed on this site) that contained genetically modified ingredients, which if you are unaware, is a huge “no-no” in this industry. It is unfortunate because that product (ISO-100) would have been fantastic without the GMOs. With all that said about Dymatize, this product is an exception.

Elite Mass Ingredients

Elite Mass Ingredients & Nutrition Facts

What goes into the product is by far the most important part of your decision to buy or not to buy. Perhaps equally as important is what doesn’t go into the product.

This particular mass gainer is very impressive. It has an almost perfect carb to protein ratio of 1.4 to 1. Ideally, you want the ratio to be 1.5 to 1 (R1 Gain has managed to achieve this ratio). But obviously 1.4 to 1 is still very good.

The calorie count is pretty low at 600 per serving which is 50 higher than R1 Gain’s 550 per serving. This is where it starts to really get impressive…

There is only 1 gram of sugar in every serving! That is the lowest we’ve seen, and it also only contains 40 mg of cholesterol per serving, which is again the lowest we’ve ever seen.

The main reason why we ranked R1 Gain higher than Elite Mass is because EM’s protein blend is very very very unpure and therefore could likely be ineffective. Whey protein isolate and whey protein hydrolysate are the purest forms of protein in existence, and ideally, those are the only two things the protein blend should consist of.

Elite Mass’s protein blend consists of whey protein concentrate, whey protein isolate, milk protein, calcium caseinate, and egg protein. You don’t want any of that stuff except for the isolate. The whey protein concentrate is not too bad, but the rest of them are going to be things you really want to avoid.

The fact that this protein blend is so unpure is really what brought it down to rank #2. A pure protein blend is a big deal, and without it, the product simply can not be considered to be very effective (and certainly not the best).

Had they used mostly whey protein isolate and hydrolysate like R1 Gain, the product would have stood a better chance for the #1 rank. The protein formula they used is a much cheaper version. That’s why companies decide against using 100% whey protein isolate and hydrolysate…it costs more, and they think that consumers won’t notice the lack of purity.


Elite Mass is without a doubt an extremely clean product, with the exception of the protein blend. Our staff personally used this product for quite some time and found it to be effective in the production of lean muscle mass.

We were able to see results quickly and based on other reviews it appears the vast majority of customers seem to agree with the high level of effectiveness. We found no complaints.

This is certainly a job very well done by the experts over at Dymatize. With all that said, there is one issue with this product. The protein blend they used is not very pure, as mentioned above. This could likely cause the product to be slightly less effective.


With the sodium level at only 135 mg per serving, you can’t expect this product to be the best tasting product out there. You want to choose products that you will enjoy taking because you will be more consistent in taking them. With that said, 135 mg is an extremely low sodium level so if you can deal with the taste, this is a great, healthy product.

The Pros

  • Great carb to protein ratio
  • Lowest sugar count we’ve ever seen
  • Lowest cholesterol count we’ve seen
  • Fairly low calorie count
  • Could be a very effective product

The Cons

  • Doesn’t taste as good as others
  • The protein blend is un-pure and low quality

Is Elite Mass Gainer worth it? Our conclusion

Overall this is a very impressive product with an amazing nutrition panel. However, it does not taste very good and the cheaper protein blend is not as good as it’s main competitor Transparent Labs. All things considered, we would highly recommend you check out our #1 ranked mass gainer before deciding to buy this product.

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