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Updated January 2019

Rule One Gain Review

#1 Rule One Gain – The Best Gainer on the Market

This Rule One Gain review looks at a fairly new product from a new company. Although it is a new company, the founders of Rule One Proteins are the same people who founded Optimum Nutrition, one of the biggest and most respected sports nutrition companies in the industry. This gainer is simply put… phenomenal. READ THE REVIEW

Elite Mass Gainer Review

#2 Elite Mass – #2 Ranked Gainer

Elite Mass by Dymatize is an excellent gainer product and very close to our #1 ranked product, Rule One Gain. It is a thoughtful blend of the ingredients you want while missing the ingredients you don’t. Find out why it isn’t ranked #1 by reading this fact-based Elite Mass reviewREAD THE REVIEW

Pro Gainer Review

#3 Pro Gainer Review – #3 Ranked Gainer

It may surprise you that Optimum Nutrition’s Pro Gainer is not ranked #1. Frankly, it surprised us to find out there were better mass gainers. This Pro Gainer review will explain why it is in our opinion one of the best mass gainers out there, and what exactly makes it ranked #3 instead of #1. READ THE REVIEW

Stealth Gainer Review

#4 Stealth Mass Gainer – #4 Ranked Gainer

This is a very underrated product that more people should be aware of. We are here to set the record straight. It absolutely deserves to be in the top 10 and the following Stealth Gainer review can back this claim up. READ THE REVIEW

CytoGainer Review

#6 CytoGainer – #5 Ranked Gainer

CytoGainer is ranked highly for many reasons, but possibly the most important is its carb to protein ratio. Cytosport really did it right this time around. In fact, if R1 Gain didn’t come along, this is a product I would consider taking. The following CytoGainer review will deliver fact-based information on this excellent mass gainer. READ THE REVIEW

Pro Complex Gainer Review

#5 Pro Complex Gainer – #6 Ranked Gainer

Pro Complex Gainer is another outstanding product by Optimum Nutrition. This is in our opinion much more preferential over their other mass gainer, which is called Serious Mass. The ideal formula for a mass gainer has evolved a lot over the past couple years, and Pro Complex Gainer is pretty close to what is currently considered to be ideal. READ THE REVIEW

Monster Mass Gainer Review

#8 Real Mass Gainer – #8 Ranked Gainer

Monster Mass is a good product, but because of the slightly off carb to protein ratio and the obnoxious amount of fat, it is not as good as Cytosport’s other mass gainer called CytoGainer. Read on to find out what makes CytoGainer so much better in our opinion. READ THE REVIEW

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