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Thermakor Review | Top 5 Best Fat Burner Supplement


Thermakor Fat Burner ReviewWhat is Thermakor?

Without a doubt, Thermakor, from Kor Nutrition, is one of the best fat burners on the market. We feel so strongly about this fat burner supplement that we ranked it amongst our top 5 fat burners. Check out this comprehensive Thermakor review to learn what makes it one of the absolute best out there.

The Benefits of Thermakor

  • Boosts your metabolic rate
  • Accelerates the fat burning process
  • Reduces your calorie intake
  • Lowers your body fat percentage
  • Controls your hunger
  • Increases energy levels
  • Improves your performance in the gym

How Does Thermakor Work? The Beauty of ThermogenesisBenefits of Thermakor Fat Burner

Ingesting an effective thermogenic formula like Thermakor, the benefits begin almost immediately. Once the nutrients are in your system, thermogenesis takes place. This essentially means that the ingredients raise the body’s internal temperature, but it’s not necessarily the heat that burns the fat but rather it’s the process of cooling down.

When your body’s internal temperature is elevated, your body must work very hard to cool itself back down. The process of lowering core temperature requires a lot of energy and burns a lot of calories.

So thanks to thermogenesis, you don’t even need to be exercising to burn calories. Thermakor is stimulating calorie burning. Don’t misunderstand… we’re not saying that exercise doesn’t play a critical role in fat loss. Of course it does. But if you combine this supplement with vigorous exercise, you will burn fat rapidly. Note: All of our top 5 fat burners require both cardio and muscle building exercise to work effectively. (Don’t be that guy!)

Quality & Quantity of Ingredients

Every ingredient in Thermakor is of the highest quality and is included in decent potencies. High quality ingredients are essentially useless if there is not enough of each ingredient to have a real impact on the body. It’s about quality and quantity.

Thermakor’s overall potency is exceptionally high. High potency means that the combination of quality and quantity in terms of the ingredients is right where it needs to be in order for the nutrients to work effectively and quickly. The right combination of thermogenic nutrients and other supporting ingredients that encourage fat burning is how Thermakor is able to work so well. It’s all about getting the formula just right, and as far as we’re concerned… they did just that.

Thermakor Ingredients – What Makes It Work?

Green Tea Extract (300 MG): The King of Fat BurningCertain enzymes in your body prevent your most effective fat burning hormone (norepinephrine) from being used as often or as efficiently. Green Tea Extract contains catechins that work to inhibit those enzymes so that your body is free to use norepinephrine for fat burning purposes. In other words, Green Tea Extract frees up your primary fat-burning hormone for utilization so that the amount of fat you burn on a daily basis is significantly increased. Boom!

Garcinia Cambogia (100 MG): Belly Fat Burner GC works to suppress your appetite upon ingestion thereby preventing you from eating too much or too often. It is important to not only burn fat you have built up but also to prevent your body from gaining any more fat.  

An added bonus of Garcnina Cambogia is that it has been proven to burn belly fat. Usually the most fat builds up in the belly region (for men), and it is important that the stomach be specifically targeted in order to see fast results. Garcinia Cambogia is the key to ensuring you burn belly fat and have visible results within weeks. (But you do need to get off your ass and move!)

Razberi-K (200 MG): Increaser of LipolysisLipolysis is the process of breaking fat down. Razberi-K (we know, they spelled Raspberry wrong), increases the frequency that Lipolysis takes place. The more this happens the more fat gets broken down. Not rocket science.

Green Coffee Bean Extract (300 MG): Metabolic Supercharger – The unroasted coffee been is proven to increase your metabolic rate and encourage fat burning and muscle production. Green coffee bean extract is one of the most widely used ingredients in fat burners because of the mountain of clinical evidence that shows it works. It takes the stubborn fat buried in your cells, sucks it out and burns it as fuel.

Hordenine (25 MG): Eliminator of Fat StoresThink of this ingredient as the guy you pay to clean out your garage. It looks for stored fat, loads it up in his pickup and takes it away. It literally increases the mobilization of fat cells, preventing them from sitting there in storage. (Like those boxes sitting in your garage that have been there since Clinton was president.) By increasing the mobilization of fat cells, you are targeting the stubborn fat that is sitting in your cells like those useless boxes of junk in your garage.

Other primary ingredients: Forslean, Caffeine Anhydrous, Salicin, and Snyephrin 

Thermakor Ingredients Label

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The Pros 

  • Highly potent formula
  • Clinically proven ingredients
  • Helps burn belly fat and love handles
  • Reduces fat intake while burning stored fat
  • Frees up fat burning hormones
  • Increases mobilization of fat cells
  • Ranked among the elite top 5 fat burners

The Cons

  • BurnerTEK is a little more potent
  • Contains caffeine so may not be ideal for people with caffeine sensitivity

Where To Buy It & Pricing Information

Thermakor can be found for the lowest price simply by clicking the link below, which will take you to the manufacturers website.

Click “Buy Thermakor” and you will be shown the various package options.

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1 Month Supply: $59


Try Thermakor From Official Website

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