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imagesPro Lean Forskolin is a fat burner that actually only consists of one single ingredient. That is pretty atypical of a fat burner as the top fat burners usually contain 6-10 ingredients…but does that make this a bad supplement? Read this review to learn what we think of Pro Lean Forskolin and discover why it failed to rank on our list of the Top 10 Fat Burners.

The Claimed Benefits of Pro Lean Forskolin

  • Helps decrease overall body fat
  • Can help keep your body in a “fat burning state
  • Boosts your metabolism

How Does Pro Lean Forskolin Work?

Pro Lean Forskolin works through the use of the natural ingredient, Forskolin, which is believed to be able to help people lose weight through activating certain enzymes (more on that later). Generally, fat burners work through a multi-faceted approach to weight loss.

The first facet is increasing the amount of fat your body burns on a daily basis. If you are overweight, that means you have too much fat in storage. The key to losing the weight is to get it released from storage and put into a position where it can be used as fuel and burned off. Forskolin is known to be pretty good at this aspect of weight loss.

The next facet, however, is not really achieved by Pro Lean Forskolin as far as we can see. The top fat burners usually contain an appetite reduction component, but we don’t really see anything for appetite suppressing here. You need an appetite suppressant in order to ensure your calorie intake is decreased.

Last but not least, stimulants are a major part of fat burning. Many stimulants such as caffeine are actually fat burners in themselves, and they also help to get you in the gym and improve your performance while at the gym.

Pro Lean Forskolin does not contain stimulants, which we see as an issue. Overall, we aren’t the biggest fans of this formula, which is why we recommend you steer clear of this product…but feel free to check out some of our other reviews of the top fat burners.

Pro Lean Forskolin Ingredients – What Makes It Work?

Unfortunately, this supplement only contains one ingredient. Some may see this as a pro, but it is our opinion that this is a con. When you only include one ingredient, you have to choose between a fat burning ingredient, an appetite suppressing ingredient, and a stimulant. Why not just include all of them? Those formulas are in our opinion the best ones.

With that said, the active ingredient in Pro Lean Forskolin is a good one. Forskolin has been shown to be able to improve communication between cells regarding the metabolism of sugar and glycogen, and anyone who knows anything about weight loss knows how important that is.

If you’re a fan of single-ingredient supplements, then this may be a pretty good choice because Forskolin is a pretty good ingredient. It is our belief that the top fat burners must contain at least one ingredient designated for fat loss, one for appetite reduction, and one sitmulant. For that reason, while it may be a good supplement, we don’t see Pro Lean Forskolin as an elite fat burner.

Pro Lean Forskolin Reviews

Before buying it, you want to make sure you see some Pro Lean Forskolin reviews that were submitted by actual users of the product. This can generally give you a good idea of whether it works or not. We read through some Pro Lean Forskolin reviews, and found that mostly negative things were being said about the product.

The Pros

  • Forskolin is a clinically studied fat burning ingredient
  • It’s not very expensive

The Cons

  • The formula is not very potent compared to some of the top fat burners
  • It only contains one ingredient
  • We don’t see anything for appetite suppression
  • It doesn’t contain any stimulants

The Final Verdict

Pro Lean Forskolin is a supplement that is good at what it’s designed to do, which is use Forskolin to help people lose weight. However, we don’t recommend it because we feel that several pieces of the fat burning puzzle are missing here.

Without an appetite suppressor or a stimulant, we don’t feel confident enough in Pro Lean Forskolin to recommend it. Our recommendation: take a look at our list of the Top 10 Fat Burners to check out 10 supplements that we consider top notch.

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