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pgnc1-24907996dtPerformix SST is a fat burner that has extremely appealing packaging and product design, which almost makes you want to buy it immediately. Take a step back and look at the facts before getting too wrapped up in how cool the product looks. Read this review to see why Performix SST failed to make our list of the Top 10 Fat Burners, despite the fact that the product design is probably the coolest we have seen.

The Claimed Benefits of Performix SST

  • Enhances performance
  • Strength and stamina may be increased
  • Decreases total body fat

How Does Performix SST Work?

Performix SST uses a proprietary blend that consists of natural ingredients, which have been pretty thoroughly researched with regard to their fat burning abilities. It would be ideal if you could use something safe and natural in order to lose weight rather than something dangerous like a steroid, and that’s the theory here.

Natural fat burners like this one work through increased stimulation of fat stores, which can help to release the fat into your bloodstream where it can then be converted into energy. There are plenty of natural substances that are believed to work, but what separates the top fat burners from the average ones are the dosages and the overall formula comprehensiveness.

Another way in which fat burners like this one can work is through decreasing your calorie intake. Certain ingredients can help to suppress or reduce your appetite, which can lead to you eating less often. The key to weight loss is placing equal focus on fat burning and fat gain prevention.

Lastly, fat burners like Performix SST can work through the use of stimulants. Stimulants like caffeine are what can help you work out harder and for longer periods of time, which will ultimately get you burning more calories.

Our main issue with this particular fat burner is its use of a proprietary blend, and the fact that the blend isn’t as potent as it could be. Due to these issues, we don’t recommend Performix SST and would encourage you to browse our other reviews of the top fat burners.

Performix SST Ingredients – What Makes It Work?

Performix Suspension Super Thermo Complex 1,172 MG

The proprietary blend does not lack potency at about 1,200 MG per serving, but we have reviewed other supplements where the potency is as high as 1,500 or even 2,000. 1,200 isn’t bad, but it’s not exceptional either.

Potency aside, the ingredients of the blend are pretty solid. It includes Caffeine  Anhydrous, Ashwagandha Root, Citrus Aurantium, and several others. The ingredient panel as a whole is impressive and makes this a pretty convincing blend…but, “convincing” isn’t good enough for us. We still have a major issue with this blend.

Our issue lies in the fact that the individual dosages of ingredients are not disclosed. This fact alone is enough to make us dislike a supplement because, without that information, we can not determine whether or not the product is going to be effective. There just isn’t enough information available for us to make a confident final decision.


Performix SST Reviews

An important part of the process for determining whether or not a supplement is worth your money is reading the reviews submitted by people who have actually used it. The Performix SST reviews were generally positive, which is a good sign. Very few reviews of Performix SST were negative.

The Pros

  • Impressive ingredient panel
  • Pretty potent blend
  • Contains almost 10 ingredients
  • The Performix SST reviews were mostly positive

The Cons

  • Uses a proprietary blend, which means we can’t confidently recommend this stuff

The Final Verdict

Performix SST has the appearance of an excellent supplement. The packaging looks cool as hell and the nutrition label is pretty impressive. However, all things considered, we simply don’t think it stacks up to some of the other top fat burners we have evaluated.

We can’t get enough information from the label in order to confidently recommend Performix SST, which is why we would instead encourage you to view our list of the Top 10 Fat Burners (all of which we are confident in).