Lipozene Review 2021 (Is This Fat Burner Worth It?)

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Updated December 26, 2020

Lipozene fat burner supplement bottlesLipozene is the most hyped up fat burner on the weight loss scene right now, so naturally, we felt compelled to write a review. As the worlds most trusted review site, it’s our job to separate the over-hyped supplements from the ones that truly work, so let’s get into our Lipozene review.

Primarily sold on Amazon, this natural fat burner has been purchased by over 30 MILLION people…that means it must work right? Wrong! Don’t buy into the hype people…it’s important to stay focused on the facts.

We will break down the nutrition panel in depth in the below “Ingredients” section, but basically what we have here is a big dosage of Glucomannan…and that’s it! Lipozene contains no other ingredients…

I’d strongly recommend steering clear of Lipozene and instead having a look at our top 10 rated best fat burner products.

Lipozene review 2021: Is Lipozene any good?

Lipozene has to be one of the lowest quality fat burners we have reviewed in a very long time. It only contains one single ingredient. The ingredient is a high quality appetite suppressant, but you’re going to need a whole lot more than one active ingredient for real results. Good fat burners have about 8-10 active ingredients.

Lipozene best price

First of all, how much does Lipozene cost? Let’s take a look at outlet prices:



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What does Lipozene do?

What does Lipozene do for you? Since it only contains one ingredient, it can really only accomplish one thing. The ingredient it contains is designed to help suppress cravings and appetite. So, it may be able to reduce appetite, but that’s about it.

Lipozene Benefits

Although I do not recommend Lipozene by any means, there are likely a couple of benefits to be had as a result of the one ingredient it does contain. Here are the potential Lipozene benefits…

  • Reduces appetite
  • Decreases food cravings
  • May reduce caloric intake

Lipozene Ingredients


Here’s where we push the hype aside and show you why Lipozene isn’t likely to produce very dramatic results. You have to learn to ignore hype and marketing, and stay focused on the science instead.

In other words, the company makes a lot of claims…but what is really inside the bottle that could make the supplement live up to these claims? Let’s have a look…

Glucomannan, also known as Amorphophallus Konjac, is derived from Konjac Root and used in plenty of different natural fat burners on the market today for one reason…to help reduce appetite. It’s generally believed to suppress appetite due to the fact that it is very fibrous, which allows it to swell up in the stomach and “trick” your body into feeling full.

Now, don’t get me wrong…Glucomannan is a very effective ingredient and an important part of any natural fat burner. The MAJOR problem I have here is that it is the ONLY ingredient in the entire supplement. As a Nutrition & Wellness Consultant, a formula like this is just so disappointing for me to see.

Lipozene complaints & praise (Lipozene reviews from real customers)

Unsurprisingly, the Lipozene reviews submitted by verified users on Amazon are unimpressive. Across over 200 reviews that have been submitted, Lipozene received an average rating of 3.5 out of 5 stars. 43% of Amazon’s verified users gave Lipozene a rating of 3 stars or less, and 26% of all the reviews submitted on Amazon contain a 1-star rating.

However, it’s not all bad…about half of the users who submitted reviews had positive things to say about the product. This would be encouraging if I didn’t find the formula to be so weak and unimpressive. Half of the Lipozene reviews being positive just isn’t enough to swing me on this supplement when I take all of the other facts into consideration.

Since Amazon only allows reviews to be submitted by verified customers, these reviews are pretty reliable. Unfortunately, in this case, they are very mixed and generally underwhelming. I typically like to see a stronger consensus in one direction or the other.

I don’t enjoy being negative about any particular supplement, but I do feel an obligation to be completely honest with my readers. I apologize if you had high hopes for Lipozene before reading this review.

The Pros

  • Contains a big dose of Glucomannan
  • Has potential with regard to appetite suppression
  • Received a decent amount of positive user reviews

The Cons

  • Only includes one ingredient
  • Contains only 1,500 total MG of nutrients
  • Missing several key fat burning ingredients
  • Received a lot of negative user feedback
  • Very overpriced considering the contents of the bottle

Is Lipozene worth it? Our conclusion

Just in case you can’t tell yet, I’m not a fan of Lipozene. I find their use of one solitary ingredient to be very regrettable. In my experience, comprehensive formulas that take a multi-faceted approach to fat burning are generally much more effective.

I really strongly recommend you explore other options before deciding to try Lipozene. I’ve been using, analyzing, and reviewing supplements for over 10 years, and I really don’t see anything here that would make this product worth trying…

With that being said, we have reviewed a wide variety of fat burners on our site, and there are plenty of options that I would recommend much more highly than Lipozene. Do yourself a favor and have a look at our top rated fat burners before you make a decision.

Lipozene FAQs

Can you buy Lipozene at Walmart?

Yes, you can buy Lipozene at Walmart, but it’s still the same low quality ineffective fat burner regardless of where you buy it from.

How quickly does Lipozene work?

Lipozene should start showing appetite suppressing benefits pretty quickly, but other than that, you’re not going to notice much of anything going on since there’s only 1 ingredient in the formula.

What stores sell Lipozene?

You can get Lipozene at GNC, Walgreens, and Walmart. The only real benefit of this supplement is that it is very widely available.