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leptiburn-product-imageLeptiburn is a green tea fat burner with a couple of uniquely impressive ingredients and a formula based on very sound theory. Our favorite part about it is the massive dose of Green Tea Extract, but that wasn’t enough to get it onto our list of the Top 10 Fat Burners. Read this review to learn why Leptiburn is a good supplement but failed to make the top 10.


The Claimed Benefits of Leptiburn

  • Can help boost energy levels
  • Could decrease your body fat percentage
  • Boosts your metabolism

How Does Leptiburn Work?

Leptiburn works in the same way as the vast majority of weight loss supplements work, which is through targeting and breaking up fat stores in order to release the fat and encourage the body to burn it up as fuel rather than hold it in storage. However, this aspect of a fat burner is only part one.

Part two of a fat burner is an appetite suppression component. While you do need to burn fat you have already built up, it’s equally as important to be sure you don’t put on any more fat. The top fat burners in the marketplace almost all contain appetite suppressing ingredients.

Part three is extra motivation to get into the gym, A.K.A. stimulants. Stimulants like caffeine are important in the context of a fat burner because they give you the energy to get in the gym, which is obviously a vital part of your weight loss experience. Fat burners don’t work without exercise. In addition to helping you get your ass into the gym, stimulants can also help you perform more efficiently while you’re there.

Now the question must be asked, does Leptiburn complete all of the aforementioned functions? We think it does a pretty good job at parts one and two, but it doesn’t contain caffeine, which we see as an issue. We don’t recommend Leptiburn and would encourage you to check out some of our other reviews of the top fat burners.

Leptiburn Ingredients – What Makes It Work?

Green Tea Extract 500 MG

As we already said, Leptiburn is a green tea fat burner, which means that the famous Green Tea is its primary ingredient. 500 MG is a hefty dosage, and we are big fans of hefty dosages. 500 MG of Green Tea alone is likely to help you get some fat burning done.

Green Tea contains EGCG, which is a substance that has been linked to fat loss and even improvements in cardiovascular health in certain clinical studies. The EGCG in combination with the high purity caffeine that Green Tea naturally contains makes it a superb ingredient to include in any fat burner formula.

Irvingia Gabonensis Extract 150 MG

IGOB131 was shown in one trial to considerably lower body weight in just a matter of 4 weeks but only for certain subjects of the study. It seems that there is not a whole lot of evidence for exactly how effective this stuff is, but there are some fairly promising studies out there.

If you’re someone who likes to stick with completely proven ingredients and have absolutely no doubts about any of the ingredients, then this may not be the supplement for you as the efficacy of some ingredients is not a surefire thing.


5-HTP has been shown to be able to help regulate appetite in certain users, which makes it a solid ingredient for ensuring you take in less calories. This formula is pretty good in terms of ingredients because you have a couple of fat burners and an appetite regulator, so it’s a pretty comprehensive approach to weight loss.

Leptiburn Reviews

A necessary part of supplement analysis is examining reviews submitted by people who have actually used the product in order to evaluate consumer experience. The Leptiburn reviews we found were actually often positive. We believe this is likely because of the large dosage of Green Tea. Not all of the Leptiburn reviews were from people who liked it, but there was more positive than negative to be found here.


The Pros

  •  Includes 5-HTP, which can be an appetite regulator
  •  Uses one of the best ingredients we know of, Green Tea
  •  Dosages are pretty solid across the board
  •  No proprietary blend

The Cons

  • It only contains 4 ingredients, which is a pretty low number comparatively speaking
  • When compared to some of the top fat burners we have reviewed, the overall potency is kind of low at only about 800 MG per serving

The Final Verdict

Leptiburn has excellent ingredients and pretty big dosages. These are two places in which this supplement excels. However, two places in which we believe it didn’t do so well are overall potency and ingredient diversity. Since not everything is how we would like it to be, we don’t recommend Leptiburn and would encourage you to view our list of the Top 10 Fat Burners to see if you can find something you like better.

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