Hydroxycut Original Review

, Hydroxycut Original ReviewHydroxycut Pro Clinical (AKA Hydroxycut Original) is perhaps the most popular fat burner on the market, but frankly, we don’t think it deserves all of the attention it gets. In fact, Hydroxycut Pro Clinical didn’t even make our list of the Top 5 Best Fat Burners. We would highly recommend you take a look at that list of the top 10 before deciding to purchase any fat burner. However, check out this comprehensive review to learn why we don’t think Hydroxycut Pro Clinical is all its cracked up to be.

The Benefits of Hydroxycut Pro Clinical

  • Elevated energy levels
  • Helps burn belly fat
  • Decreases overall body fat percentage
  • Enhances gym performance
  • Naturally stimulates increased fat burn

Does Hydroxycut Pro Clinical Work?

Hydroxycut Pro Clinical is portrayed as though it is highly effective in the television commercials, but it is apparent through the use of simple label analysis that it is unlikely Hydroxycut Pro Clinical would work. We would highly recommend you take a look at our list of the Top 5 Best Fat Burners and choose one of the top 3 off of that list, as we believe those are all significantly more effective.

The reason that we believe it is unlikely Hydroxycut Pro Clinical would produce significant results is because of the fact that the label uses a proprietary blend that comparatively speaking is not very potent.

We have reviewed fat burners on our website that have overall potencies ranging from 1,000 milligrams per serving all the way up to about 1,500 milligrams per serving. The Hydroxycut Pro Clinical overall potency is below 600 milligrams per serving. Compared to the other fat burners we have reviewed, this is a very low overall potency.

The fact that it uses a proprietary blend in combination with the fact that the overall potency is comparatively low leads us to believe that Hydroxycut Pro Clinical does not work as well as other fat burners that we have reviewed.

Hydroxycut Pro Clinical Ingredients 

Hydroxycut Pro Clinical is not all bad. While we don’t think it is the best option for people in search for a weight loss solution, it does have some quality ingredients that could lead to some benefits. The biggest issue with the formula is that the individual dosages for the ingredients are not disclosed, which means we can’t definitively say whether or not the formula is effective. With that said, the formula certainly has potential.

Robusta Coffee Extract: The unroasted green coffee bean has been proven across several clinical trials for its ability to burn fat and contribute to overall weight loss. This is in our opinion the best part about this supplement.

The unroasted coffee bean is more effective than having a cup of coffee because roasting the coffee bean eliminates the vast majority of the chlorogenic acid, which is what is responsible for any fat burning benefits produced by the coffee bean.

Papaya: Since it is very high in fiber, Papaya functions as the appetite suppression component of Hydroxycut Pro Clinical. Ingestion of Papaya is going to cause all that fiber to swell up in your stomach, which makes you feel full.

Since taking Papaya makes you feel full and the Hydroxycut Pro Clinical directions say to take two servings per day, you are going to feel full much more often than you normally do, which will cause your appetite to be suppressed and your daily calorie intake to shrink. Calorie intake reduction is the key concept with this ingredient.

Caffeine Anhydrous: This is the purest form of caffeine in existence and is going to be primarily responsible for boosting your metabolism and raising your energy levels in order to enhance gym performance.

Good fat burners usually include some sort of energy elevating ingredient in order to encourage increased exercise since no fat burner is going to work without regular exercise. Stimulants like caffeine anhydrous encourage people to exercise and allow people to get more out of their workouts as a result of having higher energy levels.

Saffron Extract: The primary focus of this ingredient is appetite suppression. In order to lose weight, it is an absolute requirement that your daily calorie expenditure be greater than your daily calorie intake.

Certain ingredients in Hydroxycut Pro Clinical are responsible for helping you get your daily calorie expenditure up while others are responsible for having the opposite effect on your daily calorie intake. Expending more calories by exercising regularly combined with reducing the amount of calories you consume will nearly inevitably lead to weight loss.

Blackberry: The formula includes blackberry because of the fact that consuming blackberries makes you feel full due to the amount of water they contain, but they also don’t contain a lot of calories. This combination makes blackberry ideal for weight loss.

The primary function of this ingredient in the Hydroxycut Pro Clinical formula is to make you feel full and encourage you to eat less often as a result. Here is another good example of a calorie intake reduction method.

The Pros

  • Contains high quality, proven ingredients
  • Uses both unroasted coffee bean and caffeine
  • Includes multiple appetite suppression components 

The Cons

  • Overall potency is comparatively low
  • It uses a proprietary blend
  • It didn’t make the top 5 list

Hydroxycut Pro Clinical Conclusion

Hydroxycut Pro Clinical does contain some excellent ingredients as you can see, however since we don’t know the dosages for each of these individual ingredients, we cant be sure how well Hydroxycut Pro Clinical works. The dosages being hidden by the proprietary blend combined with the fact that the supplement just isn’t as potent as it could be are the two primary reasons why we wouldn’t recommend Hydroxycut Pro Clinical.

Our Recommendation: Check out some other higher quality supplements on our list of the Top 5 Best Fat Burners of 2020. Our #1 recommended fat burner is Instant Knockout, but any of the top three fat burners on that list will be very likely to produce serious results for you. Explore the list of the top 10 and find something that’s right for you!

Video Transcript: Hydroxycut Reviews

what’s up guys Joe here with the supplement reviews org today I’m gonna be reviewing all three types of Hydroxycut in one video so first I’m going to be explaining to you guys why Hydroxycut black here and Hydroxycut Hardcore elite over here are both better than the original version which is just called Hydroxycut but then I’m also going to explain to you guys why I wouldn’t recommend any of these three so the only one that actually made my list of the top 10 is Hydroxycut Hardcore elite which is gonna be this one over here I would highly recommend by the way that you look at that list so in the video description you’ll see a link that link takes you directly to my list of the top 10 fat burners on the market highly recommend you click that check out those tops and you will see that hardcore elite is in the top 10 however something that you’ll notice is that it’s at the bottom of that list so while I do recommend it amongst the top 10 I don’t recommend it very highly and there is good reason for that those top 10 are very deliberately ranked meaning that if there’s something that’s ranked towards the bottom of the top 10 it’s going to be something that I would recommend significantly less than something towards the top of that list so click that link check out those top 10 if you’re gonna buy one I would recommend you stay amongst the top 5 even the top 3 that way you know you’re doing something that’s really really good however the purpose of this video is just to compare these three types of Hydroxycut and explain to you guys which one I think is the best so with the original Hydroxycut here and I don’t want to touch these too much because I’ll end up knocking this over I have it very carefully balanced so with the original Hydroxycut here we have an overall potency of about 600 milligrams per serving 600 is extremely low to give you guys a little bit of a comparison I’m gonna go ahead and compare it to both of these as well as a fat burner that I think is the best on the market or at least top 3 so one of the fat burners that I think is the best out there is called instant knockout that one’s overall potency is about 1,500 even a little higher than that milligrams per serving so that’s a very solid overall potency 1500 and like I said with Hydroxycut the original version we have 600 so you can see comparatively how low that is and then with black we have about a thousand milligrams overall potency per serving and with hardcore we have about the same as black so these are two different takes on improving the original one and both of them are have definitely made improvements these are both definitely better than the original one I like hardcore elite the best but like I said before I wouldn’t necessarily recommend any of these just giving you guys my opinion on out of these three which one is the best it would be hardcore Elite so we have higher overall potencies with these two black bottles here hydroxy cuts definitely the worst version with the lowest overall potency and the least ingredient diversity so that means that there’s not a lot of high quality ingredients in there whereas with the other two versions you get more proven ingredients and just more ingredients in general which is going to lead to more effective fat burning so I’m not gonna go super in-depth on each one of these if you want to get the in-depth review you can actually find those on my channel or you can find the written reviews for that on my website however for the purpose of this video I’m just gonna go ahead and rank them Hydroxycut Hardcore elite is gonna be my number one choice out of these three Hydroxycut black would be second and third would be the original Hydroxycut but I cannot stress enough that I wouldn’t recommend you buy any of these so while the two versions are better than the original overall none of them are very good supplements and the two biggest reasons I’m going to give you for that are the fact that they use proprietary blends hardcore Lee actually doesn’t but these two use proprietary blends and for that reason it’s going to be something that you want to avoid because of the fact that individual dosages are not disclosed so you don’t know exactly what you’re getting therefore you don’t know whether or not it’s gonna work before you buy it and I always like to know that something’s gonna work before I spend my money on it and that’s gonna be the biggest reason why I wouldn’t recommend either of these two the reason why I wouldn’t recommend Hydroxycut Hardcore elite even though it is on my top 10 list it’s at the bottom and the reason it’s at the bottom is because the overall potency is still just too low so there are some good ingredients in there you can see the dosages for each ingredient I like that about it so it did make the top 10 for a couple of reasons like I just said high-quality ingredients individual dosages are exposed or disclosed so there are some good things about it make it a decent supplement it’s just not top 5 definitely not top 3 so again if I had to choose amongst these I would go hardcore elite but I wouldn’t really recommend any of these the number one reason I gave was the proprietary blend the number two is that the overall potency on any of these is just too low at the highest you’ll see approximately a thousand milligrams per serving and that’s just not high enough so anyways if you guys want to check out some supplements that I do recommend like I said click that link below which will take you to my top 10 fat burners article and you can scroll through those top 10 pick amongst those I would highly recommend any amongst the top 5 or the top 3 and if you guys have any questions about any of those ten or any of the Hydroxycut versions feel free to leave a comment and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can thanks for watching

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