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Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite Review

Hydroxycut hardcore elite fat burner bottleHydroxycut Hardcore Elite is a fat burner that gets a ton of attention, but does it deserve it? We believe that it is NOT one of the top 5 best fat burners on the market in 2020. At the top of our list is a fat burner called Instant Knockout (Read the Instant Knockout review here). Keep reading this review to find out why Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite is so popular and why it falls short of our top five.

The Benefits of Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite

  • Powerful weight loss
  • Increases energy levels
  • Improves performance in the gym
  • Enhances focus
  • Helps build muscle

How Does Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite Work?

Gym Performance

Hydroxycut contains a blend of energy boosting ingredients that ultimately leads to good results because of the way it effects your body during your workout. While we think that the formula could be improved, you will certainly feel its effects.

The main reason you will see results is because of how high your energy levels will be during your workout. This is going to allow you to lift more weight, run for longer periods of time, and ultimately burn more calories as a result.

The second way this fat burner can improve your physical appearance is by making room for muscle. If it is as effective as it claims to be at removing fat stores, then lifting weights is going to provide more results because you will have more opportunity for muscle growth. When your body is in a state where it is more inclined to burn fat, that means it will also feel more inclined to replace that fat with muscle.

Note: It is important to not only engage in cardiovascular training, but to also lift weights on a regular basis if you are serious about burning fat and getting in shape. Each supplement on the list of the top 5 best fat burners should be used in conjunction with regular exercise.


Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite contains thermogenic ingredients, which are the key to successful fat burning. In addition to the energy boosting component, you want to be heating up your internal body temperature in order to increase the amount of calories burned.

When your internal temperature is increased through thermogenic ingredients, your body must then work to cool itself down. This process requires a lot of energy and therefore burns a lot of calories. Thermogenic ingredients also work to release stored fat as a result of the body needing to cool itself back down. The fuel for the process of cooling back down is fat and therefore, fat is removed from storage and burned as fuel.

An additional benefit of thermogenic ingredients is their ability to target problematic regions such as your stomach and love handle areas. Fat will be taken from these areas and used up as fuel, which is why thermogenics are key if you’re looking to burn belly fat.

Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite Ingredients – What Makes It Work?

Green Coffee Extract – Widely used in fat burning supplements because of its proven effectiveness in the boosting of energy levels and direct attack on fat stores. This is the key ingredient of the formula since it is both a stimulant and an actual fat burning ingredient in itself. It really does kill two birds with one stone: energy boost and fat destruction.

The key thing to look for when considering buying a supplement is some sort of clinical evidence for the claims. You want to see either clinical evidence for the actual supplement itself or clinical studies done on the individual ingredients that show how effective they truly are. Green Coffee Extract is an ingredient with clinical data to back it up which is good…However, there are only 200 milligrams of it in Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite, which is fairly low compared to the higher ranked supplements amongst the top 10 fat burners.

L-Theanine – An amino acid often used in fat burners because of its ability to work synergistically with caffeine anhydrous to eliminate fat stores. Studies show that when L-Theanine is combined specifically with caffeine anhydrous, results are almost inevitable. Some weight loss is pretty likely with this combo. Which brings us to the next ingredient…

Caffeine Anhydrous – The purest form of caffeine. It is commonly believed that caffeine is used just to increase energy levels. Actually, that’s not why it’s so commonly used in fat burners. While it does boost your energy levels and help with performance in the gym, caffeine itself actually attacks accumulated fat.

With this ingredient, you get multiple benefits. It can help burn belly fat, boost your focus, and improve your energy levels. 270 milligrams per serving is a solid dose and should play a role in result production.

The Pros

  • Manufactured by a reputable company
  • Appears to be at least fairly effective
  • Contains a couple of proven ingredients
  • Can accomplish more than just fat burning if combined with weight lifting
  • Improves gym performance
  • Could potentially help burn belly fat and love handles

The Cons

  • The overall potency is not very high
  • Some of the user reviews we found were not positive (Note: this can sometimes be the fault of the user)
  • Contains caffeine so may not be suitable for people with heart problems

Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite Conclusion

Overall we think Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite has a lot of good things going for it. It appears to have an effective formula, and there are positive user reviews supporting it. We do think it is amongst the top 10, but we don’t consider it to be amongst the top 5. To discover five supplements we believe are more effective than this one, check out our best fat burners of 2020.

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