Does Running Burn Belly Fat

 Does Running Burn Belly Fat

Does Running Burn Belly Fat

Let’s face it, being on a treadmill for a long period of time sucks. It’s boring, it’s painful, and it’s really not that good for your knees. However, it’s hard to deny the results that come with running consistently, both for burning fat and cardiovascular health. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to make the most out of your time spent on the treadmill, that can amplify your ability to burn fat and boost your metabolism.

The first thing you need to understand is that targeting belly fat is not really possible. You have to burn fat in general in order to lose that spare tire hanging from your gut. Many people unfortunately still believe that doing abdominal targeted exercises will help them specifically burn belly fat. While tightening your core may lift up your belly, this is essentially not true.

Combining HIIT With Your Treadmill

If you have never heard of HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training), then you are missing out on one of the hottest workout trends circulating the internet right now. High-intensity interval training requires you go through explosive bouts of exercise where you try to exhaust yourself, and then taking breaks in between.

The benefits of HIIT have to do with the fact that it increases your metabolism, it is quick and convenient, and there is no equipment necessary (you can do it without a treadmill). By sprinting all out for 20-90 seconds, and then resting for 30, you get your heart rate exactly where it needs to be and get your metabolism burning through calories like a wildfire.

The way HIIT works is by increasing your body’s demand for oxygen during your workout. This creates an oxygen shortage forcing your body to try to whatever it takes to get more. This effect is called excess post-exercise oxygen consumption and is why HIIT burns fat better than anaerobic cardiovascular exercise.

HIIT is one of the best ways to target body fat, which will eventually lead to you losing your gut. One of the other good things about it is that if you hate running, there are hundreds of different HIIT exercises you can do.

Many HIIT workout routines can be done anywhere. Whether it’s in your living room or in a field outside your house, you really have no excuse for not trying to get fit.

This one has you do 50 sit-ups, 40 jump squats, 30 pushups, 20 split jumps, 10 tricep dips, and 30 seconds of burpees. You go all out during each exercise, resting for 30 seconds between. Try doing that a couple times and you’ll know right away, it works.

Tips For Losing Belly Fat 

cardio fat burnCardio Training: Doing cardio multiple times a week will help improve your heart health, and also make sure you are getting into your target heart rate zone. Doing multiple types of cardio exercises will also help make sure you don’t get bored or burn out quickly. The problem with cardio exercises is that they tend to burn muscle as well, which is definitely not what you want if you are lifting weights.

Strength Training: Strength training is a great way to burn fat overall because it also builds muscle. With cardio training, you have to worry about the fact that you are burning muscle as well, but strength training lets you get bigger while you’re trimming the fat. The other great thing about strength training is the fact that it keeps your metabolism going at a faster rate for much longer than you would ever think. After you commit to this kind of training, your body starts burning fat at a quicker rate throughout your normal day.

10,000 Steps A Day: Making it a habit to hit 10,000 steps a day can be a big help when trying to lose belly fat and get healthy. It is easy to do and keeps your metabolism going at a quicker rate. Since most people have pedometers on their phone, tracking your steps has become easier than ever. Getting over the 10,000 steps a day mark is important for actually losing weight, since the 10,000 steps a day is what you need to avoid gaining weight.

Food Diary: Keeping a food diary is the best way to track your calories. After using an online tool to determine exactly how many calories you need in a day, start logging what you eat in a food diary. This will help show you the ugly truths that you don’t want to see! Most of us overeat without even knowing it, and combining that with a sedentary lifestyle can be detrimental. It takes burning 3,500 calories to burn a pound, so calculating what you eat versus what you burn in a food diary can help give you a visual representation on a realistic weight loss goal.

Portion Control: Controlling how much you eat is often more important than limiting what you’re eating. If you’ve ever heard the phrase “everything in moderation”, then you understand what we’re talking about. One of the most useful tricks you can use is only eating half of your meal whenever you go to a restaurant, and saving the other half for later. Snacks should be consumed in moderation because they are usually high in sodium, sugar, and carbs.

Avoid Processed Foods: Processed foods are often filled with salt, sugar, and trans fats that will not help you lose weight at all. Being conscious of what you put into your body will make a huge difference in the rate at which you lose weight.

The Bottom Line

Honestly, don’t ever let anyone tell you that there is a sure fire way to target belly fat. Our bodies just don’t work like that. If you want to lose your spare tire, focus on making lifestyle changes that will help you lose fat all over the place. It will eventually start burning away your belly fat, we promise.

While running on a treadmill can help you lose weight, long distance aerobic exercises are not the most efficient ways to burn off your extra fat. Implementing HIIT exercises, with your treadmill or without, is the best way to burn fat quickly, and get the healthy body you are looking for.

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