Animal Cuts Review | A Fat Burner Supplement


Animal Cuts, is in our opinion, one of the better fat burners money can buy. Animal Cuts is a fat burner that’s done just about everything right. However, there’s just one thing we don’t like about this product. Read our review to see what makes Animal Cuts such a good fat burner and find out the one big reason why it failed to make our list of the Top 10 Fat Burners.

Claimed Benefits Of Animal Cuts

  •  Improved strength and endurance in the gym

  • Enhanced focus

  • Decreased body fat percentage

  • IReduced appetite

How Does Animal Cuts Work?

Animal Cuts works through the use of natural and herbal ingredients that can help stimulate increased fat loss upon ingestion. There are several ingredients out there which have been clinically studied with regards to their fat burning abilities. The key to a good fat burner is choosing the right combination and dosages of said ingredients.

The primary goal of any fat burner is to break up the fat you have stored away in order for it to be released from storage and into your bloodstream. At that point, it can be utilized as energy rather than simply sitting there and making you look bad.

Equally as important as burning away fat stores is ensuring you don’t put on any additional fat. The way to prevent additional fat gain is through appetite suppression. Decreasing your calorie intake is a major part of weight loss. You can’t focus solely on fat that you have already gained. You need to think ahead as well.

Lastly, you want your fat burner to contain stimulants so that you are more likely to hit the gym. In addition to the boost you need to get yourself in the gym, stimulants can help you perform more optimally while you’re there.

We think Animal Cuts does a great job at achieving all of the aforementioned goals, but since it uses proprietary blends, we still would recommend you choose a different fat burner. Take a look at our reviews of what we consider to be the top fat burners to learn why we recommend them over this particular supplement.

Animal Cuts Ingredients – What Makes It Work?

Stimulant Complex 750 MG

The stimulant complex is a proprietary blend that uses phenomenal ingredients such as Caffeine Anhydrous, Guarana, and Raspberry Ketones. The dosage of this blend is pretty significant, and the variety amongst stimulants is nearly unmatched. The blend is excellent, but we can’t see individual dosages, which we view as a problem.

Metabolic Complex 750 MG

Another blend with fantastic ingredients such as Green tea, which is perhaps the most important ingredient a fat burner can include. Other ingredients include Black Tea Extract and Coffee Bean Extract. This blend is almost sure to help your metabolism speed up, but again, we can not see the individual dosages.

We could go over every blend Animal Cuts contains, but things would get very repetitive if we went that route. Long story short, Animal Cuts contains eight different proprietary blends. All of these blends use high quality and clinically studied ingredients, but they all have the same problem…the fact that they’re proprietary.

While almost all signs point to the fact that Animal Cuts is an effective supplement, the final piece of the puzzle is missing since we don’t have ingredient dosages (there are only blend dosages). That’s the one issue we have with this supplement. The products we consider to be the top fat burners on the market don’t use proprietary blends.


The Pros

  • Very high overall potency

  • Extraordinary ingredient diversity

  • Attacks fat burning from 8 different angles

  • Uses Green Tea

The Cons

  • Uses proprietary blends, so we can’t see individual dosages of ingredients in order to determine how effective the product could be.

The Final Verdict

Animal Cuts beats out the vast majority of fat burners we have reviewed, but we believe that there is still one critical error to be considered. It uses awesome ingredients and the blend dosages are considerably large, BUT the blends are all proprietary.

Due to the nature of the blends, there are several other supplements we would recommend over this one. Our recommendation: take a look at our list of the Top 10 Fat Burners to see if you can find anything that sounds more ideal.

Jason Wayne