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men's fat burner5 Ingredients to Look for in Your Men’s Fat Burner

Men don’t always talk about their body issues, but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist. In fact, as many as 45% of men in a recent survey reported being dissatisfied with their bodies; that’s three times higher than the rates from 25 years ago.

In addition to diet and exercise, more men are turning to fat burning supplements to help move their weight loss journey forward. More than 75% of supplement users are confident in the safety and benefits of health supplements, including ones specifically designed to burn fat.

But how do you know which supplements are best for shedding fat and looking lean?

There are a handful of natural ingredients that appear again and again in medical studies, supplements and recommendations from doctors and experts. These ingredients are familiar because they work. When choosing a far burner, look for these proven ingredients within its formula.  

Green tea extract

Green tea is more than just a calming drink for the evening; it’s also a scientifically-proven fat burning wonder. When you ingest green tea or green tea extract, your body temporarily undergoes a process called thermogenesis. The entire body warms up and the metabolism starts to speed up. The heat actually “burns” calories and sheds fat; even if you are enjoying a cup of green tea in a chair, your body is doing work to lose weight. Green essentially delivers a boost in your fat burning prowess as well as added energy.

When you look for fat burning supplements with green tea, find ones that contain both caffeine and ephedrine (a stimulant that also works as an appetite suppressant.) along with the green tea. Studies from the University of Fribourg, Switzerland show that green tea is most effective at burning fat when it’s paired with caffeine and ephedrine.


Turmeric is the latest superfood to fly off the shelves at the supermarket. Like green tea extract, turmeric also induces thermogenesis in the body and promotes weight loss. Curcumin, the active compound found in turmeric, is also linked to a whole list of health benefits that promote weight loss and balance cholesterol.


L-Carnitine is not your typical amino acid. Rather than creating protein, L-Carnitine transports fat before it’s burned by the mitochondria and turned into energy. Many studies also suggest that as this process occurs, L-Carnitine removes harmful byproducts of the body and prevents cell damage. L-Carnitine is found in nearly every cell in your body and, aptly, comes from the Latin word for “flesh.”

L-Carnitine is a stimulant naturally produced in the liver, but can also be found in a variety of health supplements that aid in the process of burning fat. Adding L-Carnitine to your supplements can help to speed up the natural fat-burning process in the body.

Garcinia fruit

You may have heard someone refer to garcinia gummi-gutta or garcinia cambogia; these are all the same pumpkin-shaped fruit from Indonesia. Garcinia fruits, specifically the rind of the fruit, have been used as a medicine for centuries throughout Southeast Asia.

The garcinia fruit has been linked to weight loss due to the presence of hydroxycitric acid in the fruit. This active ingredient blocks an enzyme in the body from producing fat cells, reducing the chances of putting on weight after a big meal.

Garcinia fruit has been met with controversy, but there are ways to take extracts from the fruit safely and reap its weight-loss benefits.


Glucomannan is another ingredient found in Southeast Asia that’s gaining popularity for its weight loss benefits. The fiber is found in konjac (also known as “elephant yam.”) Glucomannan can be added to foods, drinks or supplements to make your meal thicker without adding any calories. (It’s even used in a number of purported zero-calorie noodles you might have seen advertised in stores.) Once you ingest the fiber, it expands in your stomach and makes you feel extra full. The bacteria in your gut take very kindly to glucomannan, and a happy gut means a happy system for expelling the food that you’ve eaten throughout the day.

How to find the best fat burner for men

Any of the above nutrients and ingredients can be found in pill form or in a simple supplement. It’s also possible to find all six of these fat-burning wonders in a single supplement. In your quest to find the most effective fat burner, start with these ingredients. Then, make sure the product you’re considering doesn’t pair them with added fillers.  

Want more information on how to burn fat, burn calories and develop a diet that promotes weight loss? Check out our full guide on finding fat burning supplements for men.

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