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Top 10 Best Fat Burners For Women

There are thousands of fat burners on the market, but the vast majority of them fail to address a very important issue, which is the fact that the male and female body are very different from each other. While there are many similarities, women have different levels of certain hormones than men. Therefore, the female body responds differently than the male body to certain ingredients.Woman Six Pack

This simple fact is very important to take into consideration, especially when it comes to weight loss. For females, a fat burner that is not designed specifically for women may be something to avoid…not because it’s dangerous, but simply because some ingredients won’t function properly in the female body. You can get a lot more bang for your buck by choosing a supplement that is formulated specifically for your body.

There are plenty of fat burners for women to choose from out there, which may sound like a good thing, but it can actually be a bad thing because it makes finding and choosing a truly effective supplement very difficult. Lucky for you, we’ve done the research, obtained feedback from consumers, and experimented with the products ourselves in order to create a confident list of the 10 best fat burners for women.

Our top 10 rankings below are based on nutrition label analysis, ingredient selection, overall potency, user reviews, and personal experience. You will find brief descriptions of each product along with links to the full reviews and links to the websites of the manufacturers, in case you decide you’re interested in buying one of them. 

Burn4Her Review#1 Burn4Her

Burn4Her is a remarkable new woman’s fat burner from TEKNaturals. It contains 13 total ingredients making it among the most comprehensive female fat burners we’ve seen. It is the top-ranked woman’s fat burner on our site, and for good reason.

It contains green tea, glucomannan, raspberry ketone, caffeine, green coffee bean, garcinia cambogia and CLA to just name a few. What’s more is that the amount of each ingredient is listed on the label so you know exactly what you’re getting, instead of the dreaded proprietary blend format. And you are getting not only high potencies of each ingredient but you are getting extremely high-quality standardized extracts. This is the best female fat burner we’ve seen anywhere.


#2 Thermofuel V9

Thermofuel V9 ultimately earned a high spot as one of the best fat burners for women because of its ingredient panel. One of the most important considerations when formulating a fat burner that is supposed to work effectively inside the female body is the ingredients you choose to put in it. This one has Green Tea, Cayenne Pepper, and Theobromine, all of which are proven weight loss aids for women.

This product additionally contains EGCG, which is actually the active compound in Green Tea, making the formula even more powerful. Considering the ingredients, the fact that the overall potency is as high as about 1,500 milligrams per serving, and the generally positive consumer feedback, we believe Thermofuel V9 earned its title as the best fat burner for women.


Women’s Ripped Vitapak Program#3 Women’s Ripped Vitapak Program

The Women’s Ripped Vitapak Program by GNC is a very solid option as it contains several fat burners that have been proven to work for women. Perhaps the most notable component of this product is the hefty dosage of CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) at about 4,000 MG. CLA is an excellent ingredient for women that is often under-dosed, but that is not the case here.

Of all the fat burners for women, this one has the highest overall potency, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best choice. We didn’t give it the #1 ranking spot because of the fact that most of the ingredients are under-dosed in our opinion. The ingredient panel is impressive, but we believe many of the dosages aren’t large enough. With that said, the Women’s Ripped Vitapak Program is an excellent option at the end of the day.


fitmiss burn review#4 FitMiss Burn

FitMiss Burn is one of the most popular fat burners for women, and based on the supplement facts, there is certainly good reason for that. The overall potency clocks in at about 1,400 milligrams per serving, which is very solid. Additionally, the fact that most women have positive things to say about their experience with it is another good sign.

We also found the ingredient list to be very impressive, including nutrients such as Raspberry Ketones, Glucomannan, Green Tea Leaf, and Cayenne Pepper. All of these have been proven to be effective for women and are excellent ingredients. The main issue we have with it is that it contains Caffeine Anhydrous, which is a form of caffeine that most women find to be a little too intense. Lastly, it uses a proprietary blend, which is definitely not a good thing.


shred her review#5 Shred Her

Shred Her utilizes a blend of ingredients that was clearly designed with the female body in mind. The formula is very impressive and includes proven fat burners such as Raspberry Ketones, Green Coffee Bean, and Guarana. These ingredients increase metabolism, boost energy levels, and ultimately promote weight loss.

We especially like the use of Guarana. Guarana has many weight loss related benefits, but one of the most important reasons to use it is because it is a much less intense form of caffeine than the more commonly used Caffeine Anhydrous. Guarana gives you the energy boost without the intense, uncomfortable feeling Caffeine Anhydrous gives you.

However, Shred Her has a relatively low overall potency at just under 1,200 milligrams per serving, which ultimately lead to it failing to rank as one of our top 3 choices.


her garcinia review#6 Her Garcinia

Her Garcinia, as the name implies, is a fat burner designed for women that mostly utilizes the all-important Garcinia Cambogia. We love the fact that they utilize Garcinia so effectively at such a large dosage (475 milligrams per serving). 400 milligrams of Green Coffee Bean per serving is another very impressive supplement fact that makes Her Garcinia even more desirable.

With all that being said, it’s important to note that there are no other active ingredients in the formula. The fact that it only contains 2 active ingredients makes the product much less appealing. However, at least they dosed both ingredients very highly, and it doesn’t hurt that they decided not to use a proprietary blend. Overall, Her Garcinia is a pretty solid choice.


cellukor clk review#7 Cellucor CLK

Cellucor CLK had our expectations set pretty high right off the bat simply because it’s a Cellucor product, and they tend to make great supplements. While they didn’t quite meet our expectations, we still found the formula fairly impressive. They mainly utilize a combination of Raspberry Ketones and L-Carnitine, which makes for an excellent fat burning duo.

With that being said, there’s not much else to see on the label in terms of proven fat burners. We wish Cellucor CLK would have had a little more to it, but more importantly, we were very disappointed by their choice to use a proprietary blend.

The proprietary blend prevents us from being able to see the dosages for certain ingredients, meaning we can’t fully analyze the label with confidence. We know enough to be able to say it deserves a spot amongst the top 10 best fat burners for women, but the short ingredient list and lack of transparency prevent it from ranking amongst the top 5.


Performix SST Glow Review#8 Performix SST Glow

Performix SST Glow utilizes ingredients like CLA and Caffeine Anhydrous to help eliminate fat and increase energy levels. As always, we love the use of CLA, but we could do without the Caffeine Anhydrous. CLA is actually one of the best fat burners for women, but most women find Caffeine Anhydrous to be a little overwhelming as it is the purest (and strongest) form of caffeine on the market.

Had Performix SST Glow utilized a different caffeine source, we may have ranked it higher, but the biggest issue is its use of a proprietary blend. Without formula transparency, we can’t confidently recommend this product as highly as we might like to. It has an overall potency of about 1,200 milligrams per serving, which is above average. Overall, it’s one of the better products on the market.


Jillian Michaels Maximum Strength Fat Burner Review#9 Jillian Michaels Maximum Strength Fat Burner

The Jillian Michaels Maximum Strength Fat Burner utilizes Guarana as its caffeine source, which is a good thing when it comes to women’s fat burners. Guarana is a great energy and metabolism booster, but it’s not so strong that it makes women feel uncomfortable, which is the case with most other caffeine sources.

It additionally contains Cayenne Pepper, which is a proven thermogenic fat burner that works wonders when it comes to weight loss. Thermogenic ingredients are great because they are highly effective for both women and men.

With that said, the Jillian Michaels Maximum Strength Fat Burner uses a proprietary blend that only consists of about 900 milligrams per serving total. Ideally, you would want the overall potency to be about twice that amount. This product failed to rank top 5 due to its use of a proprietary blend and its comparatively low potency (despite the name).


her cla review#10 Her CLA

Her CLA is a great fat burner for women as its based on one of our favorite ingredients…CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid). CLA is mostly known for its ability to increase the user’s metabolic rate. It is also believed to reduce cholesterol, which is important for someone trying to lose weight. With a healthy dosage of 1,200 milligrams per serving, you are very likely to experience the benefits of supplementing with CLA.

However, there is one major issue with this formula, and that’s the fact that there is basically nothing else in it. You could definitely experience some weight loss related benefits due to the CLA, which is why it’s better than most of the competing supplements, but the fact that there’s only one active ingredient means you’ll never see Her CLA at the top of our list…there are simply better options out there.


Conclusion – 2018’s Best Fat Burners For Women

It’s important to be aware that we ranked the top 10 women’s fat burners very deliberately, meaning that the #1 ranked product is significantly better than the #2, the #2 is significantly better than the #3, and so forth.

While it was difficult to determine which product deserves the title of the #1 best fat burner for women, we put a lot of time and effort into finding a product that we could award the title to with 100% confidence.

Another thing to make sure you’re aware of is that there’s only so much weight you can possibly lose over the course of one month, and all of these products only provide you with a 1-month supply. If you want to get maximum results, we highly recommend investing in at least a 3-month supply of whichever product you choose…and don’t forget to eat right and get plenty of exercise!


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