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Updated May 7, 2020

RoxyLean Review

Roxylean fat burner jarRoxyLean is one of several fat burners for women that have emerged on the scene this year. It’s no secret that the female body is hormonally much different than the male body, which is why it’s important for women to seek our fat burners designed specifically for them. Read this RoxyLean review to learn why this is NOT ranked as one of our Top 5 Best Fat Burners For Women.

The Benefits of RoxyLean

Some of the claimed benefits of supplementing with RoxyLean include…

  • Boosts metabolism
  • Suppresses cravings
  • Helps you burn more calories
  • Boosts natural energy levels

What Is RoxyLean?

RoxyLean is women’s fat burner created by the company BPI Sports. BPI has many fans and loyal customers, and an extremely long line of products. Overall, we like BPI, but RoxyLean is not one of our favorite BPI products.

With that being said, it’s designed to help reduce calorie intake and increase calorie expenditure. In other words, it can help you eat less and burn more calories, which is ultimately the only surefire way to lose weight.

The thing is, all fat burners are designed to work this way, so you have to be able to differentiate between the ones that can live up to the claims and the ones that can’t.

The supplement industry is full of scammy products, but there are undoubtedly needles in the haystack…we just don’t think RoxyLean is one of them, mostly because of issues we have with the formula…more on that later.

How Does RoxyLean Work?

RoxyLean is classified as a natural fat burner, which means it works without the use of chemicals and/or prescription drugs. Instead of chemicals, it uses entirely natural and herbal ingredients to stimulate weight loss.

Natural fat burners have been clinically proven to work time and time again, but that fact is based on several conditions. They need to contain the right ingredients, and such ingredients need to provided in sufficient dosages.

In the case of RoxyLean, it’s impossible to determine whether or not sufficient dosages are used because they hide the dosage sizes within the product’s proprietary blend. We hate proprietary blends, and always recommend avoiding products that utilize them.

To view several fat burners specifically designed for women that do NOT use proprietary blends, check out our list of the Top Best Fat Burners For Women.

RoxyLean Ingredients – What Makes It Work?

Before getting into the specific functions of each ingredient, we want to first note the fact that while the ingredient descriptions may seem promising, we have no way of knowing whether or not they will actually serve their purpose since the dosage sizes are not disclosed…this is ultimately the downfall of this product, and any product that uses a proprietary blend.

Caffeine Anhydrous: Caffeine Anhydrous has certainly earned its title as the most popular stimulant in sports nutrition, but we feel it would have been best to exclude it from the formula of this particular product. Here’s why…

While it’s an extremely effective stimulant, it is also the most powerful form of caffeine, and many women report feeling uncomfortable and over-stimulated as a result of using Caffeine Anhydrous.

For this reason, most fat burners for women typically contain milder stimulants and utilize other forms of caffeine such as Guarana, which is much less intense.

Lemon: The second most prominent ingredient within the proprietary blend is Lemon. That’s right, just straight up lemon. We’re not sure exactly what the point of including Lemon is as it’s generally not believed to be a fat burner in any sense of the word.

With that being said, there are some studies that suggest Lemon may help boost your metabolism, so perhaps that’s the reason why they chose to include this ingredient.

Yohimbe: Yohimbe has proven itself to be a great nutrient for enhancing athletic performance and helping people shred fat, but not without side effects. Some studies have suggested that Yohimbe can potentially produce bad side effects if dosed too highly…but again, we don’t know what the dosage size is here since it’s hidden by the proprietary blend.

RoxyLean Reviews From Users

More often than not, all you have to do is take one look at the label, and you can tell whether or not a product is worth your money. However, sometimes it can be helpful to take user experience into account just to make sure you’re right.

While we feel the label tells us everything we need to know, we decided to check out some RoxyLean reviews on GNC just to be sure. It received an average rating of 3.1 stars as of March 2018, and 50% of it’s users gave it either a 1-star or 2-star rating.

So, as you can see, user experiences have generally not been positive. The information we learned from the RoxyLean reviews on the GNC website gave us further reason to believe that we should NOT be recommending this supplement.

The Pros of RoxyLean

  • Contains a couple solid ingredients
  • Pretty inexpensive

The Cons of RoxyLean

  • Uses a proprietary blend
  • Doesn’t contain very many proven fat burning ingredients
  • Appears to mostly just consist of caffeine
  • Many negative user reviews have been submitted
  • Overall potency is only about 700 MG per serving, which is 50% lower than what we have found to be the average

Our Conclusion On RoxyLean

As you may have guessed, our final decision is to recommend avoiding this product. We don’t like its use of a proprietary blend, we found the ingredient profile to be unimpressive, and the user reviews were very negative overall. Therefore, we don’t feel comfortable recommending it, and would instead encourage you to check out our list of the 5 Best Fat Burners For Women.

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