Transcend Labs Review

Transcend Labs CBD oil cbd gummies and cbd creamTranscend Labs is a CBD company that made a huge splash in the CBD space in 2019, and has absolutely skyrocketed in popularity since their initial launch about a year ago. Their approach to CBD is to provide 100% full spectrum CBD across ALL products, which hasn’t been done before.

They are actually the first company to invent a full spectrum CBD infused gummy. CBD gummies are very popular, but they are all isolate-based…that is, until now. Transcend Labs makes strictly high quality, full spectrum CBD Oil, CBD Gummies, and CBD Cream. 

Transcend Labs CBD oil is 32% more potent than the industry standard (theirs is 33 MG per serving versus the standard 25 MG per serving), and they’re not just saying that either…they have the lab tests to prove it. Third party lab test results, also known as Certificates of Analysis, are available for anyone to see on their website. 

I strongly recommend Transcend Labs, which is my #1 ranked best CBD company in 2020. As a bonus, you can save 10% by entering our exclusive coupon code: TSR10

Transcend Labs Benefits

There’s a ton of reasons why Transcend Labs is my top choice for CBD…the list could go on forever. The labels are all extremely impressive, the third party lab tests confirm potency levels, and my personal experience with the products has been life changing. Here are the main benefits of choosing Transcend Labs…

  • All products are full spectrum
  • Everything is tested for potency and safety
  • Only company with a full spectrum CBD gummies product
  • Their CBD oil is 32% more potent than average
  • The CBD oil is organic, vegan, and non-GMO
  • No pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers
  • Products designed specifically for anxiety and pain relief benefits

Transcend Labs Products

Some people prefer CBD companies that have a ridiculously wide selection of products, and that’s fine, but the reality is there are only three CBD delivery systems that are truly effective: oil, edibles, and topical absorption. For that reason, Transcend Labs only makes CBD oil, CBD gummies, and CBD cream. 

You’ll see all these crazy CBD products on the market nowadays such as CBD toothpicks, CBD chewing gum, etc. The list goes on and on, but the truth is that the three most effective ways to consume CBD are through oil (quick delivery), gummies (gradual delivery), and cream (spot delivery). Let’s break down their products…

Transcend Labs CBD Oil Review

CBD oil is easily the most popular out of all the different types of CBD products on the market, but there’s a lot of low quality stuff out there. Tons of companies make CBD isolate oil, which is inferior to full spectrum CBD oil. 

Transcend doesn’t mess with isolates whatsoever…they make 100% pure full spectrum oil. Their CBD oil comes in a 1,000 MG, 30-serving tincture…that breaks down to an industry high 33 MG per serving. Plus, even though it’s significantly more potent than average, they don’t charge more than average. 

You can get their 1,000 MG tincture for only $64.99, which breaks down to $2.16 per serving. There’s a ton of value there, and they also offer a 3-pack and 6-pack of their CBD oil, which are heavily discounted, providing even more value.

Transcend Labs CBD Gummies Review

As I briefly mentioned before, Transcend Labs makes the only CBD gummies on the market that are full spectrum, but there’s MUCH more to this product than that. Hear me out on this because there is a lot going on with this product…

Aside from the fact that these are only the only full spectrum CBD gummies available, they are also the only gummies that are infused with CBD rather than sprayed with CBD. It’s a HUGE deal to make sure you’re getting CBD gummies that are infused, NOT sprayed. Sprayed gummies are not as potent or reliable because the dosage is going to be inconsistent from one gummy to the next.

Last but certainly not least, almost every CBD company out there makes 15 MG or 20 MG CBD gummies, but not Transcend Labs. They again exceed expectations and surpass the industry standard with their 25 MG CBD gummies…that’s 25 MG of CBD per gummy, and 750 total MG of CBD per 30-serving bottle. 

Transcend Labs CBD Cream Review

CBD cream is generally more ideal for pain since you can apply it directly to problem areas. Whereas CBD oil and gummies are better for anxiety and sleep, CBD cream can often be great for pain relief…that is, as long as it’s high quality, which is certainly the case here.

Transcend Labs makes a super potent 500 MG jar of CBD cream, and there’s no additives or any unnecessary ingredients that are going to taint the purity of the CBD and/or quality of the product…it’s just pure CBD cream.

The only additional ingredient is Aloe Vera, which is an excellent bonus nutrient. Aloe vera is commonly used for pain relief on its own, but combining it with CBD makes it that much more powerful. 

The Pros

  • Strictly full spectrum CBD oil
  • CBD gummies are infused, not sprayed
  • All products are more potent than industry averages
  • Third party lab tests can be viewed on their website
  • High quality ethanol extraction process
  • All products are organic, non-GMO, and USA-made


The Cons

  • Only available online – not sold in stores anywhere

Transcend Labs Conclusion

There’s simply no question in my mind that this is the most impressive line of CBD products I’ve ever seen. It doesn’t matter if you believe I’m biased because you can’t ignore the facts…their products are more potent than everyone else’s, and they’ve proved it with their public lab tests

With CBD oil that’s 32% more potent than average, extra potent CBD infused gummies, and 500 MG jars of CBD cream with Aloe Vera, what’s not to like here? Their products are the most potent, the highest quality, and provide the best value hands down. 

My personal experience with their products adds on to what I already knew based on the nutrition labels, which is that all of these products are exceptionally effective. I’m a lifelong customer of Transcend Labs, and I strongly recommend any and all of their products to my readers. 

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