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Updated October 31, 2020

Nuleaf Naturals Review 2021 {Is This CBD Brand Worth It?}

Nuleaf Naturals CBD oilNuleaf Naturals is a very well known company in the CBD space, and they are the first company to come to mind when I think about buying CBD in bulk. There’s not a lot of value with their individual 30-day serving products, but Nuleaf Naturals is a solid bulk CBD supplier.

Read this Nuleaf Naturals review to learn why we do NOT recommend this as one of the top CBD brands. If you’re just looking to buy one product or a month’s worth of CBD, Nuleaf Naturals isn’t the best place to get it from in my opinion.

To see my top recommended CBD companies to buy from in 2021 (some of which, by the way, you can also buy in bulk from), have a look at this list of the best CBD oil products.

We’ll talk more about that later, but for now, let’s focus on who Nuleaf Naturals is and talk about the specific products they offer.

Nuleaf Naturals review 2021: Is Nuleaf Naturals any good?

Nuleaf Naturals makes high quality full spectrum CBD oil, but it’s pretty significantly under dosed and over priced, which is an ugly combination. You only get roughly 25 milligrams of CBD in every serving, which is exactly the industry standard. With our top ranked brand, you get 32% more CBD at 33 milligrams per serving.

Nuleaf Naturals prices

First of all, how much does Nuleaf Naturals cost? Let’s take a look at their prices:

Product Price Check current price
CBD Oil 300 MG $$$ View Price
CBD Oil 900 MG $$$$ View Price
CBD Capsules $$$$ View Price

Are there any Nuleaf Naturals coupon codes or promo discount vouchers?

No, there are currently no Nuleaf Naturals coupon codes available. Many CBD brands, especially newer ones, will often provide us with promo codes to give to our readers. However, Nuleaf Naturals is a much older brand and has less incentive to give discount vouchers. Check out our top ranked CBD brand to get a coupon code!

Nuleaf Naturals products list

Nuleaf Naturals CBD Oil 300 MG

They offer a 300 MG sized CBD oil tincture, which is way too small of a size to even be worth consideration in my opinion. If you’re searching for a 30 day supply to test out, this is going to equate to 10 MG per serving, which is way too low of a dosage to even take effect.

With that said, the oil itself is at least high quality, third party lab tested, and full spectrum. There are certainly positive aspects of the product, but they got the dosing and pricing all screwed up. The next product is a little better.

Nuleaf Naturals CBD Oil 900 Mg

With their 900 MG tincture, the dosing is significantly improved. Here we are talking about 30 MG per serving, which is a pretty healthy dosage. For perspective, the industry standard is 25 milligrams, so this is above average. With that being said, it’s still pretty significantly overpriced.

I mean, 900 MG for $99? To be blunt, that’s a rip off. Let’s put that price into perspective. Our top ranked best CBD oil brand offers a 1,000 MG tincture for $64.99. So, you would get an extra 100 MG for $35 LESS. Plus, it’s still super high quality and full spectrum. It’s really just a no brainer.

Nuleaf Naturals CBD Capsules

Nuleaf just came out with this product very recently. They used to strictly make CBD oil, but now they have adapted a little bit and started expanding their product line. Although, I have to say, this isn’t a great start. We see the same problems again with this product as we saw with the CBD oil – overpricing and under dosing.

There is a 300 MG (15 MG per capsule) option, which is way too weak of a dosage to work, so let’s move on to the more potent version of the product. They have a 900 MG bottle, which means you get 30 milligrams of CBD in every capsule. Again, that’s a much better dosage, but the bottle is $99, which is way to high of a price.

Nuleaf Naturals pros and cons

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of Nuleaf Naturals products.

Nuleaf Naturals benefits

Many benefits come with buying from a company who has the level of reputation that Nuleaf Naturals has earned in the CBD space. They don’t mess around when it comes to quality and third party lab testing…you can find the lab test results for all of their CBD oils on their site.

Here are the key Nuleaf Naturals benefits: full spectrum CBD only, 100% organic CBD oil, no additives, third party lab tested. In terms of health benefits, people most commonly report anxiety relief, pain relief, and help falling asleep as benefits of full spectrum CBD oil usage. You need a high enough dosage to get these benefits though, and you shouldn’t have to over pay for it.

Nuleaf Naturals side effects

Nuleaf Naturals products generally do not cause side effects since they contain negligible amounts of THC. THC is a psychoactive cannabinoid derived from hemp, which often causes side effects including paranoia, migraines, and panic attacks.

However, CBD is a much different animal. These cannabinoids are essentially polar opposites. CBD is relaxing and calming, and completely non-psychoactive. The only side effects people report are related to feeling too tired or unproductive after taking it. CBD should only be taken when you are ready to relax.

Nuleaf Naturals complaints & praise (info from real Nuleaf Naturals customer reviews)

Unfortunately, CBD companies are currently not allowed to list their products on the Amazon marketplace, and Amazon is out must trusted source for customer reviews. Usually in this section, we rely on the verified buyer reviews on Amazon.

Since there’s no data on Amazon, our next best bet for finding Nuleaf Naturals reviews would be on their website. However, if you’re looking at reviews directly on a company’s website, you need to make sure the reviews are from verified buyers.

In the case of Nuleaf Naturals, they have over 20,000 reviews on their website, but it does not show that these reviews are from verified buyers, so we don’t know how trustworthy the information is. But for what it’s worth, their CBD oil has an average rating of 4.9 stars across these reviews, which is good if the data is legitimate.

Is Nuleaf Naturals worth it? Our conclusion

At the end of the day, this is not one of my top 5 recommended CBD brands, and there’s plenty of reasons for that…low dosages, over-priced products, and little-to-no value on regular size CBD oil tinctures.

On the other hand, I felt it was certainly worth reviewing this company because Nuleaf Naturals could be a solid brand to buy CBD in bulk from, and that at least counts for something.

Plus, the CBD oil is full spectrum and high quality, which is good. I just can’t recommend this brand because their products are way too over priced and most of the dosages are not high enough. If you want to learn about a product that is significantly better than this one, AND also offers bulk options, click the link below!


FAQs on Nuleaf Naturals

Is Nuleaf Naturals legit?

Yes, Nuleaf Naturals is a legitimate CBD company, but they’re certainly not one of the top brands. There are several companies that offer the same product quality but with higher dosages and lower prices.

Who owns Nuleaf Naturals?

Jaden Barnes is the owner of Nuleaf Naturals. There is not much information on him other than that he founded the company.

Is Nuleaf Naturals full spectrum?

Yes, Nuleaf Naturals is full spectrum.

Is Nuleaf Naturals THC free?

Nuleaf Naturals is THC free in the sense that all products contain below the legal limit of THC, which is .3%. The farm bill requires CBD products to contain <.3% THC.

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